Syphe the Purge

Syphe Garmac Jeejarax, AKA Syphe the Purge

Syphe G. Jeejarax, AKA Syphe the Purge, is an Alternate UUniversal Yinguen from Planet Clorell. He was once a test subject for a Globex experiment that would increase senses and abilities. And while it worked, it had accidentally given Syphe the brain-power of a Tiikon, which meant that he went through the three personality functions and never slept. His strength, speed, lung capacity, stamina, and reflexes were boosted, and he ran away from home fearing that his abilities would scare his family, and became a member of The Bounty Hunter Consortium. Lik-Lick Tick Blick had considered him a good candidate for his consortium because of his ability to stay active with no sleep, meaning that he was on the job 24-7. He is a master of martial arts, and wielded several weapons. He rides across the AUU on his spaceship named Cold Fire.


Syphe was born on the snowy planet of Clorell, and was raised by a single father who served during the Interuniversal War as a space marine. Growing up, Syphe was not only good at self-defense and sports and won several awards in them, but his skills in them were inspired by the games on TV. He was even able to win 2nd place in the annual Clorell International Games in 1956, and made a sports prodigy. While he achieved all this, his father, while proud of him, was worried that his dream to be in a more extreme sport can lead to him getting hurt, so he denied the request until he was older.

When he became 23, Syphe unfortunately forgotten about his dream since he thought he wanted to do something better and that sports was just a way for him to be very adrenaline-rushed. So he decided to volunteer for an experiment for Globex that would increase his senses and abilities so he can fight with his dad, despite his dad's skepticism, and to get some money to help support him since it would be the last year where he'd serve in the military. While the experiment worked, it had some other undocumented side-effects. Syphe now had the ability to shut down 1 of 3 parts of his brain like a Tiikon, which the Tiikons experimenting on him concluded that one of them accidentally put his DNA in the serum. But luckily the DNA was scrambled partially by the serum's chemical matrix that prevented Syphe from developing any major DNA changes. Syphe was now not only a good fighter, but he didn't need any sleep so he could stay active for the rest of his life, though the common personality changes were still apparent.

Upon his rise to being enhanced, Syphe joined his father in fighting. However, when the Villains Act came along, the horrible battles had left Syphe's father to be killed in battle. Syphe was so devastated that he legally quit from the military to try and live in his hometown right next to his grandparents. But because his abilities were difficult to hide from his nephews and cousins on one Kraanmas (AUU version of Christmas), he was forced to leave his hometown a day later fearing that they would scare them. He went straight to moon Orime VIII to find a suitable career, but since he was traumatized by that day where he feared his abilities would make him an outcast, he was unable to do it. But then he was met by Lik-Lick, who overheard him talking about it to himself, and offered to make him join the Bounty Hunter Consortium, where he could once again find a use for his abilities. So, thinking that it was better to use his abilities than hide them, he agreed and became a good member. He even competed well in the same arena that Xrandy became their trademark bounty hunter, and was almost able to get into the finals until he was defeated by Viume Phyarse.


As a penguin-like creature, Syphe has the natural ability to hold his breath underwater for 10 minutes and can withstand extreme cold conditions. He also has the agility and gymnastic skills of the Penguins of Madagascar due to his legacy as a sports master, and he was trained in Vanate (A Zoian version of karate). The experiment that enhanced him, aside from allowing him to shut off one-third of his brain and alter his personality, had also increased his strength, speed, stamina, and reflexes. The accident of the experiment that gave him his Tiikon-like brain also allowed him to gain a faster healing factor that not only heals wounds, but can allow him to replace limbs, though this process only takes 3 days. It also increased his intelligence to Tiikon-like levels. He wears a flexible and durable tan suit that is as strong as Kevlar, and is flame-resistant, strong, and can absorb energy.

Syphe wields several kinds of weapons, though he prefers to only carry 2 firearms at a time in his ISD (Infinite-Storage Device). He always likes to keep his common Balrayne M45B2 Fusion Machine Gun, but his other favorite weapon is his M92 Particle Pulse Rifle. He also carries bags full of 3 types of grenades: ion detonators, cryo-grenades, and sticky grenades that detonate in a single second when sticking to an enemy. His common equipment include a grappling hook, a hacking device, and some energy bolas to throw at his enemies and restrain them.

Syphe flies in a spaceship called the Cold Fire. It is a ship that is made of titanium, is entirely electrical and requires charging every travel, and is propelled by 4 cold-fusion thrusters. The ship has adjustable wings. The ship is armed with 2 ice-based chainguns that can work even in space, and it also has 2 mega-laser cannons that fire massive amounts of plasma that are more functional and powerful in space, and it comes with a double-powered deflector shield.

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