Spyro and Company deside to seek out the Chronicler for the answers of Kairi's mysterious behavior that they are searching for and boy did the Ancient Wise Dragon have some shocking and terrible news to share if the Darkness suceeds in getting out of Kairi's body and forms it's own and what the future will hold involving it. Honest to crud, they NEVER get a break around here?! and to top it off, Professor Eagle-Beak of the Scourge Empire is also aware of this thanks to spying magic, and fears for the future! He urges the Dark Dragon to make a machine that'll extract that darkness out so Eagle-Beak can be able to destroy it! Interestingly, this actselly earns the lougers attention, and, with all of them too desperate to rid themselfs of this growing problem, have no choice but to team up with Eagle-Beak and the Scourge Imperials due to a convinently same goal to stop, whatever is happening to Kairi, but not without conditions that forbid Dark Dragon and Eagle-Beak trying anything funny in the progress, with Eagle-Beak insisting that stopping the greater evil is more impourent then personal agendas and payback. However Kairi's darkness has one last minute, desperate and dispicable trick up it's sleve.

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