Terramar (Image by sonofaskywalker)

Terramar is an Equestrian pure hippogriff who appears in the MLP Season 8 episode Surf and/or Turf as the nephew of Queen Novo and brother of Silverstream. He is a young hippogriff whom The Cutie Mark Crusaders help figure out where he belongs with family members on Mt. Aris as well as Seapony relatives in Seaquestria, though he can’t decide where to live and the CMCs are so taken with both places, they can't decide either. Voiced by Cole Howard (Android 17 in DBZ Kai).

Role in the series

It's revealed that in the series, Terramar has an additional sister named Tang, who has short-term memory loss problems. Thanks to this relationship, Terramar's magic ability is to enhance memories.


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