Team Remena is a group of Neo-Zyaūar Masters from the Alternate UUniversal world of Remena, a world with a magic soul core that favored the old Zyaūar Masters to manifest it as a neverending energy called 'tense', harnessed by being in one's true mind and making it manifest as soul energy like psychic energy, and thus the warriors were named Espers and Esperesses and were all trained within academies of the top guardian guild known as Radiance, and protect the world from dark monsters called Grimaces, creatures of anonymity and is drawn to negativity. Consisting of color-coded teams and lead by Team RABO (Rainbow) which consists of Rewbeny Ravwen, her big sister Obower Yong Ravwen, a Feloot Empirid named Bella Blames, and the former heiress to a tense trading and manufacturing company named Aiess Schee, and consisting of the many allied teams of the kingdoms of the planet of Remena that separated by order of their academy headmasters as a result of the actions of Grimmess Occultra, consisting of 11 other teams: JACP (Jasper), JVCY (Jovacy), and CNES (Cinereous) of Aranasia, HOTP (Heliotrope) and IFRD (Infrared) of Meda, SMTN (Smitten) and MUVE (Mauve) of Cosma, and SMKE (Smoke) and UMBR (Umber) of Vigorasia.


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  • Rewbeny Ravwen- The crazy eccentric and easily hyper but prodigal Jeerien/"Celestial" hybrid and the "leader" of the team, if by proxy that she's the daughter of the leader of a powerful council mage, named Celestius Ravenna Ravwen, looked after by her uncle Blue-Eye Felox and father Taliwan Ravwen. She wields a scythe/sniper rifle hybrid and can turn into rose-like petals. (AUU Ruby Rose)
  • Obower Yong Ravwen- The older sister of Rewbeny who is a heavy hitter and an easily hotheaded combatant who has a cybernetic right arm after the destruction of their school. She wields two power gauntlets that fire kinetic energy of adjustable power levels, and can absorb kinetic energy and double her power with it. (AUU Yang Xiao Long)
  • Bella Blames- A feline Empirid who used to be part of the Sharp Fang until she quit and continues to face segregation like the rest of her kind. She wield a Katana that is also dual pistols and a grappling hook and can create shadow clones of herself. (AUU Blake Belladonna)
  • Aiess Schee- An easily-frustrated Satran who used to be the heiress of the Schee Tense Corporation but was robbed of this title by her stubborn father who only married her mother for her company name and legally stole it from her resulting in the controversies it has today, leaving to fight and uphold the name responsibly. She wields a revolver blaster fencing sword and has cryokinetic powers. (AUU Weiss Schnee)
  • Joman Arcter- A socially-awkward Barnity who snuck into the academy with no grades after his self-ego of his warrior name and cowardice robbed him of all chances and with help from a now deceased crush, learned how to stand up for himself. He has yet to find his tense ability and wields a sword and a shield-sword holster. (AUU Jaune Arc)
  • Pyrite Nikki- The sister of Joman's dead Barnity girlfriend Persia and inspiration who took her place to carry on where she left off. Like her sister, she has polarity tense abilities and thus can control magnetism, and she wields a shield and a straight katana/extendable spear/magnetic propulsion blasterbuss. However, should Persia ever turned out to be fine, Pyrtie would face a transfer to a new team. (AUU Pyrrha Nikos)
  • Chi Chen- A Chinese-like Sauran from a destroyed town who rescued a girl named Annora and became an Esper to honor his dead family. He has the ability to bend gravity and hide emotions with his tense and he wields adaptive automatic bayonetted blaster pistols that are also dual blades. (AUU Lie Ren)
  • Annora Valleys- An orphaned Jokedon and a very hyperactive and obnoxious fighter who has a crush on Chi. She wields a vibromallet-detonator launcher and can absorb energy of any kind. (AUU Nora Valkyrie)


  • Jojo Cever- A Ciminian and Aiess's love interest who is the no-nonsense and cunning leader of the team who wields a digital briefcase that's used to contain melee weapons, and functions as a shield and a minigun. He is a heavy supporter of the Mage Council and fears that being wrong to support them will turn him against everything and tries to haggle himself out by trying to end the true threat. (AUU Coco Adel)
  • Coxswain Gobblewock- A Raccox Empirid who plays tricks on his opponents. He is a jokester that helped guide Annora into the ways of her kind after her harsh childhood made her despondent. (AUU Fox Alistair)
  • VaVa Maines- A Gerimer Empirid who, despite being the target of bullying for her species, is not one to tolerate any bullying anymore thanks to a magic camera that allows her to holographically manifest the powers of those she takes pictures of. (AUU Velvet Scarlatina)
  • Yösh Towne- A Seodoh with a powerful armored arm and a very strong combatant. He is heavily against the Mage Council for their questionable decisions causing disagreements between him and Jojo. (AUU Yatsuhashi Daichi)


  • Crunk Princivan- A mean Augean and the team leader from a family of warriors who was kicked out of the other three Radiance Academies for being egotistical and overconfident and was previously expelled from the Academy for blackmailing Joman and after manipulation from Occultra because of this and getting his legs broken and fixed with cybernetics, Joman offered him a chance to redeem the chaos he let happen. He wields a powerful vibroclub that's also a ballistic cannon, and his prosthetic legs help reduce the effects of the recoil, and he has the ability to resist many forms of tense. (AUU Cardin Winchester)
  • Nusso Thrash- An Augean who used to be Crunk's best friend before his big mistake and is now his guide on the path of redemption. He wields two combat wands/daggers that can fire adaptive energy blasts of any kind, and he can fly for short periods of time and increase his speed, reflexes, and reaction time with his tense. (AUU Russel Thrush)
  • Eowell Frosh- A Cirion who is an agile combatant and yet overly cocky and extremely dim-witted. He wields an idiot-proof broadsword/double-barrel blasterbuss and can dumb down his opponents and make them easier to beat. (AUU Dove Bronzewing)
  • Skyber Lirke- A Morphoid who is the stealth master of the team and has heavy French-like accent. He wields an energy halberd/anti-tank rifle that can fire powerful adaptive energy projectiles and the energy blades and blasts can be manipulated by his tense ability of energy manipulation. (AUU Sky Lark)


  • Sobo Grade- A Gradan and the leader of the team who is a supportive friend to Bella after being discriminated after being confused for an Empirid. He wields a laser staff that can split into two nunchucks that fire laser blasts, and can create energetic clones of himself with his tense. (AUU Sun Wukong)
  • Nepiton Qochins- A Korbiquat who is Sobo's best friend who is ironically an aquaphobe, wielding a multi-setting blaster rifle/guandao/trident, and he can use his tense to manipulate electricity. (AUU Neptune Vasilias)
  • Mouren Moraquine- A scarlet-haired Ciminian who is a very powerful swordswoman who has a British-like accent that wields a fencing sword that's also an energy whip, a grappling hook, and a small minigun, and she can use her tense ability to teleport and turn invisible or intangible. (AUU Scarlet David)
  • Teviten Scorebleck- A Rezlian who possess a wickedly-large magic sword that can also channel energy and the elements, and he can use his tense ability to increase his strength and durability. (AUU Sage Ayana)


  • Mervyna McMuave- A Mephean who is the leader of the team who wields two magic bladed combat wands and she can create red crystal laserum and sprout surprise lasers with her tense. She is a very passionate and confident fighter who often comes off as cocky. (AUU Arslan Atlan)
  • Vikie Rushmore- An Anthribian who fights with a hoverboard that can split into two dual shielded and bayonetted blasters and can manipulate holograms and light with her tense. She is a tomboyish, overconfident, and 'cool' fighter whose constant love for competition mainly lands her in trouble. (AUU Reese Chloris)
  • Evensen Cheatham- A Cheathan who wields two dual assault rifles/tonfas and can frustrate opponents with his tense ability to make superpowered clones of himself. He is a sophisticated yet very eccentric-at-times jaguar/leopard-spotted humanoid who has a passion for combining the old with the new due to a family dispute. (AUU Nadir Shiko)
  • Uincent Vayce- A laser staff-wielding Gouxum who can split his staff into two combat wands and he can transform into pure plasma and fire plasmids from his hands. He is a Togruta-like being with a Scottish-like accent and an occasional drunk. (AUU Bolin Hori)


  • Hotsa Purpleplume- A Haelic who wields a crossbow/energy blade and is secretly a Censen and blends her phasepowers with her tense to create purple laserum/uridium crystals that are extremely adaptable. Born to a family of weapon manufacturers interested in creating Uridian weaponry when a Uridian asteroid struck the planet and being born with Cerwan's Mutation allowed her to harness Censen powers. (AUU Nebula Violette)
  • Octovion Portce- A Haelic and Hotsa's boyfriend who is also a Censen that wields magic extendable blades and uses a combination of tense and phasepowers to create omega-beam-like lasers. Though he is regal, he has intense anger issues and tends to snap when pushed off his limits. He became a Censen during a Bring Your Kid To Work Day as his father was the leading scientist for the project offered by Hotsa's parents but was a racist against Vellans, causing him to hate Vellans when they looked harshly at the family for it when the info was leaked. (AUU Octavia Ember)
  • Praxa Bellamy- A Brooklyn-accented Vellan who wields a double-headed spear that splits into two combat wands and uses her tense to generate pleasurable hallucinations before striking and charm tricks. She is a rude tomboy who has two adopted and biological lesbian mothers and has a bad habit of being rude and insensitive to people like Octovion for his family. (AUU Dew Gayl)
  • Telexa Bolt- A mute Aectoid who is a Censen after exposure to her leader and wields throwing knives. Aside from his natural psychokinetic powers, her tense allows her to mimic powers temporarily and yet has first-day knowledge of her phasepowers. She has an innocent Groot-like personality and is often naïve. (AUU Gwen Darcy)


  • Infrin Reddle- An Avatan who has a large thermal sword that can be split into two and is packed with dual guns each, and can manipulate fire with his tense ability. He has a bit of a twisted sense of trust because the world is so unpredictable that he doesn't know who to trust. Not even himself. (AUU Brawnz Ni)
  • Royin Ti- A Gryphoid who has magic claws and wields two magic buzzsaw blades that become chainsaw naginatas and vibrates his body with his tense and allows him near super-speed and quick dodging and illusional abilities, as well as occupying multiple spaces at a time. He is a proud and arrogant fighter who is always looking for a good challenge. (AUU Roy Stallion)
  • Frye Anshin- A Roenton who is resilient in using elemental weapons, can become invincible for a limited time with his tense, and despite being unable to fly, can fight just as well with a cybernetic jet pack. He is a pessimist who has a bad habit of belittling people who act mean or dumb, which is what cost him his wings from the beginning. (AUU Nolan Porfirio)
  • Dillice Gaelen- An Australian-like accented Chromodyte whose a good stealth master and sniper who wields a sniper rifle with a bayonet that functions as a boomerang that he guides with his telekinetic tense. He is a highly-sociable oddball who charms and likes to socialize and create the best life he can.... That is as long as your actselly apart of Remena. He flat out hates aliens. (AUU May Zedong)


  • Smoklin Broode- A Promenan who wears a black life-support suit and wields two multi-purpose guns that also function as swords and can teleport as smoke. (AUU Kobalt)
  • Maya Blunt-Grant- An android in mantis shape and posture and adopted daughter of a Vigorasian Mantran commander who is capable of digital manipulation and wields two bayonetted combat wands, although in being a robot she is also filled with buildt in arsonal like rockets and lazers she can shoot out her body. The wands are purely for show and uniformity. (AUU Penny)
  • Kevon Smike- A Battus Empirid who wields two tonfa that can extend into energy swords and fire blasts of energy. (AUU Ivori)
  • Eyra Skimmersault- A monkey-cat Empirid who wields hoverboots and her combat wand to skim across the battlefield and take opponents by surprise hit-and-run. (AUU Neon Katt)


  • Ue Shent- An Umber-skinned Japanese-like accented Augean who wields two shortstaffs that also function as blasters and can create black shields and he can reactively adapt temporarily with his tense ability. He is an extreme pessimist who gravely fears Grim magic because he believes it's the will of Outer Gods and hates how anything can be insignificant and trains his team too hard to prepare for the inevitable since his life was almost destroyed in front of him during the Fall of Dell Academy.
  • Mury Ferrarister- A black-furred brooding Russian-like accented Ferran that wields a combat axe that functions as a concussive blaster and he has a strong immunity to mental attacks and corruption with his tense. Because he has no recollection of his origin and believes he was never born and exists only to defend and claims to think like a Grimace.
  • Beryl Church- A tomboyish but extremely misunderstood Macorlean who wields energy flails and launch the balls as bombs of adjustable types and doesn't yet have her tense ability. The one thing she's afraid of is not just being turned against everything since she was almost so due to loving an Empirid, but becoming a Grim and unimportant. Although she didn't deside to join herself because she's mainly here because of a prank by her dick brother of having her drafted into the teams as a joke that went beyond the levels of acceptability.
  • Ruden Rudy Clinch- A worrisome yet brave (When it is convinent) Vocerkan who wields power gauntlets that fire adjustable blasts and wears magic-proof shoulder pads and not only has no tense ability, but looks up to Rewbeny's uncle because he fears being hated by the universe because he has a bad habit of being the butt of all jokes and his scratched body is reminders of that, mainly due to racial reputation, but he has shown that he is no longer going to stand being a joke. That being said, since he is actselly surprisingly relitively cowerdly for a Vocerkan considering what they're known for bravery in the wrong sense of the word, he's yet to even GET that far and causes Ue to question why he's even here, to which he replies beucase his parents put him in there for bragging rights.

Team Grimer/GRIM/TTSS

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  • Roswell- A Tamma and Rewbeny's boyfriend thought dead until following Azzhole's final defeat.
  • Pyrite- A Barnity and Persia's substitute during her brief "death".
  • Berilia
  • Kickstart

Allies & Enemies


  • Shell Lodge Squad- The otherdimensional heroes who ended the Villains Act and saved them from not just Occultra, but the true threat of Remena with aid from the native Heroes Act.
  • Heroes Act- The native heroes who help safeguard the AUU and keep villainy in check, usually with help from the Lodgers if the threat is serious enough.
  • The Remena Mage Council- The heads of magic for Remena that help protect it from villainy. Rewbeny's mother leads the Council, and she helped found the council long ago with 4 Seasonal Mages and four relics.
  • Aranasia- The headmistress of Radiance who is a multiply-reincarnated telepathic entity who has helped protect Remena since the age of the Zyaūar Masters.
  • Gwendya Goodspell- The Lebbin headmistress of the now-destroyed Dell Academy which 4 of the teams were educated. (AUU Glynda Goodwitch)
  • Mister Spirocco- A Velocotoid and a very quick and hyperactively eccentric former teacher for Dell Academy and Esper who teaches with his experiences in adventuring and takes flamboyant stride in teaching history for the benefit of the future. (AUU Doctor Oobleck)
  • Mister Portobello- A Veirbun and an eccentric British-like accented former teacher for Dell Academy who carries an axe/blunderbuss in battle. (AUU Professor Port)


  • Grimmess Occultra (Currently)- A triple-fang spider Empirid who became a Grimsister and the leader of all Grimace since the entire world shunned her and now seeks to destroy everything. (AUU Salem)
  • Tephra (Currently)- Occultra's illegitimate daughter who has become scarred and mute but extremely powerful since she destroyed the teams' academy. (AUU Cinder Fall)
  • Tirade (Currently)- The insane cackling adopted Skargon son of Occultra who takes pride in watching his enemies suffer. (AUU Tyrian)
  • Magedoc Hertzberg (Currently)- A Blord and a scientific/grimbrother magician who provides intel and technology, mixed with grimm, as well as resources, for Occultra. He was a former member of The Mage Council of Remena as the former representive of tecnomagic, but quit under reasons of rampent grim discrimination in thanks to the council's decidion to encourage it thanks to a particular member he did not like, named Magemaster Ura'nus Azzhole, a desendent of a ruthless family of Grimm Slayers. (AUU Doctor Watts)
  • Scorian (Currently)- A Creijud who has an impeccable resistance to magic and firearms, or attacks in general, and has attacks that negate the powers of his opponents, use it against them, or destroy them permanently. He can also increase his own power immensely through this. He especially believes the Council is evil since he holds Celestius responsible for the death of his wife Gretecen, when really she was lost due to a raid conducted by Azzhole independent of the Council's influence. Being particularly Grimaceized, he's pretty much like the big silent brute of the group whose actions literally speak louder than words. (AUU Hazel Rainart)
  • Adiom Taurkus (Currently)- The elitist snake-like Empirid Half-Grim and leader of the Sharp Fang, an Empirid/Grim organization that used to be a peaceful rights organization for Empirids and Grims alike until Adiom's leadership made them go from peaceful to violent, making them treated equal by fear. However, Adiom has grown beyond just waning Empirids and Grims to have rights to exterminate the world of discriminant non-Empirids and claim it as the new Empirid homeworld where Grim Magic is the accepted magic while other magic is the minority. (AUU Adam Taurus)
  • Ronam Tensewick- An Acrillisape crime boss who is at the top of organized crime in the public. He has adequate and impeccable self-defense and combat skills along his cane that functions as an multi-function gun. (AUU Roman Torchwick)
  • Sherby Pollyanna (Currently)- A Paradisoid who is a mute but very agile and quick combatant and minion/lover for Ronam. (AUU Neopolitan)
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