Thanks to the events regarding Sari colliding with Kairi and the Lougers, Sari becoming Mirage, and the destruction of The Banished Realms Connection Necklace when Spyro and Rainbow Dash pulled the plug on Malefor's comeback scheme invoving Lightning Dust, Kairi begins to feel that the darkness inside her own heart becomes alive, and is developing a body, with unspeakable powers and of corse a will of it's own! Kairi begins to go through everything Shen did when his own darkness tried to break free only in Kairi's case, she is really acting out of character. When the D-LOD was already ruled out cause Kairi has no known anti-hero traits, or was evil before, everyone assumes a brand new problem. it isn't long before Kairi's darkness desides to break free from Kairi's body literaly and become it's own being. Just what's going on here? Spyro and all Lougers set out on a quest to find anwsers to what's wrong with Kairi before it gets any worse.

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