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The AUU Currency Troupe Symbol

The Alternate United Universal Currency Troupe, or just the Currency Trope in the AUU itself, is the Alternate UUniverses' most powerful and influential banking system, being founded in 493 AD by the United Sentient Races Alliance on Planet Inorbon by business tycoon Chairman Krine Weber. It is the AUU's source of currency, money, and economic powers. It catalogs and keeps banking accounts and stores money for use, and commands Inorbon's many trade routes. The Troupe is under control of the Qarrow family, currently by Chairman Inin Qarrow. It was temporarily controlled by the Villains Act for economic power and riches, but after it's downfall, the Qarrow family regained control of it. In less than 2 years, the Troupe went back to it's former glory, and continued to provide money to all of the AUU. (Pictures of coins, dollars, and other currency coming soon...)


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Currency Systems


AUUCT Coin Gallery

Since each world has different forms of currency, whether it's gold, paper money, or precious gems, the AUU Currency Troupe was able to create a special kind of system to measure them. The main currency is dollars and coins like in the Original UUniverses, but there is an extra unit called Millites, which measure $1 million. The symbols of AUU currency are much different than that of the Original UUniverses. The common AUU dollar sign is a 3-shaped S with 3 lines going down. The common AUU cents sign is an O with 3 lines going across the left side. There are a lot more coins and dollars in the AUU such as:

  • Pennit- 1 cent.
  • Uscet- 2 cents.
  • Gemret- 5 cents.
  • Diret- 10 cents.
  • Resit- 20 cents.
  • Ammit- 25 cents.
  • Roulit- 50 cents.

AUU Dollar Gallery

Dollars are also different as there are much more of them, and like with US dollars, they have historical figures on them. There are $1 bills with Master Garade Ascraeus on it, $2 bills with Master Mone Ortinuss, $5 bills with Emperor Trode RuMorax, $10 bills with Master Yon Vincoweh, $15 bills with Emperor Zimber Fu Tuge, $20 bills with Lord Arzen MaKallam, $25 bills with Baron Blixter Cobalt, $50 bills with King Artux Insemna, $75 bills for Emperor Cryxax Mobius, $100 bills for Master Mirok Hubbles, $150 bills for Baron Teekir Ail Schluter, $200 bills for Prophet Ixes Pyboreas, and the rarest of them being $500 bills with Arbasus Kraan. Millites are just as rare as the $500 bills, and often come in coins made of pure diamond called Diamillons. But while most of the AUU's currency is dollars, there are over a dozen precious stones and gems that have been measured. These substances can either come in it's basic crystal form, or come inside coins for lighter mobility. Such examples of these precious substances include:

  • Illuminum- $50.00- A glowing iridescent gem that gains more illumination in the presence of sunlight, and is useful in absorbing energy. It has no coin version.
  • Cryptospirene- $150.55- A radioactive blue-green gem that is only found on the Planet Yaton (Offictailly). This gem is what allowed the Yatorans to evolve and grow more intelligent, and it makes an excellent energy source, being used in various Yatoran batteries and power cells. This crystal, because of it's common appliance, is not that valued, and is actually illegal to sell in certain worlds. Those worlds that do allow it to be sold make this crystal worth more than 150 dollars in the AUU Currency Troupe. It does not have a coin version.
  • Magnetanium- $200- A magnetic substance that is commonly known for creating the flying islands on certain worlds. They are researched for their capabilities, and are only valued 200 dollars by the Troupe. Since these are not considered as much in currency, they don't have a coin version.
  • Prismum- $700.39- While not worth a lot, this dull-white gem is noted for it's pure light-producing capabilities, making it look rainbow-ish in sunlight. Their zinc coins are called Prismites.
  • Aurorium- $1,000- A very valued fluorescent gem common across the AUU, formed in plasma geysers and protoplanets. In the Troupe, this gem often comes either in it's basic form or in nickel coins called Aurorites.
  • Auroris- $2,000- A very valued variant of Aurorium found on Planet Auscora in rock formations and volcanoes, and is part of the planet's currency, and in the Troupe as Premium Aurorites.
  • Scintillum- $4,000- A colorless white gemstone which is formed in volcanic wet caverns of certain worlds. They are luminous gems that are as glimmering as diamonds, yet are worth less due to them being easy to break. Their platinum coins are called Scintims.
  • Lumoglite- $4,000.50- A yellow-orange gem commonly found on Planet Goaeclite. While ordinarily used in jewelry and display, it is worth a lot in the Troupe, and their copper coins are called Lumoglits.
  • Glonium- $5,000- A rare and valuable blue astro-gem which is mainly found in the rocky rings of certain planets like Beyuturn, and are retrieved through astro-mining, and is one of the most common forms of currency. Their mercury coins are called Glonites.
  • Lustite- $9,000- A purple gemstone which is common on several worlds. They are commonly found inside hot caves and lava patches, and are not just used in currency, but also for jewelry and display. Their silver coins are called Lustits.
  • Astronium- $10,000- A fluorescent-green crystal which are commonly found in asteroid belts, and are one of the rarest substances in the AUU. In the AUU community, these stones are used in jewelry, embedded display on buildings, and laser-lenses. Their copper coins are called Astrums.
  • Laserum- $10,000.50- A fluorescent red gem which is named after it's usefulness and massive concentration of hydrogen. They are mainly used as laser lenses in several worlds and is also the greatest and most popular in jewelry. They can mainly be found in asteroid belts and are often mined. They are also worth a lot in the AUU Currency Troupe. They don't come in coins because of their most-common appliance in laser weapons.
  • Plasmum- $100,050- A glowing multicolored gem holding massive amounts of hydrogen and helium, making it useful in plasma weaponry or as glowing jewelry.
  • Zamphyre- $10,500.77- A dark-orange gem which is a variant of topaz. They are commonly found in volcanoes or underground fertile caverns. They are commonly used in jewelry and for display, and are sometimes used in electronics. Their bronze coins are called Zamphites.
  • Vulcanium- $12,000- A rare red amethyst-like ultraviolet gemstone which forms in volcanoes. They come in basic or inside platinum coins called Vulcites.
  • Vulcanysta- $12,000.52- A rare variant of Vulcanium commonly found on the Planet Titanmorna, being part of it's currency and was momentarily traded with black markets across the AUU. But when the planet was taken over by the Daobassas, it ironically halted the black market trades, and with nobody to preserve these trades, the black market had eventually been busted and was forced to give up all Vulcanysta gems. These confiscated gems were then made part of the Troupe in Premium Vulcites.
  • Frothum- $14,500.13- A turquoise gemstone which looks like popcorn or foam because it is mainly found in heated geothermal valleys across the AUU where there is carbon, oxygen, nitrogen, and manganese. They often form much easier underwater, and that's why they are commonly found on ocean planets. They don't come in coins because they are not easy to carve.
  • Cryonite- $15,000- A white-to-cyan-colored crystal which is a variant of diamond that is commonly found on tundrous/icy worlds. This is a very common form of currency, and are used in jewelry as much as their diamond variants are. Their platinum coins are called Cryoins.
  • Valkyrium- $20,000- The most common lava gem of the Planet Goffux. Like most of it's lava gems, it's much harder than diamonds, and therefore is worth a lot in money. Their iron coins are called Valkars.
  • Coruscite- $60,000- A red-violet gem that is commonly formed in volcanic activity. They are found on most planets with volcanic patches and geothermal valleys. Patches of these gems are very rare, and the gems themselves can be found and can often lead to more of them. Their silver coins are called Coruscits.
  • Gasphite- $500,000- A diamond-like crystal gem that is found and formed on the gas giant of Maswuiter. These gems are formed as the result of a combination of the extreme pressures present in the gas giant, pressures great enough to crush elements together, and the scraping of the liquefied air of the planet against its metallic core. The result is a diamond-like crystal which the AUU Currency Troupe valued a lot. Their platinum coins are called Gasphars.
  • Rarium- $100,000,000- A rare indigo-colored gem which is common around many worlds across the AUU, and is the most expensive jewel that can be found. They are often smuggled and traded across the AUU, and are often stolen by space pirates for this massive value of 100 millites. They are often found in volcanic grounds and caves and geothermal valleys. They are much better known in their base form, and have no coin.

Different currencies means that there must be a way to measure them in common currency. That's why, following the discovery of the Original UUniverses, the High Council decreed that an Original UUniversal dollar equals $1.49. Basically, the money system of the AUU is almost similar to ours.