Team Sonariath

Team Sonariath

Team Sonariath is an Alternate UUniversal group of supersoldiers created in the Globex Zurkules Program, which recruited over 168 failing rookies in several military circuits around the AUU to boost their worth and fight in the Interuniversal War. The recruits went through a 10-month virtual training program and eventually an augmentation procedure which a few people were unable to survive. 5 of the survivors, as well as a lucky one named Ithun, were chosen to participate in the Interuniversal War and the Villains Act later on. However, when an evil non-VA villain named Overmaster Blekaconaoma had managed to turn one of their own members, Zurkútar, against them and get their leader into a coma, the team had been struggling to survive on their hideout on Planet Klenamark.


Globex has always been revolutionizing the AUU with it's high-grade technology and it's various weapon programs. But after a fw short years following the violent Exo-Wars and the founding of the Infernus Rule, it had been falling into bankruptcy. Luckily, Globex was being regulated by the USRA. However, when it collapsed during the AUU Third Cartoonian War, Globex was on the verge of collapsing along with it. But warmongering was not yet halting since the Interuniversal War was at it's prime. Since the enemy had gained stronger forces, Globex was required and was funded well-enough by the descendants of those that had their technologies stolen by Globex's corrupt CEOs, as well as having to move in to work for them and grant them their technology the honest way, Globex was slowly starting to return to it's former glory. One of the many programs meant to boost the cause was the Zurkules Program, which was a small part of Globex's Project: Zurkules, which was meant to give birth to soldiers that had improved and enhanced skills. As a result, the Zurkules Program gained over 168 military recruits that were failing in their job due to either health problems or physical problems.

These 168 members came in many shapes and sizes, and had proudly joined for the good of their homes' safety. These recruits went through a 10-month virtual training program on the Planet Klenamark, the capital of augmentation technologies. The Virtual Training Environment had been able to adapt with the habits of each recruit, and put them through virtual teaching skills that boosted their knowledge of math, science, physics, reading, writing, and military tactics. It even allowed for gaming, holiday celebrations, and so on. The recruits have been improved fairly well after the first 9 months, some being better than others. Then the day finally came for the recruits to go through the augmentation procedures. Because these procedures were nearly dangerous and have yet to be improved, 24% of the recruits died during them. The rest were able to survive, and while most of them moved on to fight in their own worlds, the 5 valedictorians of the program had been chosen to be Klenamark's top fighters. And much to the shock of the scientists, one more recruit that was pronounced dead had been found to have survived, though with paralyzed body parts that required amputation and prosthetics. As a result, all 6 of these people had been chosen to battle in the Interuniversal War.

Once the Interuniversal War ended, these 6 have become Team Sonariath, being named after a military strategist. They had fought for Klenamerk for years under a classified protection, and when the Villains Act came into the picture, they were chosen to represent the battle against them. They had begun battling the Villains Act for over 4 years, so much so that they were recognized by every rebellion fighter in the AUU, but were thankfully covered up from the Villains Act. They had even stuck around following it's downfall. However, a year later, one of their greatest members, Zurkútar, had been forced by an independent and ominous villain named Overmaster Blekaconaoma to obey his orders under threat of executing his family. To ensure he doesn't secretly go behind his back, Bleka puts a mind-control implant on Zurkutar to forcefully make him go through with it against his will, and put the leader, Übernaught, into a coma. The rest of the team had since been watching over him until he woke up, which he still hasn't. When he does, things won't be looking up any time soon.


  1. Übernaught- A marsupial panther who is the leader of the team. He was made the leader because not only was he stronger than the others, but he was the valedictorian of the Zurkules Program. He was briefly put into a coma by Zurkutar and since then, Nanonaught has been leading the team until he should wake up.
  2. Nanonaught- A lemur-like raccoon who was fascinated with nanotechnology. She was put into the Zurkules Program because of her custom nano-armor which she still wears, giving her some medical aid and nanobot weaponry. She took over as leader of the team when Übernaught was put in a coma.
  3. Cybersoldier- A cyborg lemur-like creature who was the lucky survivor of a horrible death during the Zurkules Program's augmentation procedures. While it may not have killed him, it paralyzed part of his body, needing to be amputated and replaced. He has enhanced strength thanks to these prosthetics, and he is a very good tactician.
  4. Genepool- A presimian primate who was recruited into the Zurkules Program looking for his chance to become the next greatest supersoldier. The augmentation procedures seemed to boost his neurological makeup to the point where he was not mentally stable and cracked with jokes, and occasionally shattered the fourth wall. He is like the AUU version of Deadpool.
  5. Psioniac- An amphibious telepath who was recruited by the Zurkules Program to carry on his dead supersoldier father's legacy. Though he was born after his father's enhancement, he only inherited a small amount of his enhancements and he would be the test subject for a greater-engineered augmentation serum that mysteriously gave him psionic powers. He can use this ability to communicate with his allies at great distance, and he is a very skilled acrobat and combatant.
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