An eventual war is about to break out between the USRA and UIS thanks to Crimewave and S'tink'y. Now the heroes must do everything they can to prevent it from happening. But doing so won't be easy, especially with someone as smart as Crimewave, who keeps getting smarter every passing moment. The Sectorials thus bring them to the Boundary Cluster of the AUU where they can figure out a plan to stop the war from giving Crimewave and the mind-controlled S'tink'y exactly what they want. But with Crimewave's top henchman Azmatter following them, it won't be easy any further. And if that isn't troublesome enough, the VA reminents now get involved thanks to Azmatter playing into their greed and naterol disposition with the Lougers to coherse them to help Azmatter be a burden to the heroes' aims to prevent the USRA and UIS from undermining everything the Lougers worked so hard to atthive with them. Can the Lougers prevent the birth of the Allience Wars?

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