Tephra Fällin Pyroclast (In severe damage form)

Tephra F. Pyroclast is an Alternate UUniversal Empirid Hybrid from Planet Remena. She was a bastard daughter born out of an affair between Grimmess Occultra and a Aractnid person rapist whom was punished swiftly, yet found great use for her daughter, whom she sent to the Radiance Academy in Aranasia in order to steal the power of the last of 4 Seasonal Mages, The Fall Mage, and the final relic that can only be found her, and she succeeded in stealing all her power until the murder of many including the boyfriend of Rewbeny Ravwen, the leader of Team RABO, caused her to unleash a legendary heritage ability to horribly disfigure her left face and take her left eye and permanently destroyed her ability to speak, when she actually used a Grim magic spell that bypasses any effect of an attack and yet cause an illusion that it happened and the illusion can only be cancelled out by the user. Thus she communicates through fear and psychic pain. Her mother coinside with the Graggarocker race to achieve a huge game plan, but would it ultamately be a pointless venture when outsiders come to interfear? She is the AUU version of RWBY Cinder, and had her own Emerald and Mercury in the form of a Raun named Berilia capable of creating illusions, and a cyber-legged Kepellan whose prosthetic legs give him pulse-propelled kicks and multi-jump capabilities named Kickstart, who both seemingly died in the destruction of the school.


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