Taya Gellea Blast

Taya G. Blast is an Alternate UUniversal Hydran from Planet Uridia. She is what's called a 'Censen', or a person or alien with Cerwan's Mutation (A mutation common in AUU humans and rarely alien beings which allows them to evolve through their growth span) that have harnessed the phase powers of the Beofynzeny System's late home race, the Teadr 1 meta-powered Uridians. She and her twin sister Ierlith have inherited the same powers, being raised by a single mother who fled her species' home planet to explore their neglected views of technology, and after being murdered by Awesome Jaxtom's forces, the two of them became mercenaries who later become Vault Seekers after turning many tables on Jaxtom throughout the years, becoming mercenaries, Taya being waned for false godhood, extortion, witchcraft, and murder. However, she, her sister, and their VS comrades later get mind-controlled by Jaxtom and used to find Vaults for him so he can use them for his own corporate purposes, all under the watch of Commandant Steelea. She is an AUU parallel to Borderlands Maya (Siren) and has similar powers.


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As an amphibious being, Taya has the ability to breath in land and in water, specifically by opening and closing the gills on her neck. Though her race is technophobic, she is one of the beings who embrace it considering the setting she is in. She enjoys technology as much as the rest of the people in the system. She especially grew up with a versatile ability to use any of it with which she can find.

Because of her trading mercenary life, her arsenal is not specific, as she uses any and all forms of weaponry of the main manufacturing corporations in the system. She mainly carries a Huncus RHES-290 Recharging & Healing Energy Shield, and a Huncus ISD-1010 Infinite Storage Device which she uses for storage and protection. Huncus is her preferred weapon to use in combat as, like Ierlith, she feels that Armatage is not only overkill and was utterly plagiarizing to Huncus considering their past feud, but considers it disgraceful considering who's running it, thus she sells any Armatage gun she comes across. She uses a Huncus-manufactured Emulator Pad which she uses to determine her location, health, and anything else important, and she also uses several other Huncus-manufactured technology.

Her main power is the fact that she is a Censen. As a Censen, she uses the harnessed Uridian abilities and thus uses the races' phasepowers. Her strongest phasepower is Phaselock, or the ability to lock people in place through an energy bubble, as well as the ability to put up a force field called the Phasebubble, emits phaseblasts where she fires energy from her hands, the ability to screech like a Uridian for imtimidation, and she can pull an ability called a Phasegram, where she makes energetic duplicate of herself and fool enemies, and the duplicates have similar powers to her, yet for this to work, she has to cut her energy level down based on the amount of duplicates she creates, and she can make them do this at will, or make them ordinary duplicates.


  • "That was satisfying, huh?"
  • "(Laughs, then snorts)... Excuse me!"
  • "You should ALL be running...LIKE P*****S!"
  • "Fear me, bitches!"
  • "This is the power of a Censen!"
  • "You're powerless... You've ALWAYS been powerless... AND YOU WILL ALWAYS BE POWERLESS!!!"
  • "I love these goddamn powers!"
  • "Son of a..."
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