Ke-Pa, ashamed and humiliated he was robbed of the power of being in charged of a villain team all too soon, has desided he is to make a Villain team of his own! he broke out and recruted Mike Foulcheeserson, Derek Glidester, Dr. Marz, Meng Hong Kung and the Thiefs of China's worse, Mr. Knife, El Amazeso, Commander Sting'n Bite, Senor Larry and Le Fifi, Jerky, Looger, Bonebreaker, Dead-Eye Monroe and the Turkey Neck Bros, Manfred Duck and his uncle Ying Yin, Conway Bumkis, Maximillion, Xerxes, Peyton, Khan Fum, Su Su Ka Boom, Goldious Maximus, Lord Toss and Tort, Haywire, Bad Luck Tiger, Xandronian, Minister Poo-Poo, Brother Clod, Emperor Destruction, Zhange Wao, Al Baldwin Eagle, Queen B., Slimekur, Oozewall, Latifier, Raeka Sweetcheeks, Batula, former adviser Margret,  Su Xu Quio and her henchmen Hosei and El Bitey, The Mind Adjuster, Piggy and Bacon McPork, The Extremest, the Stinky Fists gang, Tod McTrain, Destructiconious, Jling Sling, Le Jaq, and finally, reserected from banishment to the underworld long ago, Dark Gaz. This team shall be forever known as The Dragon's Army. However Ke-Pa's plan to make him a villain team of his own will lead to yet another humiliating defeat in the hands of Spyro and the other Lougers, who will cure Gaz from his darkness thus giving Cynder her brother back and Saldaron will create another villain team paradox. But, will something happen that'll end up making the Dragon's Army a periment threat to the united universe?

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