Team Scattergood

Team Scattergood

Team Scattergood is a team consisting of it's great founder Agent Ralph and consists of 5 other agents who serve as the main assisting characters of Omicron II. They are an elite group that Ralph founded ever since the Commando Beaver Taskforce rescued him from the Great Edge of Pixellania after the players defeated Viral Vi-tor. His skill and strength returning to him since Vi-tor's defeat, he founded Team Scattergood in order to defend Pixellania from new threats. They soon create their own flying headquarters that is easily capable of changing locations. This flying HQ serves as the hub of the second game, and the 5 other teammates serve as assisting characters.


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  • Ralph Scattergood- The noble leader of Team Scattergood who aids the team and the players in defeating Craborg.
  • Tiffany Shatner- The second-in-command of the team who shares a love triangle with Ralph and Alexus. She is a very serious girl who has hardly laughed, and only did so when hanging out with Ralph.
  • Alexus Xanthis- The blonde genius of the team who shares a love triangle with Ralph and Tiffany. She has a bubbly and enthusiastic personality, and has a personal love for fighting.
  • Ethan Oboler- The medic of the team who aids fallen allies in the battlefield. He will often provide nanomedicine for the player during firefights.
  • Nick Quine- A rookie of the team who is a dedicated geek. He collects trading virtual cards, plays video games, blogs, and is happy to give you something in return for a set of virtual cards.
  • Bryson Kickx- The demolitions expert of the team who wields heavy weapons and explosives. He is often a jokester who likes to make fun of those he kills, always cracking jokes when doing so.
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