Tame Collar artwork

An exsample of a Tame Collar.

The Tame Collar was a concept for the movie which had an important role in early versions of the film Zootopia.

Original Role in the Film

Mandatory for all predators, tame collars were made to keep predators from acting out of aggression and potentially hurting prey animals by shocking them when they became enraged or overly emotional. Though animators and storyboard artists at Disney Animation Studios thought the collar would be a key plot point in the world of Zootopia, once they showed it to a select few at Pixar, they didn't enjoy the movie at all. They pointed out that, instead, they could get rid of the collars and put stereotypes in their place.


When a predator animal turns five years old, they would be thrown a party known as a 'taming party', a ceremony in which they are given their tame collar (it is unknown whether this party would be separate from their fifth birthday party). The child would see the ceremony as a "growing up" phase in their life, but the parents would know the darkness of what the collar actually represents. John Lasseter said that the taming party scene was possibly one of the darkest scenes that made it into the movie, and one that would touch people the most.

Reporposed role in the SAF series.

The deleted conspect of the movie is given new light. It's original role and useage is revisited, along with the pre-Bellwether villain who was suggested to be the original main villain, Swineton. The collars, and the original city Herbavoris is pretty much a darker mirror of what Zootopia was originally meant to be and is being used as a homage on how Zootopia as a movie has truely evovled from what would've basicly ended up being too dark for it's own good at best and needlessly mean-spirited at worse. Herbavoris is pretty much unpopular because of these collars, helped little by the fact Herbavoris as a city has an agressive police-state regine that restricts and controls predator's lives where local businesses basicly refused to do business either out of their own predjudices unfortunately and falsely encouraged by poor standerds or fearing scrutiny from it's anti-predator regine goverment. It helps little that preds have to resort going into the underworld just to have some form of making a living, with only in term makes the police state problems more extreme and harsh because of it. The collars were manufactoried by Herbavoris owned factories and companies, because outside businesses and others refused to have anything to do with the extreme city because of it's standerds and the useage of the collars alone. With obvious exception to Herbavoris, the collars are illegal elsewhere in the world of Zootopia, where even using one to just torture yourself like a masikist gets you landed for a long stay in prison. Senator Whyte at one point even considered using the tecknowagey behind the collars to make a chip-like tag to implant on Herbavores to keep them from rebeling, understanding the unethcial but effective power the collars had. Luckly, eventally, when White is finally stopped and removed, these worser tags will never see the light of day.

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