Taffee is a Mewnian Septarian and the off-shoot female cousin of one of the main antagonists of Star vs. The Forces of Evil, Toffee. Even after she watched most of her entire family being slaughtered during a war against Mewmans that bypassed their regenerative powers through powerful stolen magic from Queen Eclipsa, she didn't join her two cousins in the Monster Army cause she reckindised that the Mewmans were too powerful for a pointless war that would only kill more monsters, desiding that maybe it's better to just restore their numbers and the spieces lost and simply take them to build a secret socity away from Mewman dominated terratory in an uncharted dimention simular to Mewni but only had wildlife and no sentience in sight, and the same dimension where Star's monster friend Buff Frog and his adopted children reside, as she was the one who convinced all monsters to stop giving hope for a peaceful coexistence after the events of Monster Bash, but not for the means of starting another war as some less humble monsters assume, but purely to stay away from mewmans, as her true intentions is to heal monster kind and to avoid the Mewmans as much as possable, as she made sure that this dimention is obscured from them as much as possable to make sure history doesn't repeat itself, as Taffee is all about restoring the lost legacy of monsters, waiting for a perfect means until she gets it after studying Globgor and discovered his secret weapon Chaemera, a monstrous chimera of magic and extinct monster species that could be controlled with a conch-shell horn. Taffee seeks to find this horn to use it's power and genetic material to resurrect monsters destroyed throughout history, and cause she sees Chaermera impourent for her noble but potaintionally misguided cause, she would defend the beast from anyone seeking it harm, even if it's continued existence would doom Mewnians to be monsters forever, of which Taffee believes that "such a fate can't be helped", arguing that the Chaemera is only a victim of a war that shouldn't've happened and that of Globgor's pre-marital stupidity.


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Aside from her species' ability to regenerate from virtually anything, and other powers displayed by Toffee, she is proficient in black magic, which stems from the fact that she wants the Mewmans that killed most of her family to have a taste of their own medicine, though primarly for self-defence and only if need be, still firm in wanting to avoid further confrontation. This has tainted her arms into being just like the tainted arms of Queen Eclipsa, which she also hides with gloves. She possesses a crystalline orb scepter forged in the dark magic sectors of the Realm of Magic, but like Queen Eclipsa, she never learned how to Dip Down, or how to use magic without a magic weapon.


Taffee is identical to Toffee, but she has grayish skin, obviously a more feminate figure with gecko-like features, the same hair color as Toffee, yellowish eyes, a black and gray robe that hides a tank topshirt and sweat pants, dark-purple tainted arms, and a scepter-staff with a dark-purple crystalline orb.

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