Nuke Munbay is outraged that dispite the events of Birdbrains and the secret of HAMFU, the AUU Grand Council is still standing by the clone project. This is viewed as a threat to "Villain Freedoms" and Nuke once again re-ignites the "Artifical Being Wars". the Dark Radical's Droids vs. the clones. The heroes act figured it was only a matter of time before still holding onto the clone plan would just invite Nuke to throw a nasty hissy fit again, but can't help but to wonder that, what if there's more then meets the eye of this problem? In light that the Dark Radical Council hardly agree with each-other due to mental issues, conflicting intelligents, or that they downright argue alot, there has to be a bigger mastermind here. Nuke would normally act to benifit his own selfish desires, in hidsight that he's the "Prince John" of the Alternate Universe, it seems weird he would actselly desire to benifit others then instead of self-gain. Nuke's true motivations are often an on-going debate not even Warson is able to solve, and even the wisest beings in the universe are stumped why a selfish individual who the other members of the Dark Radical council CLEARLY hate is encharged of them? A god-like, all powerful force in control of everything, even their very universe and that all their struggles are just amusing comedic episodes to him on how they enjoy even slightly small victories, and that everything is but a game he always cheats in! The Lougers are invited to help investigate, and Spyro can't help but to feel that this new war is by the hand of another, more powerful Amoral, An Amoral, far stronger then The Grand Designer, where Nuke and the Dark Radicals are just his latest pawns. Can the Lougers and the curious Heroes Act face down another corrupted by his own obesstions Amoral, before even the Villains suffer from the war THEY caused, or at least put another deshastorious event on hold? Luckly, like the Grand Designer, his obessions have made The Grand Fate Master rediculiously over-comident and really proud of himself to truely see what the louge is capible of when Spyro and Spongebob are the glue that holds them together right infront of his face, and when he makes the fatal mistake of just assuming Spyro and company will just bow to him like anyother, holy crud is he in for a nasty surprise in the end, espeically when Spyro gives him a taste of the Grand Desinger and his uncannon brother's medicene, robs him of his so called powers and pulls the plug on his game in the end, and in favor of The Heroes Act not wanting to go through another mess which will take some time cleaning up.

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