Ever since the epic failure of Glowrod in the last episode, Narcotic and Celsius have grown aggravated beyond belief that they are not doing so good in their revenge plot on the Lodgers for reforming Qui. It's just them since the Qui Program was reformed with Qui, and made from a weapon into an AI for her new home in the Dragon Realms, which has AUU-grade technology since that's what she was comfortable with after living the last few years in the AUU. They were then met with a Kaa look-alike named Malock who was part of the Fang Empire, but quit after Dark Dragon took over. He offers powerful corruption magic to bring back Qui in exchange for them to help free Emperor Fang and Othello from Equestria's Reforming Monastery after how Fang got treated back in Nottingham back in SpongeBob, Alex and Friends Reutrn to Neverland. However, he was never able to find them again, and doesn't know that the two have reformed. Plus, Cynder will not give her dear mother up without a fight with the help of Riku and Sora. Are Narcotic and Celsious about to get more than they bargained for while Fang puts an end to his bumbling wizard's stupidity?


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