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The All-Mother

The All-Mother is an extremely high-level Outer God that is literally the mother of all Outer God races. Her creations are extensive, including but not limited to The Amoral Ones, Multiverse Creators, The Verse Scrappers, Multiverse Recyclers, and The Preservers, self-explanatory name. Though they shared the same All-Mother, these and other Outer Gods have no other greater relation than that and do their assigned purpose, and even bring forth Outer God creations of their own, which subsequently those creations of her creations qualify as grandchildren to the All-Mother. The All Mother is the ultimate cosmic symbol of the balance between good and evil, possessing a beautiful core of wing-like tapestries that trap positive energy around itself, being the symbol that good and evil must be kept in balance in how it is defined and seen fit by multiverses, which in a smaller definition are a handful of a thousand, million, billion, trillion, or more universes from the greater true multiverse for territorial purposes. The All-Mother is drastically of greater size than all multiverses and often bigger than even the biggest Outer God available. That is why she must interact with the multiverses in a smaller avatar, often including the size of a floating disk of energy, or particularly an in-realm avatar that resembles a cat which, though more compact, still possesses her great powers. She is also renowned as all the proposals of SCP-001, with some exceptions. In Equinox culture, the All-Mother is recognized as a symbol of balance, though only known to Equinox Masters that are beyond even Oogway's level of enlightened. Universe-Creator Gods and Race-Creators recognize and revere the All-Mother and recognize the importance of her balance, whether they be good or evil. She is also the creator of extensive outer-realms like Kingdom Hearts, both light and dark, so by extension her existence is understood by the Lightflies and Mothrons, albeit limited to those trusted with this knowledge, along with the Hibernation Realm as a place to send any member of a specific creation that lost their ability to maintain her balance. The All-Mother's exact origins are a mystery even to her children because as an Outer God, which could only be described as having always existed. But what can be understood is that the All-Mother is the highest authority of the true higher multiverse, as well as something all of her creations desire to protect from the likes of Plainspawn and interdimensional empires that could seek out her power and become an even bigger threat, hence why the Outer Gods came to adopt unpleasant extremes, the most notable of which is the dimension-destroying Xzars, though Presevers balance out the negativity of most Amoral One Castes and the Verse Scrappers. She also has a desire to seek out surprises in the endless expansion of the multiverse due to the mundane nature of being its technical ruler having to do the same duties over and over with no challenge or motivation, including a near-nonexistent mortal with 0-Bravery, which is described as an impossibly-rare type of mortal that has bravery strong enough to challenge Outer Gods, even if they can kill them thousands of times over, which has been thought to be impossible for a mortal. She sees such mortals as gifted and undeserving of Outer God penance.


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The All-Mother is one of the highest of Outer Gods, and is the birther of many classes of Outer Gods. Her power is so indescribable and infinitely beyond power cosmic, it is a relief that, as an arbiter of balance, she is a benevolent force, if though heavily non-intervening unless it is an absolute must. She has an infinite understanding of any form of power in all multiverses, so nothing can truly surpass her, and would just as much be unable to be affected by even the worse and most destructive of them, making her the embodiment of the power cosmic itself.

It is said that inside the All-Mother's base giant form, which is the size of thousands of multiverses combined, is the Inrealm Avatar who directly nurses any newborn Outer God, who hatch from pocket realms serving as eggs, and are fed her boundless cosmic energy like milk to help them grow, being educated and taught of their purpose, and ultimately how to defend themselves. From there they would graduated from the All-Mother's personal Inverse heart and exit for their new purpose in the Multiversal Seas.

In-Realm Forms

The All-Mother must use smaller avatars when inhabiting the inner realms of multiverses because of her unfathomable size. She comes in a variety of forms. These forms can limit her power, but often when it is necessary.

Cat Form

The All Mother's Inrealm Form

The All-Mother is a cat energy being with her ever-covering light-and-dark-balance wings worn like a coat and function in a way akin to avian wings, as well as having cosmic energies serving as chest-neck hair and whiskers. The eye catching trait, however, is this form's cosmic energy hair, which serves as her reproductive structure for birthing Outer Gods. This form is infinitely quick, nimble, of endless stamina, and can overwhelm even the most dangerous of inrealm spells, even being able to use her same cosmic hair to entangle a force to absorb into her power like a form of cosmic consumption, reversing the existence of anything caught in it.


The All-Mother is also known to be most of the iterations of the famous SCP-001, which has gone through many proposals due to the value of being the very first SCP in existence. Though she is not all of these iterations and they are far from her favorite form, she uses these forms on very good occasions.

  • Gate Guardian: The most accepted proposal of SCP-001, and the favorite of the All-Mother. The Gate Guardian is an angelic multi-winged giant entity with a flaming sword that is capable of controlling and cutting the fabric of spacetime, or just flat-out annihilate anything.
  • Sheaf of Papers- These are pages from the All-Mother’s magical book which can be infinitely restocked and used to create creatures or anomalians from her essence.
  • The Prototype- A beast that the All-Mother only becomes as a last resort. It is a spike-limbed agile and infinitely-quick humanoid monster made from the imbalanced dark side of All-Mother that emits cosmic radiation that can alter the humes (SCP measurement of reality in a given area) within the area. It killed a scientist named Dr. Herman Keter, and as such it is a form too dangerous for even the All-Mother herself.
  • The Lock- The universe itself inside a black rock locked up with a golden keyhole with no found key. This is in truth the key to the All-Mother’s domain.
  • The Factory- An old factory now known as Site-Alpha capable of producing anything including anomalous objects and living anomalians through unethical means. This was in truth a facility blessed by All-Mother’s all-powerful essence from a realm long forgotten and was cursed by the All-Mother herself with imbalance due to the abuse of the All-Mother’s power, resulting in its abandonment and later confiscation by servants of the All-Mother, SCP-4000, faeries (of a different definition) from a dangerously enchanted forest that can control people by name and identity.
  • The Spiral Path- A sacred site with a spiral gravel path that goes on forever in both paths upward and downward. This was the All-Mother’s method of fixing timelines by spinning these spiral paths, and thus there’s one in every universe.
  • The Legacy- A metal box and key containing a journal that details the SCP Administrator from a universe where humanity has harnessed cosmic energy but has been threatened with an unknown entity of universal destruction, expanding across the multiverse to create multiple SCP iterations to understand anomalies. This was in truth the All-Mother creating a ripple effect across the multiverse to make backups for mortal aid against any rogue Outer Gods.
  • The Database- Leaked information about the SCP Foundation that can cause a variety of problems. This was the All-Mother’s brainwaves translated into computers but resulted in her own power being spread out of control across the web.
  • 36- A group of 36 humans who are capable of undoing any anomalous event and negate any anomalians’ power or comatose them. They are agents created by All-Mother herself from her own essence and act like reality anchors. However they are unstable and yet if they come together, a chain reaction of the All-Mother’s choosing can happen.
  • Keter Duty- The reported source of all Keter SCPs on a place called Olympia atop Mount Olympus where the universe can be distorted when a Keter entity arrives there, or worse when they all come. This was the All-Mother’s method of trying to weed out dangerous entities by purifying them, but because of the anonymity of their nature, it can cause catastrophic harm to the fabric of reality.
  • A Record- An anomaly that is a record capable of making whatever is put inside of it happen. This record was blessed with All-Mother’s omnipotent power.
  • When Day Breaks- An evil red sun that turns anything in its light into Lovecraftian abominations. This was the result of All-Mother ejecting her most malevolent side for her own good.
  • God’s Blind Spot- An anomaly-free zone where anything anomalous can’t enter. This was a small pocket space of self-contained reality created by the All-Mother for mortals to escape to.
  • The World’s Gone Beautiful- A phenomenon in which a dying Earth spends its last remaining 24 hours in a state of peace as everything benevolent blooms. This is the essence of the All-Mother’s benevolence blessing worlds on borrowed time.
  • Simple Toymaker- An entity that creates anomalies made for entertainment. These include Doctor Wondertainment and Mister Childhood. These are manifestations of All-Mother’s benevolence and specifically her need for challenge.
  • Project Palisade- An SCP project meant to protect their universe from a universe-eating entity called The Worm by forming barriers with universes around them, at the risk of giving it more power by feeding of as many universes as it wants. This was the result of the All-Mother’s ability to create universes via Amoral Ones being harnessed, and this basically means that the SCP played All-Mother and created their own multiverse.
  • The Black Moon- A malevolent entity inside of All-Mother that serves as a backup force in case something has to be destroyed through turning them into black material that disintegrates into nothing but void so she can start over, and could only be stopped by The Administrator, AKA the All-Mother.
  • Memento Mori- The supposed location and death of the SCP’s O5 Council and an unknown upcoming 13th Member. This was the All-Mother’s attempt to find whatever 0-Braves are out there, but became an indeterminate success or failure.

The most notable exception of the SCP-001 proposals she is not is the Scarlet King, described in the SCP Universe as the most dangerous entity of all. However, it is revealed by OF-296 that the Scarlet King was only made up by Bokrug to instill fear and hopelessness in mortal who would believe anything from the mouth of an Outer God no matter what, and the cults who worship the Scarlet King, including the Children of the Scarlet King, have instead been worshiping Azathoth, an incorporeal shapeshifting entity who took the demonic caricature of the Scarlet King and the leader of the Mischievers, unintended Outer Gods of chaos.