"Once more, never send a monkey to do a Yateron's Job."

Terminus A. Giugen is an anti-UIS nut Yateron and the mentor of Worm McSinep, the brother of Prophet Yamac Giugen, the icon of UIS hate, having been refered to as "The Kraan of the USRA" and the madman ruiner of the isolated planet of Mactor. Initionally, he came to the planet for peaceful intentions and wanted to assend the Matids into Teadr 1 assendsion, but not for noble goals, but for the aim of proven himself a better prohect canidate then his brother, along with the aims of encouraging the ruling race to want to become USRA bound so to revive the USRA allience as a bonus AND to have beings and animals to "Inhered the Planet", which is basicly the Matid term for the species deemed the faverite to be the co-ruling spieces of the planet. However, in thanks to a Zhaerthis Ambassitor, the Matids have refused Terminus' aid, stopped themselves in several teadrs off of his planned level, and made insects the inhereditors of the planet, meaning that anything not a bug or anthropod orianted, is subserivent to bugs and other antropods. Terminus was furious at the insult and indiginity of losing out on finally being the superior of his brother he deluded himself into thinking and cohersed the non-bugs into obeying his horrendus command of genosiding the Mactids and the Bugs, of which the bugs had nobly fought back, but Terminus had adopted powerful magic that allowed his forces to still do harm to the Mactids, up to slaying the adopted Mactid parents of Aei, the fiend and his accomplishes desiding to turn Aei into a hybrided freak with bug features to be turned into a weapon against the Mactids and deluded her with false memories of bugs being the usurpers and made her believe that what occured with her was there fault, turning Aei into their perfect monster, while the Sage Wistomus and the reminant Mactids had aimed to correct Terminus' injustice and that of his bumbling ape sidekick, Toshi. His magic comes from the gem where his 3rd eye was once present, before an unrelated insodent with a bad run-in with a Vyran costed him that eye because he boasted about Yaterons winning the war against Vyrans as if it was pre-ordained. He has several identities. He was known as the original bug that caused the Apocalypse in his lies named Termor, and later his best friend and assistant Termini, as a cover. He also disguised his acolytes as the 'Bug Raiders', but only one bug is in his ranks, Ravinger, which was his attempt to corrupt bugs slowly. But this ends up being part of his downfall.
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