Swanluna has been in serious trouble since her abuse of power. She has received probation that forbids her from getting any government jobs, and a restraining order from all the heroes of the UUniverses. She even loses control of the Mikersons and Chad, and is left alone in her mansion and with only her money to only offer empty solace. But now, after she was reminded of society being imperfect and why she bought the deed to begin with after one person enters her land to insult her parents in front of her and, even after having no prior knowledge of them and never knowing them personally, he just did it because of being responsible for Swanluna's existence, convincing her that some people couldn't let go of Swanluna's previous antics and got too abusive, ignoring the fact that it was only a misguided way to make the UUniverses a better place to live. Angry that the people had forgotten her to the point of utter hate, including Icky of all people whom she overhears trash-talking in a café, she has a new plan for revenge against the Lodgers for taking away all she had. She was able to successfully bail out and hire Dr. Glowrod, Gordon the Animal, Zigmond the Zodiac, Pyro Praveen, Screeched Death, and Matrix, from Oranos, to recruit as henchmen to help Swanluna's plan to usurp Tricorn by kidnapping Qui to turn her evil again just so she can return to being the owner of the universes again. The Lodgers, Xandy, and The Heroes Act are certainly not going to stand for this.


Swanluna Returns To Evil

Night Street, Dragon Realms New York

  • Swanluna: (Struggling to hold a door) NOW PLEASE, LET ME IN!
  • Employer: (Holding the door shut) I CAN'T DO THAT, MISS SWANLUNA!!
  • Employer: You know VERY WELL that the terms of your probation... (Pushes the door and gets Swanluna to fall down off the door!)... Don't allow me to give you any more government jobs!
  • Swanluna: Not even as a police commissioner... A prison guard... A bailiff in a courtroom?
  • Employer: No.
  • Swanluna: Courtroom janitor?
  • Employer: NO! I can't even hire you as a NORMAL janitor?!
  • Swanluna: You don't understand! I've got nothing!
  • Employer: I'm sorry miss Swanluna, I have to obey the law! ESPEICALLY IF I WORK FOR THE PEOPLE WHO MAKE IT! Now kindly leave, before I am forced to quilify this as a relapse on your part and report it as a violation of your probation! Go home for both of our sakes! (He shuts the door on her and locks it to prevent her from getting back in, as he gives the job to another client as Swanluna cried to herself)
  • Swanluna:... (She got in her car, which was more used since her last appearance, and it ended up breaking down as she tried to start it)... (She cried as she got out of the car) OH, HOW CAN IT GET ANY WORSE?!? (Kicks it, and then the car just drove off into an open area and exploded)... That, isn't even realisticly plausable. (Sighs and walks down the road)... That's just GREAT! First I lose my aid, I get banished from Accord, then I use up all the money I have left to pay the mortgages of my last place, I can't afford any job I can find, and now... MY CAR IS TOTALED IN AN UNREALISTIC FASTION!!! I'm gonna be ruined!... Then again... What does Swanluna Whyte have left to live for? (She walked near a café where she heard familiar voices as she saw Icky and Iago from a window for a star's room and appear to be talking about stand-up comedy)
  • Icky: Iago, I must ask again, why are we doing this?
  • Iago: Because Gazelle dragged us into another charity bit in Zootopia that for every patron that attends the show, their money goes to funding for orphan baby seals. And trust me, Gazy is REALLY touchy about charity work.
  • Icky:... How do you think we can do this?
  • Iago: Well, I got someone whose willing to help. (Sucky and Gelotodrone came in)
  • Sucky: Hey, Ickster. What's life in the Temple?
  • Icky: The usual. But really Iags, you think my cousin and Gelo are really gonna help? I have been a little rusty on the stand-up aspect.
  • Iago: Just give it a try. It doesn't have to be too creative, just go for basic mockery humor. Like, how about we make fun of someone in our past?
  • Icky:... Like who?
  • Iago: "What about Xerxes?"
  • Icky: "No, too reminisent of the kind of s*** that went down in World War II. Don't wanna offend any Jews in the audience."
  • Iago: "Blot?"
  • Icky: "Too based on a villain that hasn't been relivent in years."
  • Iago: "Flash Sentry?"
  • Icky: "Too easy and overdone. Besides, Twilight would hold it against us for mocking her boyfriend, even if she understands the criticisums Flashy gets."
  • Iago: "The Leage?"
  • Icky: "Too risky of provoketion."
  • Iago: "Team Nefarious?"
  • Icky: "Nothing for me to work with that hasn't already been said."
  • Iago: "The Imperial Scourge?"
  • Icky: "Also too risky."
  • Iago: "Count Vladamer?"
  • Icky: "The old dude suffered enough, Iags."
  • Iago: "The Dark Canary, that super-villain who wanted to call himself "The Black Canary" but can't because the name was taken?"
  • Icky: "That was done by someone else who did it WAY better and in a way so good, that anyone else who attempts their own try would look like rip-offs."
  • Iago:... Ooh.... How about someone I KNOW you'd like to make fun of: Swanluna?
  • Icky: WHOA MAN, WHOA?! Look, I don't consider myself a fan of her's, but she's like Count Vlad times 100! She suffered more then what she outta get. Also, Gazelle would kick our asses and then strangle our necks if we make fun of someone a SUPER-MONDO victim of tragity! And on something assusiated with a charity!
  • Iago: "Dude, it's Swanluna we're talking about. Remember how upset you were about her stunts?"
  • Icky: Who wasn't? But..... Look, if she was still bad, then I wouldn't really mind, but, give the poor bitty credit, she at least TRIES to make amends. I mean, I get people like to laugh on how awful political twats are, but I do NOT wanna encourage more undue hate onto that swan then what's nessersary!
  • Sucky: "And that's fine and dandy and all, but hey. Sometimes the best way to heal from her crimes, is to laugh how implausably ludicrist they are."
  • Iago: And that's why it'll be so damn funny. Even these guys agree that she's a bitch who abuses power, and any word she speaks is like someone's stabbing you in the heart.
  • Gelotodrone: "Uh, Sucky doesn't always speak for me-"
  • Sucky: Tell me about it. She threw me into a zoo, for Christ's sake.
  • Gelotodrone:.... (Quietly) (Sighs), May as well roll with the act, Gelo. (Openly) If I may confine in you, gents, what if Swanluna was by chance watching us?
  • Icky: That's exactly my point guys! It's not like she's in prison or anything! No, Gazelle managed to talk Tri-corn to put her in probation because she doesn't want the system to contribute in making her worse then she should be. And what good would trash talking contribute?
  • Sucky: "Now cousin, try not to see it as "Trash-Talking". Try to see it as, making light of a controverseal person. Comedians do it all the time! Espeically with politics! Also, this is also good in venting out any remainin' stress, like, writing an angry letter to a boss you don't like but respect enough that you don't wanna lose your job, though you still need a good stress reliver, so you make an angry letter that you'll never send. And be honest.... Dealing with Swanluna's nonsense was VERY stressful."
  • Icky: "Well, like I said, I ain't a fan of that over-glorifived goose, but only in terms of actions. I at least get why she done it. She felt socity didn't appresiated her attempts to protect businesses from being victims of usury and fraud and was mistrusted for seemingly clear-cut dishonesty, then she basicly went nuts about it. Look, I don't call myself an advocate of hers nor a defender, but at least I'm far from letting any earnest hate turn me into someone malitious! Also, Gazelle made it VERY clear that she does NOT like black comedy! Poor Chester, espeically after Gazelle was through with him, was proof! You dumbasses seriously want THAT to happened to me?! Because if so, I'll make sure you share my demise!"
  • Sucky: "Hey, she doesn't HAVE to know about the rotine you do. And hey, from my understanding, Black Comedy can REALLY sell! And as long as baby seals get some help, what's a little bemirshing of someone that doesn't already enjoy a good reputation anyway? And again, Swanluna doesn't have to know about it. Angry letter, never send."
  • Icky: "(Sighs in defeat....) Fine..... BUT FOR TONIGHT ONLY?! I may be dry and cynical, but even I like to do more then work blue like that! I want you guys to promise me that Gazelle is NEVER gonna find out from this, okay?! Remember what happened to Chester."
  • Iago: "Our lips, our sealed."
  • Icky: So we're clear then. If this bites us in the ass, I'm coming after you!
  • Iago: "Transparently. Now let's go make a killing!"
  • Gelotodrone: "(Sighs), I am not designed to predict the future, yet I predict that this will end badly for you three in the long-term."
  • They leave the room and get on stage, of which Swanluna secretly sees the show from an obscured window as the audience cheers for Icky and Iago's arrival, along with Gelo's and Sucky's.
  • Icky: Howdy folks, welcome to the comedy charity drive for the Baby Seal Orphans of Zootopia, Sponsered by Gazelle, "Greatest Singer of Our Life-Time, Angel with Horns".... Okay, that's the LAST time I let Clawhauser write my introduction greetings. (A very dumb guy was laughing uncontrolably!).... Uhhh, thanks, guy that's obviously copying Patrick, now, the following series of jokes will be a one night event only, so please, don't expect a re-run. (The Dumb Guy laughs uncontrolably again!)..... Oyyy. (The Dumb Guy gave his final laughs!)..... Wow, there's no disappointing that dude, huh folks? Anyway, onto the show..... (Sighs)... You all happen to remember Swanluna? (Everyone was murmuring)... Well, we do. Which one of you were thrown in her zoo? (Many raised their hands)... Well, I'd say, it's great to know Karma smacked her off of her high-horse before it really went to town on us. Yeah, she had good reasons, but GOD, did she make haters fast. She had a lot of dumb monkeys as her henchmen-
  • Monkey in the Audience: HEY!
  • Icky: Okay fine, Lemors! Who seriously reminded me of the monkeys FROM the CGI Horton Hears A Who, of by the way, the original 2-D one had more subtile, and didn't looked like it was apart of the Ice Age universe. But I'm off track! Back to Swany. Glory hallleula, that bird was MEAN!
  • Iago: Yeah. (Impersonating her) "Our new community has new standards, dear Shell Lodgers! If you wanna remain a part of it, I recommend you follow them!"
  • Icky: YEESH, those words STILL peeve me off. She thinks she can just expect everyone to listen to her because she claims she's right in her methods? SHE BUILT A ZOO AND PLACED EVERYONE IN IT FOR CRYING OUT LOUD!!! Seriously, talk about people zoos, she brought it to a whole new level. I'm surprised she wasn't thrown in there herself. It would've been the ultamate in irony. (Everyone laughed)
  • Sucky: Yeah. She forced me to do stand-up comedy, WITHOUT GELO HERE! My jokes were never funny, and all the Mikersons do was zap me with my slave collar if I didn't tell more jokes. Yeesh, tough crowd, am I right? (They laughed)
  • Iago: And she has the gall to spread vicious lies about how we were gonna bring anarchy to the UUniverses? HAH! She's a swan. At this point, anyone could believe her, since her species is considered 'OH SO PURE'! Even the lovely and forgiving Odette in the Swan Princess saga would piss in her mansion river! (They all laughed)
  • Icky: And do you recall how she threatened to have us exiled to our homes, AND have our memories cleared entirely? SHE TORE UP OUR LICENSES TO MAKE IT CLEAR SHE OWNED US!!! She could commit any offense and expect to not get punished. She expected everyone to obey her even after her lies were discovered, AND WE RIPPED THE DEED SO SHE COULDN'T USE IT UNTIL WE COULD RE-CREATE IT! Yeesh, I wouldn't be surprised if she went "I AM INVINCIBLE! INVINCIBLE!" before we slapped her across that pretty-beaked face of hers if we didn't had Gazzy to hold us back. (They all laughed as Swanluna was hurt by those words)... (To Iago) You know, this is actually starting to get more fun. Never in my life have I needed something so much, and never known until I did it.
  • Iago: Oh, come on, you hate her so much, you had to let it out. Knock them dead.
  • Icky: So, yeah, she's a bitch! But, for a moment of being nice, I hope she finds a better place. But all the same though, she had a serious ego, so I'd say she'd be great as a villain, or at best, if possable by all means, an antihero. Let's face it, it's not gonna be so easy for people to forget about your wrong-doings. She lied to the entire UUniverses for her own selfish needs, she expected all the heroes in the UUniverses to obey her as if she knew best, and don't even get me started on the ways she had the people punished. We happen to have a tape that showed that she was expecting EVERYONE to do as she says. Watch. (They showed Swanluna singing something like this)
Family Guy - Banned Song

Family Guy - Banned Song

  • Icky:... Yeesh, the girl was so desperate for loyalty and praise, she'd do that to all who she said. I mean, come on, lady, that only proves our point. You'd do that to them because you'd accuse them of being uprising people. But then again, many of us in the Lodge have done things like those. HAH! SUCK IT! (Everyone laughed)
  • Iago: And don't even get me started on how she behaves. I mean, come on, would you trust someone in an outfit like that? Heck, she sounds like Carol Burnett, maybe she'd do well with her own show. Then again, does she remind you of someone?
  • Sucky: Oh, yeah! That Kangaroo control-freak from the aforementioned 2009 remake of Horton Hears a Who. Now, my prior criticisums about it being like Ice Age without actselly being so, for it's worth, what it can do right to make up for not being faithful to the book, it's at least FREAKING, HILARIOUS! Funny as hell, and what I consider the fairly best of the Dr. Seuss remakes.
  • Icky: Hell, her orders were the VERY SAME WHEN YOU THINK ABOUT IT! She cares about nothing but her own goals and upheld her authority, even if people get hurt in the process. Hell, I'd expect HER to kill off a microscopic civilization, if it means she get her way. Hell, WAS IT EVEN HER INSPIRATION?!? What a Villain-Sue, AM I RIGHT?!? (Everyone laughed hard as they beat themselves up in laughter in manners similar to Family Guy)... So, everyone, we don't say this because we hate her. But MAN, did we prove that we're not members of her fan club neither! But in all seriousness, keep in mind that this is NOT INTENTIONALLY meant to be malitious and basturdise her. It's sort've like how you would write an angry e-mail to your boss and not send it. So it's more of a stress reliver then anything, so remember that when you see the poor bitty, huh? Look, I ain't advocating you people to try to like her, but at least consider firm but fair treatment. It'll help her learn.
  • Gelotodrone:... And I didn't even get to say a line. (The Audience laughed out of control!)
  • Icky: Yeah, still, Swany deserves some lack..... THAT IS IF SHE CAN GET A BETTER-LOOKING OUTFIT! Seriously, I dress better than her. AND I'M NAKED!!! (Everyone laughed) And don't get me started on her feather-do, I- (Sees Swanluna standing in front of the stage hurt).... Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh.
  • Iago: "....... Oh, boy."
  • Sucky: "..... On second thought Icks...... I think I now see your point...."
  • Gelotofrone: "..... I know this is the worse time for this, but.... AWKWORD?!"
  • The Audience laughed!
  • Swanluna started to shed some tears, and ran away!
  • Icky: "Wait, Swany, wait! You're taking this completely out of context! (Swanluna already left the building)...... Folks, we're, gonna take a break for a currently indeterminable amount of time. (Grabs Iago and Sucky forcefully) AND YOU TWO MALMITULATIVE DUMBASSES ARE GONNA HELP ME AND GELO?!"
  • Iago: "(Strained) Swell."
  • Sucky: "(Strained) Whateva you say."
  • Icky, Iago, Sucky and Gelotodrone ran off!


  • Swanluna:... I can't believe this! Everybody STILL hates me! I didn't even do that much! Was... Was I that much of a bitch?
  • ???: Why ask questions when you already knows the answer? (Some thugs appeared)
  • Thug #1: We in particular could NEVER forget you. Remember when you had your Mikersons have my son sent to jail, and he committed suicide in his cell for refusing to heed to what he thought was gonna be a permanently-corrupt society since we heard you owned the Lodge and all our favorite heroes?
  • Swanluna:... I, I, I didn't even keep tabs of my prisoners. I, I, I assure you, I would never wish for such things to accure. I, I never intend for a thing to happen to anyone!
  • Thug #1: You had this coming, feathers!
  • Swanluna honked in a panic and ran away from the thugs, who proceeded to chase her!
  • The Thugs shout angerly as they ran after her!
  • Swanluna was far enough away to hide from them as the Thugs ran off on a wild goose chase as the goons ran off into the distence.
  • Swanluna:... (She cries as she curls up)... I... I don't understand! They know why I did this, and yet they judge me because of my actions? I lost custody of my son, too! They cost me everything because... Because all they cared about was my actions? I WAS DOING THAT FOR THE GREATER GOOD!! HOW COULD THEY NOT SEE THAT?!? I mean, the commen folk I'll live with, but even the LOUGERS HAVE THE NERVE TO JUST JUDGE ME LIKE THAT?! And on a charity run sponsered by Miss Gazelle? I.... I thought she understood me, I..... I..... (Gets angery)...... I'll give those ungrateful louts something to laugh about soon?! (Sees an old wanted Poster of Glowrod and friends....) And I know the perfect people who will help me against both the Lougers, and any who has threatened my well being?!


Coming soon...



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