During the underwater birthday party of Fluttershy's seapony friend Sea Poppy, the Lodgers and Mane Heroes share stories of among their most intense Equestrian missions. However, while doing so, the returning Neighsay and his bumbler minions, Jackasso and Bullshiton, are planning to trojen cake their way into Poppy's birthday while teaming up with Svengallop, Wind Rider, Gladmane, Mc'Scam and his two cohorts, somehow underwater with the help of a rotten seapony named Backwater.


  1. Tale of the Neighyans- The Inter-Racial Six end up being left stranded on an undocumented island by Neighsay, only to discover that it is a lost island of an aztec pony civilisation called the Neighyans. Their Alicornised Preist, High Preist Hela'stab, mistakes the group as their gods of creation and began to be worshipped as such. Now the Inter-Racial Six found themselves into an adventure simular to The Road to El Dorado as the Main 7 and the Friendship School staff race to come to their rescue while the Lougers contend with recapturing Neighsay before he declares the students dead to the representives.
  2. Tale of Blackbeak's Revenge- Flash Magnus and Flash Sentry found themselves being haunted by the ghost of Blackbeak, who with ghost magic has placed a death curse on both of them, as well as taking away their speed, and has threaten to only take away the curse if they gathered the golden specter of reviveal, an anichent Griffin Artifact left behind in an anichent ruin of a long gone Griffin King. Now the Flashes are forced to reach to the ruins and find the specter under 30 days, while Twilight and Starswirl rush to find a way to save them from the curse in case Blackbeak doesn't live up to the promise of removing the curse.
  3. Tale of An Equestrian Zootopia- The Ponies and the Lougers were invited to visit the most prodominenly popular kingdom in the land of Abyssinia, a medevil Zootopia-like Kingdom called Zingdom, where they met the famous heroes that saved it from a treacherious conspiracy by a treacherious arch-mage, Ja-Ewe-BaaMarcy Lagomorthen and former con artist Lick Vilde. They explained while working on a missing person case, they ended up discovering that Ja-Ewe-Baa, basicly the love child of Jafar and Bellwether, was using a flower no less different then Night Howlers, but not to turn predators savage, but to turn Equestrian Ponies unsentient so she would then do the same to King Leondus and Princess Ramure and have the forces of Abyssinia to take over Equestria, but the duo were able to trick Ja-Ewe-Baa to confess it aloud, allowing the guards to arrest her and imprison her for life. The Heroes were given a chance to see Zingdom, but unfortunately, their enjoyment of the city ended up short-lived thanks to Dr. Nefarious and Bellwether freeing Ja-Ewe-Baa to harness the flowers for their plans to use against Zootopia. Now it's up to our heroes to stop a Team Nefarious plot once more.
  4. Tale of the Giant Ponies- The Ponies of Equestria are in a panic as a stray Giant Toddler Filly was let loose onto equestria, mistaking buildings and ponies as toys and doing typical toddler things to do while doing damage. The Main 7 have to work togather to quell the giant child before she incures the wrath of a very ill-tempered defence general named General Buttfuckerson desiding to use force on what is otherwise still a child, giant or not. While the Lougers work to find the child's parents in the land of Giant Ponies in the Northwest of Equestria, which amazingly their socity looks like the 50's. Can the Lougers find the parents in time?
  5. Tale of Sauren Park- The Main 7 and the Pie Family are invited to a private island owned by Amber Pie, Pinkie Pie's distent Kiltlands Uncle, to discover that he is working on a very large project: A jurrassic park like theme park were extinct Equestrian Dinosaurs (Somes refered to as Saurens) are being revived with use of DNA from living Sauren Creatures, where the idea would be used to revive other extinct creatures or even extinct races. However, Svengallop, Wind Rider, Mc'Scam and cohorts, and a dragg-in relucent Dr. Eureka, have infletraited the yet to open island park to savatosh the controls and leave the Main 7 and Lougers vulerable to freed Saurens. Can Fluttershy be able to pasify even the meanest saurens to protect everyone?
  6. Tale of the Djin's Sinkhole- Trixie came to visit Starlight with a trinkit she got from a Show in Saddle Arabia, and shows what looks like a Genie's lamp. Trixie rubs it, but it ended up being a Djin, a genie like force of magic, but wishes tend to always backfire. Trixie wishes she can always be the center of the world, but the Djin made it that a sinkhole appears and sucked Trixie in, and everything else. Can the Lougers and the Main 7 save both Trixie AND Equestria from the sinkhole, stop it, and punish the Djin for his devious trick?
  7. Tale of the Dragolings- Ember came to Equestria injured and beaten to warn that the Dragonlands have been taken over by Dragolings, Dragon-Eqsed Changelings that feed on more then love, but all other emotions to power their fires. When Twilight confronts Thorax for answers, he became instintly scared, explainning that the Dragolings and Changelings have an unsettled disbute going on for many ages. Now, Ember, Thorax and Pharynx, and the Main 7, with the Lougers and Discord in tow, must work togather to confront the Dragolings and deal with their power-mad Queen, Queen Insector.
  8. Tale of Draconequua- Mixie is sent on a friendship mission to her homeland and discovers it involves a homeless bully gang of hers who were just like her but worse lead by a Draconequus named Antic, as the friendship mission involves helping him get a better life since he has just lost his own friends, is all alone in the streets, and is being bullied himself by a reckless Draconequus he wronged named Frenzy. How will the Lodgers solve this when Frenzy escalates this too far, especially when Frenzy ended up incurring the wrath of a lost Anti-Choas War Machine awakened by the constant shenanigans?
  9. Tale of Mount Metazoa- After Goldstone's act of usury, griffins have been discriminated on a grand scale, and thus all the rulers of the world of Equestria decide to hold another Convocation of Creatures on Mount Metazoa, this time to attempt a civil summit. However a crow griffin named Blakk appears and sabotages the summit believing griffins are better off alone after the oppression goes too far. However, the attempt backfires and Blakk only succeeds in further criminating his people. Now with civil war on the verge, Celestia now must find a way to cool down all tempers and save the summit from dishastor.
  10. Tale of Potamia- A friendship mission is called to literally all the students in the school for a greater test that will prove each students' progress, as some including the Young Six, among most other students, fear that failure will result in being expelled, in no thanks to Gaster saying that as a mean-spirted joke that wasn't meant to be taken seriously. Now in thanks to it, the Inter-Racial 6 and other students ended up having their own conflict on how to settle a disbute between a tribe of Antelopes and Zebras over an arranged marrage agreement not being met when a prince and princess of each side didn't showed up, and only serve to leave the disbute on the path of civil war between the two.
  11. Tale of Applejack's Parents- Applejack's entire family is called for a friendship mission in a secret pony town where they discover to their joyous shock that it's the location of Pear Butter and Bright Mac in their middle-aged years. Overjoyed to finally meet their parents since their time travel adventure which indirectly allowed the Mane Six to be responsible for their own existence, the Lodgers are called in. However, they discovered that the town they're in is under new management by a greedy pony in the form of an ex-Genesis scientist named Fla'vour Le Ripe, who has been looking to force the Apple parents to reveil their apple and pear secrets for ages since before the disbanding of Genesis, but since the disbandsion, now Fla'vour is free to start his own produce company and create the ultamate fruit through the many food-themed farmers he has welcomed into the town he used Genesis money to found, intending to never let them leave as now they would work for him. Now, with the Apple Clan present, Fla'vour has entered that state of ca-ching empithenmy in now he would have the entire Apple Family under his control and uncover more secrets, even the Zap Apples which would be added into his ultamate fruit plans, so to ensure they can't leave, his genecticly modifived Mandrakes that make screams that never harm him or his army of corn people, akin to that of the ones in Maize, but can be painful to those that try to leave his town. Now the Lodgers must expose his plan, only to discover it to be tougher than they expected.
  12. Tale of the Guardians- The biggest story saved for last is the origin story of Questra is finally revealed as it's discovered through ancient artifacts that it was the true homeland of the ponies before the foundation of Equestria, dubbed historically as Dream Valley. The Guardians of Harmony even discover that Halo is descended from the very first king of the ponies during the days of the Alicorn Gods. Twilight suddenly gets the crazy idea that if they learn how the ponies lived during the prime days of the magic of friendship, they might finally have the key to spreading friendship at it's purest and most mature upon learning that all races were equal at this time period. But it's discovered that a less desireable is also related to Halo, named Fall Chosen, who is pretty much an ice wizard with Windego Powers who threatens to throw Questria back into the Windego Ice Age, in wanting to appease the Windego rulers that saved his life from certain death, but not without a price, alongside another relative and High Chancellor University's sister, Evening Universe, who isn't as supportive of the Friendship School's existence being behind his brother's "reckless" actions based purely on principals that she wanted the School to be faced with more scrtunaity if discrediting it was no good if it was so impourent, Evening being another one with the wrong idea about the school which lead to her teaming up with Fall as a means to try to force Twilight to accept conditions to let the school continue. Thus the Mane Heroes and the Lodgers must stop Fall and Universe.


Backwater's Plan

Weathering Shores

  • Backwater:... For a moment, I thought you all weren't going to show.
  • Neighsay: Oh yee of little faith, you're too quick to doubt. If I am to prove how dangerous Princess Twilight's ideas are, then I must do it without being, "too mean" to non-ponies, as the immature would say. So I would advise you do not provoke me.
  • Jackasso: Revoke you from-a what?
  • Backwater:......
  • Neighsay: You must excuse him. He's an idiot.
  • Backwater:... As clear as the brightest day on a chrystail clear ocean. Now, you remember the plan?
  • Neighsay: Of course! This is all to help you get Novo off the throne and replaced with her ex, AND to ensure that the Princess takes much of the blame.
  • Bullshitton: How we gon do that?
  • Backwater: "Well, luckly for you all, you're not the only aide I had required, which was in case if you were too xenophobic to be of prober use. (Svengallop, Wind Rider, Gladmane, Mc'Scam and his two cohorts showed up.)"
  • Neighsay: ".... Gallop."
  • Svengallop: "..... Sayer."
  • Backwater: "Oh, how quint. You know eachother."
  • Neighsay: "He's pretty much amongst the rest of those actselly worthy of the Black Stallian Asylum."
  • Svengallop: "Tch, you're one to talk. I actselly hear talk that you make me look like a nice guy and that I have been out-high-and-mightyed by you! The closet worthy contender was my brother! But honestly, you're both pricks."
  • Neighsay: "Ugh! Look, I know they were meant to be incase I didn't lived up to my word, but I did, so you do not need these charlatins around!"
  • Big Brute: "Double for me."
  • Gladmane: "Now now, gentlecolts.... And, donkey, sea pony, and bull. We may all have our differiations, but deep down, we share the commen goal, and a radical dislike for six or 7 certain mares, and their little dragon errand boy too! We all done want to get even with those six mares that I do declare are respondsable for our misfortunates."
  • Neighsay: "But our reasons are different! Unlike you bunch who had less then desireable reasonings behind your desires for revenge, I actselly have a nobler goal for all this!"
  • Gladmane: "Well, problem is, Twilight made sure that your idea of a noble goal, ehhh, it ain't really so, universeal-like."
  • Neighsay: "Hence why I want to change that! By proving my point, I would get the REAL E.E.A. back in order and disban the insulting mess my brother Yaysay buildt in it's place?!"
  • Svengallop: "Oh, you have brother issues too? Been there, done that, more then I ever wanted to."
  • Gladmane: "Point being gentlecolts..... And non-ponies...... We may have a different end-goal in mind, but let's remember what should be the start of a bond over a commen enemy.... The afformentioned 7 Mares and their dragon."
  • Neighsay: "...... Perhaps a comtemporary allience with the likes of you louts is worth seeing my ambitions through in the end."
  • Backwater: "AHEM?! (Gets everyone's attention).... If I may interupt your little tea-party..... Oh, yes, speaking of parties, I do recall one that gives the perfect means of penitraightion to the pearl.... It is cowinsidently the time of the Birthday of a little snot-nose brat named Sea Popsy or whatever, and the Mane 7, plus the famed Lougers, are invited as guests."
  • Wind Rider: "Well bring it on! I always wanted to fight a Hippogriff! I hear talk that, they really like to fight!"
  • Backwater: "..... Trust me, you don't want that, espeically with Corono back. And alas, keep in mind that Sea Popo or what of it, is a seapony, not a Hippogriff. That means.... The celebration, takes place, underwater."
  • Gladmane: "..... Well, I do have to say, I'm afraid we are in a bit of a dilemma indeed. Cause, well it's obvious we don't have an ability to enter them waterways like those mares do."
  • Neighsay: "Begrudingly, I have to concure. How can you expect us to seek out this pearl if it is underwater?"
  • Backwater: "Oh come now, gentlemen, did you really think I wouldn't plan for that? (Claps his fin-hooves, as two shark-men bring in a captured Apolune and Grime while seperated from her trident)."
  • Apolune: ".... I don't know who you all are, but as protecter of the Capicorn People, I do NOT appresiate this treachery?!"
  • Neighsay: ".... How, did you managed to capture THE Capricorn Protecter?!"
  • Backwater: "Tis was easy. She was close to Novo, so, I asked Novo's Ex to make her believe that he wants to talk about redemption, and she bought it like a fish to a hook!"
  • Bullshiton: "(Laughs stupidly) Wow, that's stupid! (Gaffaws!)"
  • Apolune: "..... Why, did you make Tidecaller do that?"
  • Backwater: "Well simple. Like what you were once so, he was an outcast. Rejected by socity because of his role in having Novo usurped Corono of her now since regained title. Because he couldn't forgive Novo, Aybisswish really gave him a fickle reward for his dedication! And now..... I am the closest he has to a real friend in this sad, miserable world."
  • Apolune: ".... You're using him."
  • Backwater: "(Laughs darkly), Using him? My dear, he pretty much willingly lead you to a trap and-"
  • Apolune: "I'm no clownfish. You gave him the promise of companionship and a chance to get back to power in return to undying obedience! That was no different when how the Typhoon King did things?!"
  • Backwater: "But one, teeny tiny difference. Unlike that blitering sea monkey, I actselly intend to live up to my promise, AND I am not held back by the closest skeleton, of being wildly incompident?! And, I don't aim to take over the world after all is said and done.... I, only want that idiot wrench Novo, be taken out of the throwne for Sea Ponies!"
  • Apolune: "Well what did kidnapping me accomplished?"
  • Backwater: ".... Simple.... Your going to grant some land-lubbers the gift of being sea ponies.... Or, in the case of the Jackass and the Retarded Cow, a sea donkey and a bull shark."
  • Apolune: "And why should I waste magic on your ilk?"
  • Backwater: "Glad you asked..... I asked some old friends to bring in someone you cared for here. (The Capricorn Queen was seen dragged in by some mythic pirates as Captain Blackbeak returned.)"
  • Apolune gasped!
  • Apolune: "Aunt Capris?!"
  • Backwater: "The choice is yours, "Capricorn Protecter"...... Either give my assusiates the power to breath in the sea..... Or Blackbeak will get a replacement figurehead for his boat afterall, cause you still owe him one when you basicly freed the one you originally allowed him to have!"
  • Queen Capris: "Apolune, please, don't worry for me! Don't bow into the demands of this snake!"
  • Backwater angerly hissed at that!
  • Backwater: "YOU BE SILENT?! (Back to Apolune) I mean it, you water goat?! Give me what I want, or so help me, I'll give Blackbeak advice on how to make his future figurehead, VERY MUCH MORE SILENT?!"
  • Grime: "Ya know, if I wasn't tied to a ball again, I'd tentcale-kick your ass for that?!"
  • Backwater: "My paitence, is, wearing, THIN?!"
  • Apolune: We have no power for that!
  • Grime: ".... He kinda has you there."
  • The Pirates began to surround Queen Capris.
  • Apolune: "(Gets desperate)...... OKAY, STOP?!..... I'll give you want you want. (She was given the trident, and grants Backwater's group the ability)....."
  • Svengallop: "...... I don't feel anything."
  • Backwater: "Ugh..... You have to enter the water, idiots."
  • Jackasso: "(Looks at the shore, and touches, suddenly turns into a Sea Donkey)..... Hey, I don't look half bad."
  • Grime: Hah! An onocampus is so funny to look at!
  • Apolune: "Grime, I told you to watch the racism! Now you got what you wanted, idiots! Let my aunt go!"
  • Backwater: ".... Alchourse. Although, I still have to give Blackbeak A figurehead. (The pirates take Apolune away)."
  • Apolune: "UNHAND ME!?"
  • Backwater: "Well I needed to make sure you don't come back and become a threat to me, and the Captain needed a figurehead one way or the other, so...."
  • Apolune: ".... I'LL MAKE YOU PAY FOR THIS, YOU SNAKE?! (Apolune was dragged off as Queen Capris was helpless to stop this)..."
  • Backwater: "..... Now, Queen Capris, how's about we keep quiet about this, hmm? That is, if you seriously care for the well being of the Capricorn people, your highness."
  • Queen Capris was helpless.....
  • Backwater: ".... Glad we can come to an agreement. (Claps his fin-hooves as the Shark Men dragged her off to likely place her off in the direction of her kingdom)...... Well, phase one is covered. Now, we need to be able to infiltraight the kingdom where the party is held. And, I have, the perfect, symbolic way, to accure that entry."
  • Neighsay: You sure about that?
  • Backwater: I AM the former general of Abysswish's army. I know Seaquestria like the back of my fin.
  • Neighsay: And do you have a way to get Novo out of the throne?
  • Backwater: Simple. I make Novo look like she never learned anything. And it starts with stealing the Pearl of Transformation.
  • Neighsay: And how will you do that? Twilight tried that and look how that turned out.
  • Backwater: Must I remind you that the security jellyfish containing the Pearl is still a living organism?
  • Dirty: "So what, given that your part snake, are you suggesting that-"
  • Backwater: I have to halt your dialog there, dum-dum. Normally, I'd have it poisoned with my venom, in akin to how it was like in my days of service when poisoning enemy security, but I am by far the only seapony in Seaquestria with snake-like qualities, so I would be the prime suspect almost immediately. Alas, the downside of being a unitge biological commodity, really. All it takes is a Jellyfish exbert to find any oddities in the creature's body and that's it. Doesn't really help that I'm not exactly a well trusted sort, to be frank.
  • Bullshiton: "Erm, welll.... How do ya poison something made of jelly anyway?"
  • Backwater: I don't know, how do you poison a drink? And if the drink itself was alive, then what do you think it would do?
  • Bullshiton: "...... Brainfart."
  • Backwater: "........Ughhh. So, because poisoning the jellyfish myself is out, I must suggest we find another way to prevent it from being a problem to you louts."
  • Wind Rider: "Well, in my youth, I once learned that Sea Turtles EAT Jellyfish. Why not set some of those shelled boys loose in where it is and have it chased out? That should make getting the pearl a breeze."
  • Backwater: "... Excellent suggestion. But the question is, where do we find Sea Turtles on such short notice?"
  • Bullshiton was seen scratching his back with a sign that reads "Sea Turtle Nesting Beach, tread with care".....
  • Gladmane: "..... Uh, boy, mind if we take a good look at that signpost you're using as a backscracther? (Bullshiton does that)..... Well we're in luck, gentlemen, this is actually a sea turtle nesting beach!"
  • Backwater: Excellent. And this is around the time where some should crawl up to shore and lay eggs here. Someone will have to lure one into the open where the security jellyfish will be waiting. Someone... Durable.
  • Bullshitton: Ooh, ooh, ooh, I wanna go!
  • Backwater: I thought you might. (Under his breath) You fat bag of garbage.
  • Neighsay: "But won't he assentually be a Bull Shark now?"
  • Backwater: "It might actselly help us more then you think. It would be made easier for even him to herd the turtles into where we want them because he would take the form of a shark. Sharks are feared predators in the oceans, and Bull Sharks are no different. The turtles would be frighten of him."
  • Backwater: Actselly, just turning into an animal is a bit of a downgrade. If you were any smarter, I'd have it be a Quinotaur or any other bovine-based sea creature, but because you're an idiot, I don't trust you with their ability to use magic with your.... Mental instability.
  • Dirty: Yikes. Harsh, bro.
  • McScam: "But I wouldn't say it wasn't a good call. I mean, look at him. (Points to Bullshiton's derpy expression)."
  • Bullshiton: "Oh.... But still, a shark's a shark! I'd be badass!"
  • Neighsay: "Well how come Jack got to turn into a Sea Donkey if he's nearly as stupid as the Bull is?"
  • Backwater: "Simple. Sea Donkeys can't do magic. That, and because the cart that is expected to deliver the sea cake is set to arrive soon enough, is being pulled by such, and I need him to pass as the one doing the delivery."
  • Neighsay:... You know what you're risking, right? You're willing to betray your own kingdom just because you don't trust Novo.
  • Backwater: Others have hardly trusted her anyway. Since she broke up with Tidecaller and banished Twilight, nobody ever thought about keeping her around. But since Corono took over the hippogriffs and Tidecaller was exiled from his own kingdom... Everything in my liking has been falling apart. Nobody understands that Novo is unworthy to rule Seaquestria. She's a hippogriff... And one who didn't deserve to lead anything at all. I have been trying to get her off the throne countless times. I helped form the anti-Novo movement. I convinced Tidecaller to do something about this. I even mocked Novo past her limits hoping one wrong move would get her kicked out. Nothing I've ever done has saved Seaquestria. So... I have no choice... I must lead this final move myself.
  • Neighsay: And again, you know if this fails-
  • Backwater: Then Seaquestria is dead to me..... This is my last chance to prove that false seaponies are undeserving of the throne. Abysswish founded this kingdom for a reason, to protect it since the Storm Clan terrorized the oceans of the world. And we cannot do that from even worse threats out there if we're being ruled by false seaponies. If we fail... Then Seaquestria, and the magic of the ocean itself, is no longer alive to me.
  • El Jackasso: Aren't you just being abit extravigent about this like Mr. Neighsay, Bro?
  • Neighsay: "Duh, what, hey!"
  • Backwater: You don't understand. Unsurprising, given that your land-dwellers. You never understood the true meaning of the sea! My time as general was wasted... Because I was discharged on the same day the alliance between the hippogriffs and seaponies began.
  • Gladmane: "Would that be because you did something related to those events that got you discharged, or were they for entirely different matters?"
  • Backwater: I'm getting to that. I went rogue because I kept insisting that an alliance between creatures like them were against what the founding of Seaquestria stands for.
  • Dirty: "Well excuse them for branching out and trying new horizens."
  • Backwater: It wasn't just a flight of fancy thing, gentlemen! It only happened because Princess Swellsea saved Novo from drowning!
  • Wind Rider: "Well, in all fairness, it mainly happened because the Hippogriffs were very grateful of that and thus they kinda bonded."
  • Backwater: AT THE VERY LEAST, Hear me out before you lose your nerves! That event, destroyed everything. Seaquestria had forgotten it's place by aligning with hippogriffs. It exists only to protect the Pearl of Maricolous, and NOT as just another seapony colony. I was trying to keep us solatary, I... I insisted the same thing you did, Neighsay.
  • Neighsay: "Now see here, when I was protesting the idea of interacting with other races, I at least have legit points on why it wouldn't work! With you, well, your people did something kind for the Hippogriffs even when they never really interacted prior to that rescue! That allience was nothing more then a forgone concludion, it couldn't've been helped that such kinship would spiral to into something more."
  • Backwater: "Do realise that people have argued the same for the interactions between ponies and other land creatures. Just because each side did something nice for one and another, that doesn't mean everything is safe for trust! Even with Hippogriffs being at the days where they ditched their love for barbaric practices, that didn't made them any more benefitical to have an allience with! And you can't exactly deny that Novo proved my concern correct enough!"
  • Neighsay: "..... Fair point, I'm, I'm only offering an outsider's perspective."
  • Backwater: Well let me enlighten you further on why I am against this move made by my people. By interacting with other races, it would be a liability and a GREAT risk. Now, true as it is that they now practiced a neutered verson of their old ways with Corono surprisingly pasifyed in all this and the once hippogriff princess keeping her in line to prevent Corono from relapsing in some compasity, we must not forget history.... The hippogriffs were renowned aggressive beings. That's why I cohersed Tidecaller to convince Novo to take the throne. (The group were surprised by that revelation)
  • Dirty: "Wait, so, your behind why that Tidecaller guy wanted to-"
  • Backwater: Try not to be confused by that much, gentlemen. My mind and views weren't consistent to Tidecaller's misguided ways of using the completely pasifived Hippogriffs to basicly make friends with the world. That wasn't my doing, that was Tidecaller losing sight of what was impourent.
  • Svengallop: "Wait, are you implying that Tidecaller being a prick about everything was your doing?"
  • Backwater: "Oh what, did you think Tidecaller had the actual gull to challnage outside ahtorites on his own? You should've seen his interaction with his parents, he was an obedient yuts! Even if he came to discover how deplorable Corono was on his own, the worse he would do is get Aybisswish involved, then the Hippogriffs would've gotten that pasifyed verson of their old traditions sooner then they did now! That being said, it wasn't too difficult to get him to see things my way. I just brought up Corono's plans for when she would've been given the title, and he ate it up like a gubby to fishflakes."
  • Neighsay looked as if he lost some bit of his nerve.....
  • Backwater: Anyway, back to my point. The only thing I had to ensure was that Seaquestria stays safe by any means necessary. By putting a false seapony on the throne, Seaquestria was left vulnerable. I had Novo made the queen of the hippogriffs and that didn't work. My last shot was the anti-Novo movement. But it was destroyed quickly with Tidecaller being exiled. Everything I had left to restore Seaquestria's goal has been ruined.... So you want something done correctly, you do it yourself. If it means I get banished... Then the time of the Seapony's glory days, has already long passed anyway.
  • Gladmane:... Deep.
  • Svengallop: (Scoffs annoyed).
  • Gladmane: No pun intended, mind you.
  • Neighsay: "But wait..... But.... That would mean that...... You were why the Storm Clan were allowed to eventually reach Equestria. Surely you realised that Corono could've been able to laid waste to those beasts ages ago!"
  • Backwater: "I ensure you, the Storm Clan being allowed to have originally taken away the Glorious Queen Aybisswish' life and that of some unlucky others, and the little escapade with Equestria, are like what Tidecaller said.... An unfortunate oversight. Bad happenstances. I admit that I should've remembered that they were a thing before I commenced with what I did, but in my defence, I figured that those incompident guardians would keep them distracted from ever discovering Equestria.... It wasn't planned for those overglorifyved boyscouts to end up being left in a vicegrip from someone who's otherwise held back by a weakness they already reckindise, thus allowing, certain events to take place."
  • Neighsay: "But, if you were why the Storm Clan were allowed an easier aim at Equestria, then...... That lead to the map wanting Sparkle to build a friendship school that included other races! And thus, in thanks to it's defience, lead to the disbansion of the TRUE E.E.A.?! That means........ It, was, YOUR DOING?! (Angerly flares his horn at the unflinching Backwater).... YOU WERE WHY I HAVE TO ASSUSIATE WITH THESE LOWLIFES?! WHY EVERYTHING, (STARTED TO CRY), HAS GONE WRONG FOR ME, AND THOSE I HAD CONSIDERED MY COLLEDGES, FRIENDS EVEN?! EVEN MY MENTOR WASN'T DOING SO WELL!? SHE, WAS CARTED OFF TO AN OLD PONY CENTER OF BLACK STAILLIAN ASYLUM?! YOU, CAUSED THE PRINCESS OF FRIENDSHIP TO GO ROGUE ON EQUESTRIAN STANDERDS?!"
  • Backwater: "..... (Entangles Neighsay like a boa constricter, to the shock of the others)..... Do, remember, that, it, was purely, BAD, HAPPENSTANCE?! Keep in mind..... I didn't ask the Storm Clan to cause trouble like they did! Even in a perfect scenario where the Guardians didn't flopped like they did, the Storm Clan would've made their presence known in Equestria anyway, that school would still become a thing, and you would STILL have an un-desirable reputation among others?! And it's still the royal family's actions that're why you lost your organisation, and that your brother took over and made a neutered verson, NOT MINE?!"
  • Neighsay: "But, but, it was because of you making it easy for the Storm Clan to do what they did, it left Sparkle on a trumatising path that made her deceptable to do what that map said! She created that school because she flimsfully believes that uniting with other races would fix the world!? Because of you not appresiating Novo not being a true Sea Pony, the E.E.A. got disbanned?!"
  • Backwater: ".... Make no mistake, Neighsayer. (Lets him go passively, but still kept a stern gaze). Even if I did nothing or never existed, that wouldn't mean your group wasn't destened to be outmoded. The worse I was guilty off, was jumpstarting it's fate. Equestria would've still had been bitten by the messy nature of the world, like an angry sea krait, one way or the other, Sparkle would've still gone through hell, and short of whether or not Novo or Corono or anyone else would accept their plea for help or not, it would've still lead to the downfall of your group, being ruled by a mindset, deemed outdated and old-fastioned. And that's what happened to me! I was a very firm believer of the founding oath, but because even Aybisswish has lost sight of her own glorious call because of befriending the Hippogriffs, I refused to accept the new mindset, and now look at me..... I'm no less different from you apart from spieces and other tecnecalities. An old guard, forced to retire, because of being old-fastioned, rejected by the world, and tormented by buzzwords and insults, for only expressing your opinion, brash as it would be."
  • Neighsay was now conflicted by this and what to believe anymore.
  • Backwater: ".... I'm not afraid to admit that your opinion of me is, strained, but remember.... What Sparkle did to you, was still of her own will, as with what the Storm King did to got her in that state! Believe me, if I had known that causing Tidecaller to push Novo to usurp Corono's heiress-ship would lead to your group's suffering, I never would've done it. But consider that even if I did..... The E.E.A. would've been another old guard anyway. You cannot deny that a group operating on a mindset not relevent since the Fear Wars, isn't destine to last the test of time. As said before, the Storm Clan would've illed Equestria eventually, and Sparkle would still be placed on the path of conflicting with you. All I was guilty off, was opening that can of worms too soon."
  • Neighsay: ".... But Corono, would've been able to DESTROY the Storm Clan!"
  • Backwater: "Only under their vanilla traditions. Had that balenced thing happened, sure, it would slow them down and Corono may've been able to slay Storm King, but it would've only meant someone smarter could've taken his place. They could've worked around the Hippogriffs, or placed them in the same situation as the Guardians and forced them to not interfear, and still found their way to Equestria anyway. Your suffering, would've been ineditable. The E.E.A. would've still collapsed, even if not nessersarly in the same way, but it would've still. And you still, have Sparkle to thank for that, reguardless of the Storm Clanner who made her go through hell that made her come to this! At least I was generious enough to give you a chance to restore even a semblence of your lost legacy! What has Sparkle done?! Locked you up in that Pharuna tank of an ayslum, with them!"
  • Wind Rider: "We can hear you, ya know!"
  • Backwater: "And reguardless of what I did, it would've still been true in virtually every imaginable reality! You still would've found yourself working with a dumb-brained bull and a jackass, whether I tried to dispose of Novo or not! That is honestly no better a life for you then when I haven't did what I done! All I ever did, was to keep the Pearl of Maricolous safe in Seaquestria. Fate would've pinned you regardless of what anyone in this world did."
  • Neighsay:... I, still, blame, you.
  • Backwater:... Good thing I wasn't aiming to make a friend out of you, for now. But don't worry.... I shall redeem my appearent part in your misfortune, soon enough. I only ask, is if you at least, humor me on this. Now we must move.
  • Jackasso: "(As Backwater and the now cautious trope are leaving, Bullshiton and Jackasso, espeically Neighsay, are abit behind).... What was up with that, bro?"
  • Bullshiton: "Yeah. Ya kinda over-reacted there."
  • Neighsay: "(Wiping off tears) My apologies. My, passion for what was my desteny, got ahold of me. I meant not to bite the hoof that feeds me, it's just, my mind was too quick to piece the puzzles togather, and my heart.... Didn't liked the picture."
  • Jackasso: ".... Hey, no'a worry boss. We only have to work with the'a guy until he gets us what'a we'a want'a. After that, you can have your E.E.A. back, and you won't have to see him'a again'a."
  • Neighsay: "(Sighs).... For a mercenary, I must compliment your willingness to comfert me."
  • Jackasso: "Well, you obviously need'a to feel better'a, so, I did that."
  • Neighsay: "Well, thank you, Jackson. It will certainly compliment your pay well. Now, let's catch up before the serpent desides he would settle for Gallop and his trope."
  • Neighsay, Jackasso and Bullshiton went off and caught up with the others.

(Stealing the Pearl of Transformation, Coming soon...)

Backwater's Final Stand

  • Backwater, after having left behind the already captured others as punishment for their botched attempt, was already swimming quickly like a fleeing serpent, before the guards cut off his escape as the others caught up!
  • Novo: Did you seriously think you can just swim away after all you've done?!
  • Backwater: Ugh, why bother with this fillery charade? I'll likely be exiled anyway, so just let me swim away. But this wasn't anything personal. I did what I did for the good of Seaquestria.
  • Twilight: The good, of Seaquestria? THE GOOD OF SEAQUESTRIA?! HAS THAT VENOM GONE INTO YOUR HEAD?! WHAT ABOUT US?!? Your actions sabotaged the hippogriffs and ponies. You almost destroyed my life and home!
  • Backwater: If it means Seaquestria was to keep it's true purpose, sacrifices have to be made.
  • Twilight: SACRIFICES?!? You HARM other races and kingdoms to protect your own?! That is NOT responsible! If anything, it feels, completely sociopathic!!! Your actions have caused Seaquestria to be... Sequestered, and that's NOT what the world of Equestria stands for. It stands for friendship!
  • Backwater: Do you think friendship fixes everything, princess? If so, then you're as dumb and childish as you look!
  • Icky: "Jokes on you, buddy, at least her "childish" looks allowed her to be child friendly and canon."
  • Backwater:.... I'm ignoring that for how onsensical it sounds. Here's what I mean by that, Princess of Friendship... (Sarcasticly) Good name, by the way. (Seriously) Life doesn't work that way. You can't expect your little friendship religion to be the dominant philosophy of the world. That's totalitarianism, just like the Storm Clan, (Everyone gasped), if except with a bit of zealousness to add more flavor! I mean, at least the Storm Clan know that they can't be able to rule the lands they conquered, so they just take what they want and leave! But you ponies? Even Jehovah's Witnesses are not THAT conversion happy!! Why, you people make baptist churches look humble about their beliefs! You can't force things on races and expect everyone in the world to sing Kumbiyah!
  • Pinkie: "To be fair, there is a lot less conflict in Equestria and beyond BECAUSE we were doing that thing you appearently don't like."
  • Backwater: I don't question the admittedly positive effects of your actions. IT'S THE PRINCIPALS I HAVE ISSUE WITH?! It's one thing to help a country out of any legitment bad decidtion it made or a bind it is in, or rid them of the ills of the world, like the Storm Clan per example, but it's another to spread your friendship religion like the other nations are hopeless without it?! Neighsay may've been offensive about trying to stop that school, but his reasons stem beyond his political criteria! He felt that your religion should be something exclusive to Equestria, and not exert itself into spreading like a fungal infection?! Life shouldn't be made to be all sunshine and rainbows?! That's not how life should be. Each country has their problems and we have ours. You shouldn't try and force country views on others. All you do is spread and corrupt with friendship and distract them from life. Your beloved religion loses sight of itself for this!
  • Backwater: CAN YOU BE SURE IF THAT'S WHAT THE ALICORN GODS HAD INTENDED?!? But even then.... It isn't like we can seriously ask them ourselves, can we, given their, deathly state?... Times have changed, Princess. The magic of friendship belongs to you ponies and nobody else. Did you honestly expect people to help you when their problems are far too important? Especially an idiot like Novo? All you did was help me give her a horrible reputation to even her violent sister. If anything, Nephostratus was overthrown because of you. (Twilight was shocked) By being foolish with your friendship mentality, you expect everything to play in your favor. It doesn't matter if you are the main race. That is selfish and sanctimonious. That makes you no different than-
  • Twilight: DON'T YOU DA-
  • Backwater: The Storm King! (Twilight was shocked along with everyone else)
  • Skystar: Oh no!
  • Backwater: So if you all want to disrespect the purpose of this kingdom, who am I to stop you? You don't need to exile me, because I'm leaving anyway. You're no longer worth my time! (He swims off as Twilight, angry, brews in dark magic and swam towards him)
  • Applejack: TWILIGHT, STOP!! (Twilight screamed after Backwater as he sighed and fought her back)
  • Backwater:... Are you finished? And by the by, it's rather improper for your religion to attack me like that, I- (Skystar punched him in the face)...
  • Backwater:..... (Backwater got angry, hissed aggressively, and tail-smacked Skystar into the reef, pushes and traps Twilight and Novo into the retreating security jellyfish still running from sea turtles and left)
  • Applejack: STOP!!
  • Icky: You think you can vamoose after the s*** you pulled?
  • Backwater: "If it helps, the subiquent events that would transpire since my little chat with Tidecaller about Corono's would've been earlier assendtion were not intended to happened! I assumed the Guardians would do their job and not be held back by weakness?! All of what had happened thereafter, was purely, a minor over-sight!"
  • Gazelle: "You can say that you never intended all of that to happen all you want, it doesn't exactly pardon your lack of true remorse for it! Tidecaller showed true remorse when he discovered that Novo wasn't fit to rule the Hippogriffs too late and lived in great regret, but you made him express it improperly! And what have you done? You only serve to tamper with both of their sense of self-worth! For you, it all may be a horrorable accsident, but you never disbenefited from it?!"
  • Icky: "Ehhh, that sounded like to me that you would've still f****d people over anyway once the Storm-heads are gone. But that's besides the point. Even if it was just dumb luck and you not being able to see into the future, ya still screwed people over, man. And here you are now, trying to f*** people over once again, with a motly crew of tainted ponies, plus a jackass and a retarded bull, and tried to get them into trying to steal a pearl sacred to your own people, AND the queen ya claimed to be legitimently sad for! Fact of the matter is, you're guilty of all of our problems, whether ya meant to or not."
  • Pinkie: AND hurting our friends?!? Ya lose extra points for that!
  • Backwater:... Yes. Because what's the point? You want me to leave Seaquestria alone? I will.
  • Tigress: And how do we know you'll keep your word? How do we know exiling you won't just free you to get even more enemies involved in your sceames?
  • Backwater: "You had no such qualms banishing Tidecaller."
  • Rarity: "Because at least he doesn't want anyone to be hurt and won't have much to gain from petty revenge! You on the other hoof? You're pretty much a smaller-scale Tirek! It perhaps won't take long for you to find another gulliable soul to play along with whatever devious plan you would cook up next?!"
  • Tigress: Either way, it is not your desteny to fight another day. We're still not letting you go.
  • Backwater: "Tch, oh? And what do you intend to do? Kill me? Doing so would muck up the nature of your friendship religion! Wouldn't the other nationalities be turned off by the ponies killing an old seapony veteran off, because he wasn't able to predict his initial actions having extreme consinquences? That I couldn't look into the future, like a soothsayer?!"
  • Lord Shen: "Oh make no mistake, serpent! Some threats to Equestria had died at times, and/or just as much, had this been any other world, you'd already be a bleeding hask, WAAAAAAAAY over there, STAINING THE WALL! But even if this wasn't Equestria, which mostly believes in gentler approuches, it is not a hero's way to just automaticly end a villain's life unless there's no choice or if not by their own hand! And grim as your particular actions are, death is ironicly too merciful for you! Besides, doing that would risk the likes of the villain leage reserecting you and welcoming you with open arms! You would instead be given a punishment so sevre and worthy of your crimes, you would be left BEGGING for a life's end!"
  • Backwater: "So what then? Am I gonna be thrown into Tartarus?"
  • Rainbow Dash: "Tempting, but that would risk you becoming buddies with the prisoners! We can't risk them having someone like you helping them out!"
  • Backwater laughed confidently!
  • Backwater: "(Smug smile) THEN WHAT, YOU SILLY MISFITS, DO YOU PLAN TO PUNISH ME WITH?! (Thunderclaps and the sound of a stormy sea was heard)."
  • Starlight: "Yeaaaaahhh, about that.... We didn't nessersarly say, WE, were gonna do it."
  • A shadow-loomed over Backwater, who turned and lost his confidence! He has seen a very scorned Aybisswish with Wavedancer and Queen Capri.
  • Queen Capri: ".... You failed to say that I couldn't help my niece out of those pirates that will be dealt with shortly. I mean, how else would you explain her sudden return?"
  • Backwater: "..... (Swam away very fast and very quickly away!)"
  • Po: "GET'IM?!"
  • The group charged on while Skystar tried to free the trapped and stung Twilight and Novo from the still panicing security jellyfish!
  • Skystar: (She tried to save them as she took the stings to get them out) AAAOOWWCH!!! AAAAHHHGH, THIS JELLYFISH STING LIKE STYX!!! AAAAHHGGHHH!!!!! IT SO WOULD'VE BEEN NICE IF SANDBAR AND SHORE WERE HERE TO HELP?!
  • Novo: Well, you saved us at least. And we'll get Sandbar here to calm the turtles and our security jellyfish down at a better convinence.
  • Twilight: You take care of her while I chase down Backwater.
  • Novo: No! Backwater sabotaged my life and I need my fair share of payback. So I'm going with you.
  • Twilight: "Novo, please! You were lucky that he didn't desided to use that snake venom he has against us!"
  • Novo: "That's actselly mainly because I keep an emergeny cure tonic in an event he does that. He knew doing that would be pointless."
  • Twilight: "..... You have a cure tonic?"
  • Novo: "Well come on, I did acknowledged that I have an enemy out of a snake-themed seapony, didn't I? Why else did you think he never long disposed of me like that by now?"
  • Twilight: ".... Huh. Kinda have to give ya props for that."
  • Novo: "As suppose that you'd assumed he just never thought of it? I mean, come on, he wasn't considered one of the seapony's best millaterry leaders just for the sake of it."
  • Twilight: "Besides the point! He's still dangerious in some other way! I don't want to risk Seaquestria's only ruler to whatever harm he would come up with!"
  • Novo: "But what good would hiding do if he ends being captured without any confrontions from me? He would still taunt me as a cowerd that hides behind others."
  • Twilight: "Novo, I-"
  • Novo: "Sparkle, don't go assuming that I have no acknowledgement of risks! Believe me, an old part of me is enturnally screaming at me for what I want to do, as well as, if I was still that me, I would've gladly waited until others resolved this, but know this! I, was pretty much amongst the first few people he ruined! I was the first he tarnished in a long domino effect of those he ruined! He ruined my sisterhood with Corono, he used Tidecaller against me, he ruined my life just as much he inadvertingly gave the Storm King an oppertunity to harm both of us! He just as much left me scarred as he did you! So don't you dare say that I can't get my justice personally because of formalities! What Backwater did, is BEYOND that! Did the formalities of being a princess, stopped you from standing up to any threat and trouble-maker before Backwater?"
  • Twilight:... No.
  • Novo: Well, now that you're ruler of Equestria-
  • Twilight: "But that was a fluke cause of the Cobrainians having-"
  • Novo: Proxy-Ruler, cause Celestia was VERY impressed on how you handled that Grogar brute without her at the time! Point is, it's time we both, as royals who have made identical mistakes, BECAUSE of Backwater, have him defeated together. He wronged both of us. He made us both look like sacrificial hypocrites! He nearly cost us everything! Now, he must pay for everything!
  • Skystar: And he did far worse including instigating worse events like your violent struggle against Aunt Corono! Manipulating Stepdad for his plans to separate land from sea! Getting Abysswish murdered! He scared me more than you ever were! I won't stand for it!
  • Novo: Okay, Silvy, tone it down. Point is, he's the one to blame for what happened to us in 2017. Now we have to end it... Together!
  • Twilight warmed up to the idea and agreed to it.
  • Gladmane: "Hey, what about us!? (The stucked trouble makers that were with Backwater are still seen held by the Jellyfish)!"
  • Neighsay: "ME ESPEICALLY?! On top of abandoning us like the snake he is, Backwater was the reason why those events transpired to cause the E.E.A.'s downfall?! I have just as much to gain in this as you all do?!"
  • Twilight: "Okay, one, Neighsay, I'll contend with you about a harsh truth about what your father did later, the rest of you, you did enough trouble for the day?!"
  • Svengallop: "Oh please don't tell me you're gonna get hissy about this whole affair, we wouldn't even BE here if it wasn't for him!"
  • Wind Rider: "Also, I know you would likely just throw us back into the Black Stallian Asylum anyway, but at least let us have a sweeter note to return to in putting that swimming asp in his place?!"
  • Gladmane: "Fair's fair, Miss Sparkle. Our part in this whole fiasco is ALSO Backwater's doing. He invited us after all. We would've still be in our previous arrangements if he had not brought us forth. And we're just as sour at him for being quick to, reconsider our engagement because of unforeseen consiquences."
  • McScam: "Yeah, nobody scams a scammer?!"
  • Novo: "..... Those are fair arguements...."
  • Twilight: ".... Okay, I'll let you creteins get involved. But not conventionally in letting you guys off the Jellyfish YET!"
  • Neighsay: "Beg your pardon?"

Area of Chase.

  • Backwater was seen giving the Misfits and others a littteral chase around.
  • Backwater: "Give up, you pretentious self-rightiousers, I will NOT be subugated to one of Aybsswishs' cruel and unsual punishment as a seaweedling?!"


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