Techno Tarold

Dr. Tarold Fred Tenma, AKA Techno Tarold

Dr. Tarold F. Tenma, AKA Techno Tarold, was an Alternate UUniversal Clatam from Planet Zirciania. He was a cyberneticist scientist and owner of Techma Corps. and was an undercover Villains Act scientist who provided the Villains Act with cyborg weapons, including his most powerful one: The Aluminite Prototype. He soon got stopped and injured, and was forced to steal the prototype back and injure his own daughter, Telthona, in order to use it to become a more powerful supervillain to get revenge for the loss of his company until he was stopped once again by his daughter, who was now a cyborg, and was killed by his traitorous colleague, Reptilious, by falling into a vat of molten silver. He had an assistant named Matrix, who was locked up afterwards.


Tarold was born on the very end of the Interuniversal War, and was raised by his aunt and uncle after his biological parents disappeared on him mysteriously, never to be seen again. Tarold grew up fascinated with science. In fact, it was actually in his blood, for his father was a scientist for Globex. He won 2 science fairs in school, and he had an A+ in a robotics class and electronics. Then at the age of 18, he started forming a relationship with a female Clatta named Carline, who seemed to be a kindred spirit to him. They both enjoyed science, but Carline wasn't the best, getting a B- in electronics and robotics. While tutoring her, Tarold and Carline started to fall in love with each other. Their relationship sky-rocketed, and got married immediately after graduation. The two went to the same college, waiting to have a child once they get their diplomas. Once they did, and Carline became pregnant, Tarold began to get funds to make himself his own company, Techma Corps, which specialized in robotic, electronic, and cybernetic technologies. They had been a very good couple once their daughter, Telthona, was finally born.

They both had troubles raising a child and owning a company. But unfortunately, the company was slowly going bankrupt. Tarold had to find something to raise money to save the company. Despite Carline's many suggestions, Tarold thought they wouldn't even work. That is until he found a way to make $500,000. However, this wasn't the perfect source to look at. The reward was offered by the early Villains Act empire on Peerbon by one of it's leaders, Master Bross, who is actually a lesser-known villain, but very rich. Tarold was willing to offer them some of his technology despite the fact that they were not very trustworthy. But judging by how his company was on a tightrope, he decided it's worth the risk. He never lets Carline, or even his 6-year-old daughter know. He has provided some of his technology to the empire as it was building up. In fact, his technology made them more powerful. But his last attempted advancement he was attempting to offer was his Aluminite Prototype, a cybernetic suit of armor made from aluminum and equipped with laser cannons. Carline was starting to get suspicious at his husband's behavior, too.

Once he was this close to finishing his prototype, a worker at his company discovered his deal with the Villains Act by complete accident, and went out to warn the HPA. 5 days later, the HPA came in and attempted to fire Tarold for his involvement, and shut down his project and his company. Desperate for his life's work, he holds the agents at gunpoint trying to stop them. But unfortunately, he was knocked into various poisonous substances that affect part of his body, rendering him unable to move, and allow the humans to take him to a Zircianian prison, cancelling his project, and attempting to shut his company down. But Carline was watching all this, and she tells them she will run the company fine without her husband. They agree, and they tell her to keep the Aluminite Prototype in lockdown. Tarold was sent to prison, and had his poisoned body parts amputated, and replaced with basic cybernetics. There, he has been locked up for over 11 years until Bross ordered a jailbreak. They broke him out of the prison, and offered him a job in the Villains Act's new prime company, Corruption Co.. He accepted, but he decided that he wanted revenge on the Federations for taking away his company and ruining his life. He infiltrated the company after applying internship in Corruption Co., and broke into the vault that contained the Aluminite Prototype and it's blueprints. But he was suddenly spotted by his own daughter, who had grown up at age 17. When he recognized her, he had no choice but to kill her, despite the fact that she was his daughter. Her body was partially-destroyed due to an explosive barrel being shot. Carline was shocked by her daughter's fate, and had decided to repair her body the best way she could, bringing her back to life as a cyborg.

Meanwhile, Tarold had thought his daughter was surely dead, but couldn't handle the fact that he had to hurt her. But he had to look on the bright side of things, and not let the past get in the way. He put on the prototype he stole, and he was named Techno Tarold. For over a year, he trained himself with this new device, and by the time he was finished, he was an excellent fighting machine. He was then ordered by Bross, Darkness Qui, and Bloggle the Ancient to use his technology for the benefit of their rule. So with help from Bloggle's Starbot blueprints, he was able to make a new kind of Starbot that was fitted with the Aluminite Prototype. This was all done in just one year, and he spent the next year mass-producing it. But just when he was about ready to introduce them, he discovered that his daughter was still alive, and has been tracking him down ever since she was injured. Despite how much security he put on his lab, Telthona, then recognized as 'Telthonatron', was able to reach her father, and says that her mother told her everything about what her father had done. Tarold, instead of fighting, had her trapped in an energy barrier because he didn't want to feel the pain of hurting his daughter again. His assistant, Matrix, who was Bross' cousin who installed his security system and has accompanied him for a while, guards Telthona while Tarold started his plan. But Telthona was able to escape thanks to Tarold's traitorous colleague, Reptilious, incapacitate Matrix, and fight her father despite her reluctance and hesitance to do so. Nevertheless, they fought, though not physically. Tarold was starting to win, and tried to have Matrix kill her. But Reptilious was able to knock Tarold straight into a vat of molten silver where he died. Telthona and Reptilious had Matrix turned in and self-destructed Tarold's lab, and save the day. Since then, Telthona has, for lack of a better term, had some small daddy issues.

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