Tamara E. Qonnors is an Alternate UUniversal Kreeron from Planet Mieber. She was a victim of the protests on Mieber that resulted in her parents' deaths due to the preasence of weapons in them and other protesters, implying the potaintional to cause a riot over mundane thngs that forced the enforcers to make the call to "sacrivice the few to save the many", where doing nothing would've resulted in deaths anyway, so it was a lose-lose situation for all. She was able to escape authorities quicker than her younger sister Hope. When she arrived too late to save her, she was convinced that they got her and executed her, not realising that the real idea was to place her in a high security orphanage. However, she discovers later that Tollund rescued her, and has since taken care of her. She had remained in the Underground for years until she ended up switching sides because, as the years passed, she discovered that the Mieberian Government might've been justified with their actions. Her best friend had been a drug addict who got in a lot of trouble due to his awful life and sour attitude, but when he ended up angering and picking a fight with an alcoholic who demanded a drink from him after spilling his last drink before being cut off, it ended with the alcoholic killing him with a gun. Angered with full relisation that "some freedoms aren't worth it", and finally having had enough, Tamara turned him into the authorities, and named herself a member of the Miberian Order Force, much to the betrayal and dismay of her sister. This caused a bitter argument between her and Tollund, and that she no longer cared looking like a traitor to the rebels, arguing that it's the rebels that betrayed socity, as she had been having second thoughts for years and was worried that her friend would get himself killed, and said proudly that her mind was made up and there was nothing he could do about it, right before threatening to call for backup. When word reached the Underground, Hope was broken-hearted and was now at the risk of General Glutus Maximus using this to his advantage. With her on their side, the MOF claimed over a dozen Underground districts as she was now agreeing how dangerous drugs, alcohol, and even swearing since a swear word was her best friend's last word, was dangerous. However, despite caring for her sister, she will not hesitate to arrest her even if she manages to save her life, which she did once. Tamara was considered one of the worst traitors in the Underground, and even Farre Killebrew declared that she be killed on sight, offering a large reward for her kill. But even with the bounty, the MOF, and sometimes even Hope, manage to keep her safe.


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