Fagin, Gaul, Jungie, and Pitch Black discover that Anti Kairi draws her untouchable and undefeatible powers from anger, hate, pride, jealousy, xenophobia, fear, treachery and aggression. Like Xehanort's Heartless, Anti Kairi is able to manipulate the powers of darkness to her will. Just like the Ghost of Dred Juju Des when xehophobic talk drove Pred, his family and friends back to their insane quest to free Equestia of beasts untill his defeat thanks to Fluttershy bringing them back to the light and Malefor corrupting Lightning Dust with his deceitful talk, Anti Kairi's words can corrupt and influence even the most innocent of people. She can also take on any form she likes...such as a dragon like Maleficent or anything. And while she's very skilled with magic, she is also phsychic like Mewtwo to counter her enemies' attacks and uses telepaphy to look into the minds of both heros and villains alike even Kairi's. She's is also a powerful martial arts expert....and very handy with her own versions of the oblivion and oafhkeeper keyblades. Like Mew and Mewtwo, Kairi and Anti Kairi are both connected with eachother like yin and yang. Kairi is light, and Anti-Kairi is darkness. She seems to be the perfect destruction machince.... That is, if her ironic weakness to said darkness doesn't ruin that. Turns out, if Anti-Kairi is defeated by a villain, she'll actselly become weaker. That's why she's such an anti-socal bitch to the entiey of the villain leage. If defeated by villains enough, she'll actselly become weaker then a basic shadow heartless, even weaker then a low-level Team Nefarious Nefarious trooper grunt. Any extra defeat after that will destroy her forever. This is what Fagin was hoping. His oppertunity to punish Anti-Kairi and Malefor for ever betraying Mirage. But, it would be all to predictable for all of the leage to attack Anti-Kairi since Anti-Kairi is bluntingly aware everyone hates her, so, they have to do the unexpected: turn the lougers into villains! In a complicated and risky plan, Fagin and Eagle-Beak agreed that if the lougers are to defeat Anti-Kairi, they have to become evil for only awhile until she's defeated, and have to become an evil greater then Anti-Kairi so not even She or Malefor can't turn this into their favor! Spongebob and Spyro ain't sure about this, but have no choice. It's this or a universe consumed in darkness. Anti-Kairi is gonna be in for the biggest surprise of her abominable life when the whole leage pulls a Fang Empire on her and left her to be defeated by the super-powered Dark Lougers!


Sonic the Hedgehog (2006) Music Extended - Boss - Solaris Phase 2

this is Anti-Kairi's battle theme.

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