The Lodgers and Heroes Act are gridlocked into another world that is shared by two best friends and pending couple in the USRA and UIS, the Haelic Councilor Venux and the Earren Councilor Neves. They reside on a planet called Tequesta, where the two are rivals for making the best battle technology for the future of the AUU, and yet their relationship is still in a gray area. Turns out a war started because of holy grails of technology being unavailable and unintroduced, being conshived as being for greedy, selfish, or stubborn reasons, causing people to stand up against them and steal all of it so they can be introduced, unaware that most of them are too dangerous and risky, meaning that the tec was denied introduction for safety and caution reaons, and the people who exposed this new tec end up learning this too late as the pillfered tec proceeded fuzed into them biologically and corrupted them into mindless borg zombies, or at the least if they are able to resist the poccession, simply just become worser versons of themselves. One of the worst of these now pocessed renegades is a Spidirition named Ovarnstrom, who in thanks of being enfused to more of these devices then already, has managed to control the borg zombies, and now aims to accelerate their victory by using weaponized nanotechnology to reshape the world into his image, purging any who hid this technology away in trying to prevent this to begin with, while watching it's defense forces with a double agent Ciric named Xander Simplair. Thanks to Xander, they have learned that Newelan scientist Doctor Kolokowsky and his Sub-Omnican assistant Calibran have developed a brain-mainframe interface capable of connecting people's minds into a mech as if it was their own body, dubbed a mindframe, and is choosing 5 candidates to test it. When Ovarnstrom kidnaps all five recruits: a Jouron straightman cyborg named Juliro Chazer, an eccentric and immature Cheathan girl named Catentea Close, a level-headed non-Usuablothian-speaking Boldan Jain Iiina, a serious strict disciplinarian Auja named Alanya Shiftehr, and a brooding and often violent Haelic named Nickana Interiores, the Lodgers and Heroes Act go and rescue them by having them accidentally switch into their mech bodies. But their real bodies go missing and they have no idea how to switch back. Thus with the help of their commanders, a Haelic named Commodore Lygne and Satran named Commander Whyle, Juliro's girlfriend and mech trainer Jeoqon Miriam Cost, their wisecracking Larmur mech mechanic Cracky, and their other two trainers and Opigoid brothers Apris and Utley, the heroes must stop the war and Ovarnstrom before he goes too far.

(Ovarnstrom's OvarnStorm, but with four legs, Lost Tank Drone, but with a redesigned head, Lost Walk Drone, only replace legs with wirey tenticles)

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