Banished Realms Connection Necklace

Banished Realms Connection Necklace

The Banished Realms Connection Necklace
is an ancient Darkspawn relic created during the Second Cartoonian war by Malefor. They were made to allow Malefor to posess the body of anyone who wears it. The wearer would;ve been attracted to it by it's irreststable beauty.


The necklace has a complincated and mysterious history. It's the most obscured of the Dark Spawn artifacts, and with good reason. In reported claims, it can allow Malefor even if he's in the banished realms to process any one, even the most purest of heart to fo his doing. The exact date of it's creation is hugely unknown but great claims suggest it was made during the time of the second cartoonian war. A High council spy stolen this artifact from Malefor and hid it where he would never think to look in hopes he would forget or be banished by then: somewhere in the most dangerious part of the everfree forest in an underground cave in Equestia, back when the world was realitivly obscured.... until it has began to become known by 2011, and secret agents of the High Council and the Villain Leage have been fighting over it for awhile, until it was lost in a waterfall, where it can never be known where it can be found again... that is, if a certain depressed, heart broken pony who once aspire to be a wonderbolt were to accsidently find this accursed necklace.

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