Taila Baxis

Taila Gess Baxis

Taila G. Baxis is an Alternate UUniversal Nabicoot from Planet Sioephus. She was formerly a member of the Sioephus Rangers until Master Ganali came and planned to thrust the planet into technocracy. So she joined the Sioephus Rebellion to fight him off. And with help from Byron Buster, she was able to do so. She seemed to bond well with Byron over the next few years, and after defeating Aqua Regia, the two confess their love for each other, and become a couple. While she doesn't serve in the Heroes Act like Byron, she pledged herself as a full-time ally that rarely aids her boyfriend in missions. When the Villains Act fell, she became a secondary leader for the Sioephus taskforce called the Two Up Society consisting of Byron's other friends.


Taila was born as the daughter of a former Ranger father who had retired to be with his family. As a child, Taila was very cranky and had always been funny. She even thought of her father as a grand hero. She even looked up to the parents of Byron Buster, whom she heard did amazing things until they mysteriously vanished, leaving their son somewhere where she would hopefully never find. Her father and Byron's parents inspired her to join the Rangers and protect her home. She trained herself well with a boomerang because she wanted to be like Byron's parents, and wield her own combat boomerang. Unfortunately, when she got in at age 19, she never got one since it required much more experience. Though she was upset, she accepted it, and even gained a partner in the form of her childhood friend, Pepper Bren, who had sworn to protect her.

As the years passed, Taila and Pepper had served very well in the Rangers, and Taila was even one step closer to being like her father, but not so much as her idols. That is when Master Ganali came and threatened to plunge her hometown into a technocratic empire. So Pepper, hoping that it would keep her safe, convinces her to join the Sioephus Rebellion to fight Ganali off. And so, the two joined and had made a few new friends along the way. She even had to move her parents to the Sioephus Rebellion Base to keep them safe while she protected her home. She eventually met Byron Buster, hearing stories about his adventures. However, Pepper was very quick to not trust him because of his over-protective nature on Taila. While they helped Byron with a few missions on stopping Ganali, Pepper's distrust grew larger to the point where it eventually ended with him not only getting kicked out of the Ganali assignment, but losing the friendship of Taila. But things suddenly changed when Ganali discovered the blueprints of a human war machine, and used the machine to continue his robotic takeover. While Taila and the gang had a hard time fighting him off, Pepper arrived and sacrificed himself to save them and help them defeat Ganali with his final words: "Byron, take care of Taila for me....and treat her right!". After this worked and Ganali was defeated, Taila was reduced to tears feeling guilty for ending her friendship with Pepper, and held a funeral for him.

After Pepper's death, Taila decided to avenge him by dedicating her life to fighting against more future evils that threaten her home alongside Byron, eventually finding out that he was the son of her idols. After helping defeat Doombug, she had a tough challenge defeating Aqua Regia, a fish from the Villains Act who threatened to plunge Sioephus underwater. Of course, Taila didn't know how to swim, neither could most of her teammates. So because Byron has swam on his many adventures before, he decided to teach them himself. While teaching Taila, the two started getting to know each other more, to the point where they form a romantic relationship. This leads to them defeating Aqua Regia together, and they immediately confess their love for each other afterward, and they become a happy couple. When the Villains Act fell years later and no other villain attacks appeared on Sioephus, Byron and Taila decided to found an independent taskforce called the Two Up Society. While Byron would sometimes be gone to serve in the Heroes Act, she would lead the TUS on her own.

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