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The Bestiary Dimension is a realm that is noted for being the source of all monsters in the multiverse (In theory, nounces would contridict this claim). However, as of lately, it suffers an imbalance that spreads monstrosity more than it should as a result of a nearly-forgotten past. Ages ago, before animation and stories, the dimension was ruled by a powerful echidna (Greek mythology) named King Echidian, who expanded his kingdom across the dimension, joined with other equally powerful bestarian Kingdoms, harnessing powerful magic and recruiting great warriors everywhere. But soon he decided to expand to other realms, even in spite of the warnings of many including a powerful resistance and even his assistant Supreme Adviser Snareamendus who began seeing visions that confirmed that the rebellion was correct. By the time he discovered it, it was too late as a Xexaxez named Xestroyus arrived and destroyed the Bestiary Dimension to prevent their interdimensional empire from expanding. Later, this realm would be resurrected by a Resurrectorate named Razeena, brought into existence by a sect of Preservers that defected from the standard behavior of such. Upon King Echidian's resurrection, he realized the horrible mistake he made. Fearing history would repeat itself, he decided that it was best if all monsters in the realm never use magic again by regressing all monsters in the realm to primitive animal intelligence, with monsters like his associate Archfiend Lusus Naturae having enough self-awareness left to make sure it stays this way. Thus he announced one final spell to expand across the entire realm to regress all monsters to animal intelligence. However, the spell was not strong enough to spread across all worlds in thanks to Razeena having made magic weaker upon the realm's resserection, as it was unable to reach the realm's Outer Rims, which would retain its intelligence and live in despair and fear of the inevitable, while many others in the remaining rims would have to live in a truly savage world. But soon the right heroes would come to correct this curse and confront what remains of King Echidian himself, who had evolved into becoming the strongest monster in the realm.


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Primordial Worlds

These are worlds in the Bestiary Dimension that are hardly or barely remembered but they have had significance in its ancient past.

  • Titan- Not to be confused with the Moon of Saturn or Thanos’ homeworld, this is a Super-Earth planet with a Hollow Earth like that of Godzilla vs. Kong and is said to be the home of all Kaiju or giant monsters in the Bestiary Dimension, all of which are called Titans. These beasts are now impossibly rare and this world still remains dormant. The titanic skeletons of Titans lay scattered across the land, and they had found ways to go to other worlds. The dominant species of Titans were the Kaijudons, Godzilla dinosaurs with all his powers, but Titans came in countless forms.
  • Leviatha- An ocean world and the capital of aquatic worlds in King Echidian’s kingdom era. It is the homeworld of many sea monsters all over the Bestiary Dimension.

Dominant Worlds

The Bestarian Dimension has many diverse worlds, but here's a prime example of the ones known thus far.

  • Bestiara- The capital world of the Bestiary Dimension and the homeworld of King Echidian, as well as the location of the source of King Echidian's curse.
  • Colossos- A giantic planet and homeworld of the size-changing Colossodons, a rival race of the Size’kans and the home of the race of Varlet's Father. The Colossodons were key founding races for Echidian's empire.
  • Pharohtus- A desert moon of Colossos and homeworld of the Pharohtises, the race of Varlet's mother. The Pharohtises were key founding races for Echidian's empire.
  • Septarsis- The Homeworld of the regenerative Septarians, lizard creatures that are amongst the most dominante races of the dimension and the more common.
  • Toroag'Ha- The Homeworld of the Toarogs, the race of Buff Frog.
  • Kappus- The Homeworld of the Kappas, Ludo's race.
  • Size'ka- The homeworld of Globgor's race, often refered to as "Sizeshifters".
  • Shape’ka- Size’ka’s twin planet that is home to shapeshifter monsters.
  • Musculoira- The Homeworld of the Musculoirds.
  • Coroman- Homeworld of the Coromantaurs.
  • Yin-Din- Homeworld of the Yinner-Dinners.
  • Nee- Homeworld of the Neets.
  • Klumagnon-Ever changing homeworld of the Klumagnonos.
  • Skullcauro- Homeworld of the Skullcauris.
  • Rago- Homeworld of the Ragons.
  • Scli- Homeworld of the Sclicks.
  • Jello- A giant jellyfish-like homeworld of the Jello-Mellos.
  • Sli- Homeworld of the Slimeflies.
  • Charos- The ocean world of the Charhons, the race of Marley.
  • Tramorfidia- A world renowned for its large and elegant rings and for its interdimensional quantum anomalies. Its native race, the Tramorfidians, are fifth-dimensional creatures because of this allowing them to perceive a greater multiversal perception. They have even produced energy crystals that are capable of controlling the quantum anomalies before they could tear Tramorfidia apart. These crystals have been used by other realms including St. Olga’s where a Tramorfidian Crystal was used to prevent escaping the reform school through dimension-jumping tools.
  • (More to be added)

Rim Worlds

  • Hydrees- The homeworld of hydra creatures and bestarians. It suffered greatly for refusing to adhere to Echidian.
  • Mixo- The Homeworld of Animal-Hybrid Bestarians with each their own lands, continents and homelands.
  • Mulitie- The Homeworld of Bestarian creatures with extra limbs and other parts of the body.
  • Grimlo- The Homeworld of Bestarian Grimlins.
  • Gob'Ba-Gobo- The Homeworld of Bestarian Goblins.
  • Me'tak- The Homeworld of Metal-Based Bestarians.
  • Anthroos- The Homeworld of Anthromorphic Animal Bestarians that aren't readily based on reckotnesable earth-based animals or at least ones not established to have a sentient form in the Outer Rim worlds.
  • Centaurio- A large world inhabited by centauroid people of many types, and are far more monstrous than any centaur across the multiverse.
  • (More to be added)

Outer Rim Worlds

  • Mammalia- A world in the Outer Rims that shares a kind of connection with Amphibia, Reptilia, Aves, Arthropoda, Cambria, Plantae, Fungi, and Protozoa. As the name suggests, it is a world dominated by mammals, and is in the midst of an Ice Age. The dominant and sentient mammals on this world is primates, which are all separated by a hierarchy, where lemurs are agriculturalists, monkeys are the muscle and warrior class, and apes are the dominant and intelligent class. Some would find the roles of what Monkeys and Apes actually have to be ironic since one would think those like Gorillas would be the brutes while monkeys would be geniuses. And those kind of people would be called out as "Assumptious".
  • Amphibia- A world in the Outer Rims that shares a kind of connection with Mammalia, Reptilia, Aves, Arthropoda, Cambria, Plantae, Fungi, and Protozoa. As the name suggests, it is a world dominated by amphibians, noted for its lilypad-shaped islands, its high humidity, high population of insects, and especially for a catalyst realm where the infamous Calamity Objects were forged from a chaotic metal called Calamium, which is extremely plentiful on this world if largely thanks to the Objects being made here to begin with. This world lives in a hierarchy where frogs are the agriculturalists, toads are the warrior class, and newts or salamanders are the higher intelligent and wise class, while obscure amphibians like caecilians are hardly seen. As with the world made a catalyst for a major prophecy, this world is the one that will feel the brunt of all problems.
  • Reptilia- A world in the Outer Rims that shares a kind of connection with Mammalia, Amphibia, Aves, Arthropoda, Cambria, Plantae, Fungi, and Protozoa. As the name suggests, it is a world dominated by reptiles, but the primary unsentient reptiles on this world are dinosaurs. This world is known for being extremely hot, humid, and rich in oxygen content, which fits the needs of cold-blooded reptiles. Turtles are the agriculturalists, crocodiles are the warrior class, and lizards are the wise and intelligence class. But others like snakes or less known reptiles like amphisbaenans commonly live in the shadows and are hardly seen. With snakes, it's often cause of discrimination encouraged by unkind fables about snakes as with any other world, but the large reason for the snake hate here is because snakes had proven that Razeena was serpent-eqsed, in term has made serpents look more significant cause a serpent outer saved the Bestarian Dimension. And in cause of existential egos being challenged, even when assured that the ultimate appearance of an outer is superficial, other denizens began to use negative snake stereotypes, bad examples or nuanceless situations to justify hatred onto them. Irreguardless, snakes in special exclusion zones still try to make the best of it and have opened up churches in worship of Razeena and her Ressor followers.
  • Aves- A world in the Outer Rims that shares a kind of connection with Mammalia, Amphibia, Reptilia, Arthropoda, Cambria, Plantae, Fungi, and Protozoa. As the name suggests, it is a world dominated by birds. The smaller size of the planet allows for weaker gravity, and the higher oxygen allows for higher energy and stamina, all favoring the avian inhabitants of the world. But it suffers a discriminant hierarchy where flightless birds have to suffer on the ground while flight-capable birds live in luxury, resulting in constant conflicts. Though it's not as simple as just a case of flight-elitism or any general elitism, (Not saying it got that way in spades and ended up being a reason why it is stubbornly held onto even inspite of relevance), but rather that Grounded Birds did once had a home in the sky cities, but a selfish prick of an ill-fit king of the Grounded Birds wanted absolute control and turned a beloved celestial bird goddess to stone and tried and FAILED to usurp other leaders. Ground Birds were exiled to the dangerous grounds cause of being deemed that they were no different from the idiot jackass that ruined everything for them, missing clear hints that the idiot was not all that popular with them and save for moron loyalists, no one actually liked him. And even when the tragedy has entered many years of it being an ancient trait of the past, Ground Birds are still exiled from the sky cities, in cause the idiot king's actions are deemed "Too Irredeemable that the tragedy will NEVER be irrelevant", in that Flight Birds thing that Ground Birds are all undesirable cretins that do horrid things at a moment's notice.
  • Arthropoda- A world in the Outer Rims that shares a kind of connection with Mammalia, Amphibia, Reptilia, Aves, Cambria, Plantae, Fungi, and Protozoa. As the name suggests, this is a world dominated by arthropods which include insects, chelicerates, and crustaceans. This world is noted for its high moisture as a former ocean world, large hive and nest cities, and the oxygen content is extremely high that allows insects, which diffuse oxygen differently, to grow to greater sizes, and the smaller size of the planet allows for weaker gravity. However, the high oxygen in the air can cause oxygen poisoning to certain travelers. Rusting and oxidization is reduced due to the planet's lower atmospheric pressure. The high oxygen allowed flowers the size of trees and trees the size of skyscrapers. The world's hierarchy is lesser here and less harmful. Insects dominate the land and crustaceans dominate the oceans. As for chelicerates like scorpions and spiders, they suffer similar problems to the caecilians of Amphibia and snakes of Reptilia, ranging from obscurity in lesser cases to most commonly discrimination for ancestral reasons. (Cause ya know, Arachnids in general eating bugs). Keep in mind we said that things are LESS as bad as with the other worlds, it wasn't promised it was problem free.
  • Cambria- A world in the Outer Rims that shares a kind of connection with Mammalia, Amphibia, Reptilia, Aves, Arthropoda, Plantae, Fungi, and Protozoa. This is an ocean world with an underwater paradise that houses all forms of aquatic life from the Cambrian age onward, hence the name. The water is rich in oxygen, and the high moisture and currents on the surface produces unpredictable weather shifts. There is no clear hierarchy here aside from the past where cephalopods were the dominant intelligence that shaped the society as it is now. Cephalopods still have a dominant status, but it has been lessen when other oceanic creatures started to make their own calls.
  • Plantae- A world in the Outer Rims that shares a kind of connection with Mammalia, Amphibia, Reptilia, Aves, Arthropoda, Cambria, Fungi, and Protozoa. As the name suggests, it is a world dominated by plants. Plants here have evolved to walk, and retain the ability to make their own food with photosynthesis, and breath in carbon dioxide then breath out oxygen. Thanks to their mastery of genetic technology, they breed machines that are literally organic lifeforms such as giant flowers that act like satellites, giant trees that provide electricity or act like giant robots, and reverse-engineered hox genes, the genes that define body shape. They have also used an underground root-mycelium network to establish their own data network like the Internet, and can cultivate any kind of organic material they wish. Not all plants are sentient, but each individual has the head of a well-known plant divided into a hierarchy. Flowers are the civil class that pollinate the world, cacti are moisture farmers, ferns are sugar and carbon dioxide farmers, and bushes and trees are the higher pinnacle of society whereas plants under the moniker of "Weeds" are considered at a great low. However, this is not a discriminant hierarchy.
  • Fungi- A world in the Outer Rims that shares a kind of connection with Mammalia, Amphibia, Reptilia, Aves, Arthropoda, Cambria, Plantae, and Protozoa. As the name suggests, it is a world dominated by fungi. It was like Earth, having many forms of life, but the fungi of the world are the dominant lifeform. The inhabitants were mushrooms whose caps were on their heads, some with more than one cap on their head in massive bunches. Others were assimilating fungi including molds that took over fruits, plants, and so on and use them as bodies. Chytrids were able to evolve to become multicellular, as well as other microscopic fungi. Oxygen content is high allowing oxidization to accelerate the culmination of molds to speed up the process of granting them a body. They have similar capabilities to the inhabitants of Plantae, such as mastery in genetic technology. They have in vitro body farms that produce consciousless bodies for molds, much being derived from non-Fungi DNA. People feed by relying on either the metabolism of their avatars, or by rooting themselves into the ground and entering a mycelium network in the ground that shares nutrients from all over the biosphere, and asexual fungi can create clones to develop more than one identity, and share these identities with each other. Like with Plantae, there's no serious discrimination between fungi, with minor exception to hyper infectious speices, though nothing ergregious.
  • Protozoa- A world in the Outer Rims that shares a kind of connection with Mammalia, Amphibia, Reptilia, Aves, Arthropoda, Cambria, Plantae, and Fungi. As the name suggests, this world is dominated by microbes. On this world, single-celled organisms have evolved to take multicellular forms. People can be free-floating, aquatic, and so on. But this world is difficult to tread for adventurers from other worlds because of all the infectious microbes everywhere, and the atmosphere can be somewhat toxic. The world has volcanic and geothermal wastelands, among other extreme climates that all support the most philic of bacteria. Protozoa isn’t restricted to just the kind of microbes you already know. Other microscopic eukaryotic creatures like tardigrades, dust mites, plankton, worms, and so on. The setting is thus alienated in many ways. The planet is small allowing for weaker gravity, and the primary technology on this world is based on viruses, which are basically machines themselves. They have learned to synthesize viruses into serving as their own machines, and can do virtually anything with them. However, the world has a small discrimination problem between harmless microbes, the kind that provide a harmless benefit to the environment, and harmful microbes, commonly called 'pathogens', which has become a slur, as this is because they have normal fauna on the planet that they can often use as avatars like the people of Fungi, and their biology and needs for hosts can cause some upset in society.