The Batmen Brothers

The Batmen Bros.

The Batmen Brothers are a trio of bat-men bandits from a secluded bat-men territory in the Ghastly Gorge of Equestria. Having troubled childhoods, the brothers became bandits and have went out of their way to mug and steal from ponies for no clear reason other than that they seemed like 'easy targets'. However, this got the attention of the ever-violent Pred Judu Des and his adopted daughters, which proved that ponies weren't easy targets, and scared them from ever bothering Equestria again. They were absent for a while ever since, but when they encountered Starlight Glimmer after losing control of her village, she recruited them with promise of taking away Pred's beast-slaying edge so they could resume banditry in Equestria again.


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  • Midget- The con artist leader of the group. He is the most superior because he is the smartest and 'most mature' of all of them. He helps set up the crimes and put them in motion with his deceiving mind, and sends his brothers to finish them.
  • Nutty Poda- The oldest of the group, yet the dumbest. He was once a victim of corrupt experiments at Genesis that was fitted with a probe meant to study it's brain activity in the hope for a cure for cancer, specifically for Celery Salad. He was thankfully rescued by his brothers, but he has no memory of the details. He is sometimes prone to acting like a TV or radio, which is often very annoying for certain people to put up with.
  • Tarbok- The youngest of the brothers. He is usually very awkward and reluctant when working with his brothers, and he often runs away at the first sight of trouble. He is against weaponry so much that he tricked Nutty into agreeing with him, and that's the reason why the group doesn't use weapons.
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