Tangawizi is one of Shenzi's great ancestors who is famous for being considered to be the very first Pure Hyena in the UUniverses. She is wise, noble, confident, and trustworthy. When she was Mwongo's queen, she was considered a 'free spirit', even by her servents, and she always believed that hyenas should be in peace and philosophy.


Tangawizi used to be the queen of the Shadow Hyenas, a lawless race of hyenas with greedy, evil, and wicked hearts, with Mwongo as the king. Mwongo had always ignored her beliefs about peace and philosophy in their hyena kingdom, and routinely abuses her as well.

One day, she was banished from the Shadow Hyena kingdom after Mwongo felt like he could run his lawless dominance by himself. After her banishment, she overheard Mwongo's meeting about declaring war on all African animals large and small. Tangawizi decided to warn a close friend of hers when she was a pup. She went to a pride of lions where she met up with Makena the ruler of the Pride Lands during that time. She warns all the lions about Mwongo's strike, and everyone except Mohatu believed her. Malena had to have evidence if he was going to be sure ofthe strike. So Tangawizi swiped Mwongo's plans that were written on a rockplate by a hornbill, and returned to Makena. With Makena fully believing her, he decides to plan an attack on Mwongo's forces. However, Tangawizi warns him that Mwongo has stronger forces from the rest of his entire kingdom. But Makena thinks that hyenas can't be that hard to fight until he sees for himself. His lion battle platoon barely survives, and Makena manages to escape the raging battle. Realizing that the Shadow Hyenas are a bigger threat than he realizes, Makena decides to help Tangawizi find another Hyena Empire which is willing to help battle the Shadow Hyenas.

Tangawizi manages to find another Hyena Empire, which wasn't a real empire at all, but was just a race of Hyenas called 'Cloud Hyenas'. The Cloud Hyenas were ruled by a wise-cracking and rude but fair leader named Kucheka. Kucheka wasn't very interested in going to war, and instead asks for Tangawizi's marriage. However, his adviser, Ujasiri, convinces him to accept. Kucheka, while he did wish to help out, was a bit reluctant to be willing to risk his clearly well-trained warriors to battle an empire but Tangawizi convinces Kucheka that a blood battle may not be nessersary as the true problem lies on Mwongo.

4 days later, Mwongo was already advising his troops towards a rock formation that'll forever be named 'Pride Rock', but Mohatu and his lions stood in the way. Mwongo warns them not to interfere, but Makena, only humorously mocked him by calling him a puppy. Mwongo did not take that well, as his furiously charged at Mohatu, but Tangawizi magically appeared along with Kucheka, Ujasiri and some Hyena warriors with them, standing in Mwongo's way. Tangawizi challenges Mwongo while he just laughed at her, stating that she can't even beat a baby giraffe. He pounced on her but Tangawizi vanished then reappeared right behind Mwongo.

Mwongo, surprised, orders his troops to attack but his troops did not obey his command. One of the Shadow Hyena warriors, a friend of Tangawizi named Dalitso, secretly convinced every last Shadow Hyena that when the time is right that they stop obeying Mwongo, who in turn is angered by this and attempts to kill Tangawizi, who she was left with the choice to use a powerful light spell to destroy Mwongo in body but not spirit, cursing him to become a Shadow Demon which later ended up taken by the Friends on the other side, who were pleased with the addition of Mwongo's soul to their ranks. Afterwords, Tangawizi, now married to Kucheka, with Ujasiri and Dalitso as good friends, had first made peace with the Lions, which were under Makena's rule at the time, and the other animals followed. In the glory days of the peace of Africa, all creatures, even well known predators, lived in harmony and peace, with only bad individuals as regular problems, not hardly any of them were hyenas, as the normal breed was well controlled. These bad individuals were mainly wild dogs, male cheetahs, and even nomad lions can be a problem, but thankfully, each were either defeated or banished by the Pure Hyneas with help from Makena.

However, Tangawizi was getting visions of demonic forces that was invading worlds outside their own. Tangawizi was depressed by this only letting those close to her know about this: Kucheka, Ujasiri, and Dalitso. They believed her and even said she must inform Makena but Tangawizi refused, as back then, only wack-jobs speak of united worlds, and is afriad Makena won't believe her.

A year later, Makena was already married to the beautiful lioness, Subira, and had a cub, Yaa. Months later, Tangawizi was still relucent to talk about the visions she was getting, in fear of being declared insane. Finally, one day, Tangawizi finally decided to warn Makena, but was shocked to see that a large force of Darkspawn warriors was overwhelming Makena's forces. Makena tells Tangawizi to save his cub and wife, and Tangawizi entered the cave, only to find Subira being killed by a Darkspawn warrior, who fails to notice Yaa. Tangawizi carefully picked up Yaa, and runs off. Thankfully for Makena, Merlin and a powerful group of wizards vanquised all the darkspawn warriors. Tangawizi returns with Yaa safe, but says Subira was slaughtered by a Darkspawn warrior.

Makena was sad, but at least thanked Tangawizi for at least preserving his bloodline. Incredibly, when Tangawizi tells him that she had visions of this, Makena was cool with it, understanding the exsitence of other worlds, but askes Tangawizi to be more informitive. A few day afterwords, Tangawizi gave birth to Adjoa, which was destined to take over the position should Tangawizi eventally pass on. After she sadly did, those who played a role in her life, Ujasiri and Dalitso, also found mates of their own, and their offspring took over their positions after they passed on.

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