Team Positron

Team Positron

Team Positron is an Alternate UUniversal psychotic hero group who have hidden in shadows for years, and therefore are considered a myth. They have fought in many battles against the Villains Act, particularly starting with the villain that aided in their origin, Doctor Ogel. They have been one of the many independent heroes that have battled the Villains Act and have lived to tell the tale and keep their cover. Nobody has ever proved their existence, but what they do know about them is that they are just plain crazy and prone to chaotic destruction when fighting, and are said to be hiding on the desolated desert outback planet of Iircen, which was once owned by a defunct branch of Globex Industries that was using a potent energy source called Iircenium to revolutionize war labor until it was decommissioned following the Interuniversal War. Though the team has never been located here even to the greatest experts, they hide out in an isolated abandoned facility where they battle training robots twice a day to improve their skills. They also roam the desolated streets searching for things to fight, and resources to gain. Though they are unaware that hidden within the wastelands of the planet lays another evil in the form of a wronged businessman that wants them dead so they don't interfere in a revenge scheme against the Legion of Dominant Races, and later on a sorcerer specializing in the 'magic art of war' who was planning to conquer Iircen and remake it in his own image for AUU domination as he had control of literally every and all war machine and weapon in the AUU. There are 9 members in the team who each serve a single purpose and have different colorful personalities and mark their positions from Alpha to Iota. They are the AUU version of Team Fortress.


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Team Members

  1. Ace the Alpha- The tiger-lion-like leader of the team who, despite being a little bit military-tradition oriented since his battle with Doctor Ogel left him with a benign tumor that didn't change much of his personality.
  2. Barton the Beta- The team's monkey-like medic who uses his race's healing substance known as Xoa to heal teammates and give them temporary augmentations.
  3. Garron the Gamma- The team's ursine demolitions expert who is more dangerous in his explosives when intoxicated with alcohol.
  4. Demarcus the Delta- The team's primate engineer who was a victim of a deceased general that he killed, and later joined the team, giving them their resurrection generator for training purposes and preservation, teleporter pads, turrets, ammo terminals, and much more.
  5. Eliphalet the Epsilon- The team's leopard-like mustelid who was raised on a world with two moons and thus higher tidal effects. After suffering an accident, he became a pyromaniac who served well in the team.
  6. Zed the Zeta- The team's kangaroo-like sniper who formerly served in the Bounty Hunter Consortium until his tendency to leave little to none alive left him to join the team.
  7. Elowen the Eta- The team's female civet-like spy who is capable of becoming invisible, disguising herself as anyone through a holographic disguise, can deceive as much as she can seduce with her charm, and was one of the first members of the team.
  8. Taggart the Theta- The team's primate heavy ops who formerly worked as an agent for Doctor Ogel until being taken in by Ace into the team. He wields any heavy weapon available, including those that are commonly too heavy and powerful for any average person to wield.
  9. Iain the Iota- The team's canine fleet-footed scout who can run fairly fast, is a wise-cracking jokester, wields a baseball bat, various shotguns, can become very resilient, invincible, and vastly spazzy when drinking a long-recalled energy drink called 'Fizzybuster XXX'.


Since defeating Ogel, the team has been hiding away on the overlooked Australian world of Iircen, which has had a significance of business. They hide in an old and well-secluded high-tech ghost town, now renamed Positron Gully, that once sponsored several old businesses in the AUU's past, and it all belongs to the team for training. The ghost town is several acres large, what some would describe would be as big as an average open-world setting in one of the famous GTA-esque video games called Under the Law, which come in over 55 games focusing on lawless sectors and worlds all across the AUU, and is a game franchise the team plays in their spare time along many others. The large space and environmental variety allows the team to easily train through the various random-armed robots designed by Demarcus.

The ghost town itself has been modified by the team to fit their inhabitant needs. It has a hologram matrix developed by Demarcus, it has fabricators developed to synthesize anything through the right resources found or fix anything, it has good signals for OmniNet connections, there is a resurrection generator that allows any of the team who are killed to be resurrected instantly, there is an AI named 'Thlirissa' that automatically serves them and plans their schedules, they have good transportation like trains, and they can use digital synthesizers to create ammo terminals for them to summon either guns or ammo, new and desired guns requiring digital payment, they can teleport anywhere including outside of their hideout, though can only choose any place on Iircen through coordinates, and they can do various others.


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