Team Quseware is a team of gamers from Gamerene, the world of live gaming action. It was formed out of the grown friendship of Quse and Vyctor Ware after they made out with their differences thanks to some misfit birds. They have their own Gaming HQ in Quse's home of Crom City, where both their families live and train, eventually gaining some new friends along the way. Though there is a lot of members of this team which consists of both families, which include their wives and many children, but the children are selected to compete in events as a reward for training, and those who fail don't go.


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Members & Rivals


  • Quse- Co-leader and head of Hirsch Division.
  • Vyctor Ware- Co-leader and head of Ware Division.
  • Aellyce- Wife of Quse and second-in-command of Hirsch Division.
  • Kayelin- Wife of Vyctor and second-in-command of Ware Division.
  • Taeliah- Vehicle designer.
  • Augus- Weapons designer.
  • Brantom- Muscles.
  • Mirah- Cybernetic genius.

Rival Teams

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