Spyro has manage to find another purple dragon named Spe-ron. He is of equil power as Spyro. the problem: he's a complete jerk like Trixie used to be. He declairs himself the better purple dragon then Spyro, and that the lougers should boot him out so Spe-ron can join! Spe-ron challnaged Spyro into a battle of dragons. the winner, joins an/or maintains his current position to the louge, the loser leaves. Can Spyro prove to this jerk he's the better dragon the same why Twilight proved to Trixie that she's the better magical unicorn pony? Can the Lougers save their loyalty to Spyro form Spe-ron or is everything he learned about being wise and noble, pointless, and the real pursuit of the purple dragon is a powerlust and power gaining quest? Well, Spyro's got the few things that Spe-ron doesn't really have: True Friends, His status as a powerful kung fu warrior/hero of the UU, a determined heart and a caring adopted human sister of a princess. But still, this is not gonna be among Spyro's easiest battles.


(Climax Theme)

(Epic Symphonic Metal) - The Dragon Quest - (2015 Remake)

(Epic Symphonic Metal) - The Dragon Quest - (2015 Remake)

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