Ever since Leader of the Leage!, Teen Mang has become defient! With the Japperwocky and even Chrysalis insisting that it's for the good of the leage, Teen Mang has challnaged Junjie into a battle, and lost. Mirage and the council have pronounced Teen Mang's ture and ultimate and yet most painful commupence ever: Expulsion and banishment from the Villain Leage forever. With Teen Mang now and forever casted out of the villain leage, the Dark Dragon Scourge Empire's own Mercurymon, who now knows well of Junjie's and Etemon's trecherious conspirity back when he tried to joined the Villain Leage, sees Mang and Teen Mang's misfortune as an oppertunity to destroy the Villain League for what they did to him with full approveal of the Dark Dragon. Soothsayer sensing this, realises that Junjie's unfair asention is gonna get worse, cause following the Villain Leage's downfall, the Scourge Empire will become even more powerful, converting all leagers into Scourge Imperials, and eventally, use Mirage's magic to free Makuta! The Lougers and The Kung Fu Council, Master Chao most of all, reluctently, and Tyro's still sleeping spirit through the Soothsayer's summons, must get Teen Mang and Original Mang to become good, even more reluctently, help them save the leage from becoming Imperials even when they had rejected them harshly, and prevent the Mukuta's return! Junjie's rule as leage leader is just about to get a rocky start.

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