A new organisation called The Anti Mang Cobra Assusiation or the A.M.C.A. that contists widely of Mang's other victims, lead by a Angus Chummer, a member of a scottish yak clan, and Mang's betrayed brother Mung Cu Wu Mang, who long dispised Cobra for those he had ruined. Angus had an entire clan turned into Abominations, while Mung Cu lived with the shame and disgrace of Cobra as his brother, not to mention it destroyed his socal life and love life. the A.M.C.A are demanding the imperial chinese empire to arrest Mang for what he's done, and have him publicly exicuted. But the Louge, Tyro, Aqua, Terra, Ven, Teen Mang and Saldaron have no intention of letting this organization cheat their way to giving Mang the justice he deserves and have them face justice and get arrested instead.

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