Tamvy I. Chryson is an Alternate UUniversal Lelan android from Planet Paradxus. She was once raised by the Secor, a race of black-colored grey aliens who were defeated by the Ombers, and then raised by the Ombers. She made friends with two Ombers, the parents of Stryke Cibarron, when they showed her the greatest kindness of any other Omber. But she was actually pretending to be their friend by using their kindness against them, so that when the time was right, she could betray them for what their kind did to her adopted home. She even allied with Paradxus' UUF top commander Commander Securicyzk and even became his girlfriend. But soon she succeeded by selling out Sir Hadron to the Ombers and getting him framed with a manipulated alliance with Boss Vavoss, the leader of the Aggressor Empire, and even spread lies about Hadron's race and Omber's race, all resulting in the assassination of Securicyzk on Planet Teinok, forcing her to rebuild him into a Spiderman Vulture-like cyborg, and eventually succeeded in betraying Stryke's parents by tricking their other friend Vector Trion, a celebrated officer and inventor, into granting her full access to Omber technology to ensure that the Ombers be safe in the fight between many sides. Then she sold this technological access to the Aggressor Empire and once again framed Hadron, and even Trion, getting him exiled when they fled their dimension. But when she found that the son of her 'friends' was saved from the chaos. She befriended Stryke's love interest Jadence Rho Meson, and when stakes were high enough, she finally betrays Cibarron and his team when they start to grow close to Hadron and realize that he was framed. But soon, after they defeat Commander Maad Bullus, Jadence takes the battle to Tamvy because her betrayal caused Stryke to break up with her, and she and Stryke find out what she did and became an android not too long ago just to improve her mind, and even tries hard to ensure that her plans for revenge are ruined. She is the AUU version of Rick and Morty Tamara.


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