Thaddeus P. Cogg, AKA Thaddeus the Toymaker, is a fictional Superior Uganda mangabey who was published in Kratos' XD Comix. He is a former toy inventor who was well-known by The Stand-Lone Kidz, but not as much as the Challenger Children. But since the unexplained death of some agents of the Kratosian FBI, some rumors have went around that he has been committing acts of evil with the toys he makes. Of course, nobody, not even the authorities, believed them. Some have even been sent to insane asylums because of these claims. But the Stand-Lone Kidz, at first not believing these claims, find something off with a crime scene where a kid is blamed for the murder of a babysitter, which they find that the design of the toy he kept didn't match the toy's original design, and comes alive to try and kill the kids. They eventually find out that Thaddeus has implanted a special military chip in millions of toys all over Kratos, and has made a satellite to turn all the toys into invading killing machines that overwhelm even the Stand-Lone Kidz and the Challenger Children. Thaddeus was intending to use these toys to enslave all of Kratos after it attempted to shut down his company for stealing designs from other toys. He had all the FBI agents killed by his Sentinel-like toy robots called Sentries, relocated his company, and plotted to take over Kratos. Fortunately, the Stand-Lone Kidz and Challenger Children are able to shut down his toy machines, confront Thaddeus, and send him to jail. However, he escapes several times, plotting more schemes, making more menacing toy machines, bringing more upgrades to his Sentries, and even got his hands on a reality-manipulating energy to turn Kratos into a dystopian world where he was never stopped, his Sentries were unstoppable, and he rules with his stronger and unstoppable toy army. Thaddeus is a very tomboyish toymaker, and was considered the most creative of them all. He has some cranky moments sometimes, and he is has a very insulting personality. He has armies of not just Sentries, but other kinds of toy machines. Behind Youthenasia, he's the second most controversial and dark villain of the Stand-Lone series because of the fact he was willing to commit murder. The original issue where he killed was edited out in the children's version, and replaced with his victims being so publicly humiliated, they were fired from the FBI. Also, while the Sentries are his only henchmen and kidnappers of children for elf-like slaves (Especially since the children's version was made on Christmas) and are 30% sillier and 70% rough (but not violent), the non-Sentry toys are meant to make sure the children are obeying Thaddeus. His powers include super-strength, super-mentality, telekinesis, merging, psychometry, and heat vision.


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