The All-Mother

The All Mother.

The All-Mother is an extremely high-level Outer-God that is litterally the mother of all Outer God races. It's creations are extensive, including but not limited to, The Amoral Ones, Multiverse Creators, The Verse Scrappers, Multiverse Recyclers, and The Preservers, self-explanatory name. Though they shared the same All-Mother, these and other Outer Gods have no other greater relation then that and do their assigned purpose, and even bring forth Outer God creations of their own, whch subsiquintly those creations of her creations quilify as grandchildren to the All Mother. The All Mother is the ultamate cosmic symbol of the balence between good and evil, a beautiful core of good-energy-trapping wing-eqsed trapistries around itself, being the symbol that good and evil must be kept in balence in how each Multiverse sees it fit. The All-mother is drasticly of greater size of all Multiverses and often bigger then even the biggest outer god available. Though when having to actually interact with Multiverses often the size of a flouting disk of energy, she does pocess a cat-looking inrealm avatar that, though more compact, still possesses her great powers. The Power of the All-Mother is so indescribable and infinitely beyond power cosmic, it is a sigh of relief that as an arbitor of balaence, the All-Mother is a benevolent force, if though heavily non-interventionalist unless an absolute must. In Equinox culture, the All-Mother is recognized as a symbol of that balance, though only known to Equinox Masters that're beyond even Oogway-levels of enlightened. Universe-Creator Gods and Race-Creators recognize and revered the All-Mother and recognize the impourent of balance, whether they be good or evil. She is also a creator of extensive outer-realms like Kingdom Hearts, both light and dark, so by extension her existence is understood by the Lightflies and Mothrons, albeit limited to those trusted with this knowledge, along with the Hibernation Realm as a place to send any member of a specific creation that lost their ability to be maintainers of balance. The All Mother's exact origins are a mystery even to her children because as an Outer God, which could only be described as having always existed. But what can be understood is that the All-Mother is the highest authority of the multiverse seas, as well as something all of her creations desire to protect from the likes of Plainspawn and Inter-Dimentional Empires that could seek out her power and become an even bigger threat, hence why the Outer Gods came to adopt unpleasant extremes, though Presevers balance out the negativity of most Amoral One Castes and the Verse Scrappers. She also has a desire to seek out surprises in the endless expansion of the multiverse, including a near-nonexistent mortal with 0-Bravery, which is described as a mortal that has bravery strong enough to have them call out even Outer Gods that can kill them thousands of times over. She sees such mortals as gifted and undeserving of Outer God penance.
The All-Mother Inrealm Avatar

The All Mother's Inrealm Form

In the Inrealm Form, the All-Mother is a cat energy being with her ever-covering dark-balence wings being worn like a coat and fuction akin to avian wings, as well as having cosmic energies surving as chest-neck hair and wiskers. The eye catching trait is the all mother's cosmic being energy hair in an inrealmer form, which is part of how the All Mother makes outer gods, she can litterally pull some of them out, form a mini universe, and then it becomes an infint of an outer god ready to be raised into a new force. It is said that inside the all mother's base gaint form is the Inrealm Avatar being the direct nurser of the new outer god being created, being fed her boundless cosmic energy to help it grow, being educated and taught of their purpose, and ultamately how to defend themselves. Then, they would be graduated from the inverse of the All Mother by being allowed to exist outside of the Giant from of the All Mother and allowed to exist in the Multiverseal Seas. The Avatar Form can be infidintly quick, nimble, of endless tireless infinite energy capable to overwealm even the dangerious of inrealm spells, even being able to use her same cosmic hair to entangle a force to absorb into her power like a form of cosmic consumption, reversing the existence of anything caught in the hair. She has an infinite understanding of any form of power in all of the Multiverseal seas, so nothing can truely surpass her, and would just as much would be unable to be effected by even the worse and most destructive of them, making her the embodiment of the power cosmic itself.

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