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The Amoral Ones are mysterious beings that are the owners and creators of all existence in the multiverse, as they possess the ability to create Big Bangs, which are well known for creating universes from primeval atoms which are superhot atoms smaller than a fraction of an atom containing gravity, electromagnetism, weak and strong nuclear forces, taking out the gravity to detonate it, and as their universes got bigger, so did their power. Since there are infinite dimensions, there are infinite Amoral Ones. In some universes they are referred to as Verses, or Gods higher than normal. In others, they are called Outer Gods, Lovecraftian beings who are beyond good and evil, and are more complex, grand, and terrible than anything that has existed, or ever will exist. Outer Gods are noted for being all-powerful, omnipotent, and omniscient, and yet they have a single purpose or multiple purposes and view mortals and creations lower than them unimportant in the grand scheme of things. The Amoral Ones' purpose is to judge the multiverse itself and everything in it. Like all outer gods, the Amoral Ones live outside the space-time continuum in the boundaries between the multiverses, where the laws of physics do not apply. They require a mortal image when traveling into universes, but outside universes, they take the image of usually TV-headed figures. They are the top ruling outer gods and all gods in their respective universes serve under them. The Amoral Ones are neither good nor evil, as they do what they do because they decide the fate of their universes, yet their importance is that their universes are their life force, and thus if either the universe or the Amoral One is destroyed, so is the other, and everyone and everything in it. As the keepers of the multiverse, they protect the universes from harm from other outer gods. Not one Amoral One has the same appearance, as they are half machine and half organic, and the two are tied together, as their TV-like faces and appearances symbolize their infinite knowledge. Existing as long as the multiverse, they continue to guard existence itself however they can.


  • The Grand Amoral Elder- The leader of all Amoral Ones. More moral than it's fellow Amoral Ones, it owns the multiverse itself, and because the multiverse itself is essentially immortal, it cannot die.
  • The Grand Alternator Elder- The Amoral One and the twin brother of the Grand Amoral Elder and leader of all Amoral Ones that run dimensions of alternate timelines, via his created omni-dimentional spieces known as the 'Time Butterfly', which is a personification of multiverse theory, time and space, alternate timelines and possibilities, and the namesake butterfly effect, where it's base body holds the main timestream other it's wings held alternate paths, good and bad. He is therefore in charge of alternate realities and makes them into another dimension when the timeline is altered, making him a pan-ultimate Timelord.
  • The Magical Elder- The owner of a mega universe that is the biggest source of magic throughout the entire multiverse called The Magic Realms.
  • The Grand Coder- The glitch static TV-headed owner of the Cybervoid and the creation father of the Sub-Amoral One Race, The Guardians of Cyber, grab-claw tenticled machines with heads in shape of classic and modern gaming consoles and sometimes game capable computers, designed to clean up the worse case scenario of a cyberspace spillage as a means to prevent the chaos of cyberspace from infecting any universe further, even at the great inconvinence to a universe already heavily infected.
  • The Grand Designer- The owner and creator of the United Universes we know. He created the UUniverses to have it commit to a Grand Design, hence the name, and has manipulated it in an amoral way, being neither good or evil.
  • The Grand Reverser- The owner and creator of the Second Dimension. He is a half-brother of the Grand Designer who wanted to do what he did, except the roles of good and evil are reversed, meaning every but not all evil reflection in the UUniverses is here.
  • The Grand Greater Reverser- The owner of the Third Dimension, which is a darker, violent, and more horrifying version of the First and Second Dimensions (To be continued and/or edited by Scroopfan, Pending...).
  • The Grand Paragon- The Owner of the Fourth Dimension and a female Amoral that is basicly the oppisite of her half-brother GGR, in that she created a a polor oppisite of the Third Dimension in that pretty much everything is pure good. Villainy does exist, but they're all misunderstood grey areas or victims of tragedy that lost their way as otherwise heroes are so prevelent that straight-up villainy has been almost exlusive to dark gods and demons.
  • The Grand Twister- The owner of the Fifth Dimension which is not only functioning on 5th dimensions and thus the physical laws are different due to GT being related to the creators of 5th Dimensions, but he created this dimension as another enthusiast for the joys of watching the fight between good and evil, this one being both the Third and Fourth Dimensions, being violent and peaceful at the same time.
  • The Grand Balancer- The owner of the Sixth Dimension which is the sister of he Grand Designer who didn't like what he and GFM were doing because she didn't like cruel suffering from both sides and created a dimension where both good and evil are actually a normality and more tolerated than often.
  • The Grand Reality Master- The owner and creator of the Live Action UUniverses where Eddie Valiant and many other live-action characters live.
  • The Grand Chaosmaker- The owner and creator of the Memeverse.
  • The Grand Bygoner- The Creater and Owner/Wardon of a Universe that can sucked in bygone/outmoded/long outdated versons of World Franchises in the Bygone Universe, a semi-sentient universe with the power to suck in worlds and even systems that hold outdated or replaced versons of characters we know and love. It's basicly what happened to the older generations of cartoons like MLP and Transformers, among others, even older versons of the likes of Mickey Mouse and Bugs Bunny, and that of worlds that have things no longer considered commenplace in modern times. It is also a universe that can sucked in the older versons of a rebooted product if it doesn't maintain enough fondness of the native Universe to keep it around, so don't worry about 4gen MLP being sent here when 5Gen comes around, because a beloved enough world is protected from automatic suckage. Hence why different versons of Goofy and others can be seen togather. It is also the home of dropped concepts of the SAF series, so that means that Louger acknowledgement exists here. It is also, by large, a giant universeal purgatory for outmoded versons that, should the High Council ritual of duplication fail, and more often it rarely does, then the Bygoned world will be swallowed into the universe and become apart of it while the new verson takes over. Thankfully, unlike traditional purgatories that are usually handled with absolute harshness by Wasteland Guardians, the present guardian, The Bygoning Guardian, is a far less harsher ruler, if not considerably benvolent as it takes care of the bygoned worlds considerably since the Bygone Universe is an actual universe and not a traditional purgatory.
  • The Grand Fanon Master- The owner and creator of the Fanonverse, a dimension of fandom stories including infamous or popular ones, including ships, uncanon stories, fan theories, and so on reside.
  • The Grand Fate Master- The owner and creator of the Alternate UUniverses. He is the cousin of the Grand Designer who created the AUU because he wanted to be what he was, only make it like his own and make it like a game.
  • The Grand Doom Master- The owner and creator of the Second Alternate UUniverses, which is the Second Dimension's AUU.
  • The Grand Sadism Master- The owner and creator of the Third Alternate UUniverses, which is the Third Dimension's AUU.
  • The Grand Peace Master- The owner and creator of the Fourth Alternate UUniverses, which is the Fourth Dimension's AUU.
  • The Grand Immoral Master- The owner and creator of the Fifth Alternate UUniverses, which is the Fifth Dimension's AUU.
  • The Grand Moral Master- The owner and creator of the Sixth Alternate UUniverses, which is the Sixth Dimension's AUU.
  • The Grand Split Master- The owner and creator of The Tranquility Zone and The Revolution Zone, creating them as separate dimensions as one of the late experiments of nega universes, when it's intended purpose was to separate the harshest of the TZ into the RZ. But by doing this, he creates a split personality malevolent and rude, while his benevolent and wise personality remained.
  • The Grand Animals- The 12 creators and owners of the Dimensions of the Racegivers who take the form of any animal they choose as long as it corresponded to their dimension and are called the Grand Mammal, the Grand Amphibian, the Grand Reptile, the Grand Bird, the Grand Fish, the Grand Arthropod, the Grand Mollusk, the Grand Cnidarian, the Grand Echinoderm, the Grand Invertebrate, the Grand Plant, and the Grand Fungus.
  • Coo- A technical Amoral One for creating the Human Equestria, as she knows them too well and has secretly been a rookie member.
  • Wou- A technical Amoral One for creating the Human Equaria, being sent to the AUU since the destruction of his race in the OUU, the Navawaku, the same race as Coo.


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