Ever since the Mane Six published their friendship lessons and lead to a crazy uproar among readers, they've started seeing more in them. Alchourse, the Lougers had to come in and make the fans pay MUCH more attention to what the Mane 6 tried to say, but otherwise, the fandom certainly gotten more humbled. There are more flirts among Fluttershy, the Rainbow Dash Club got overfilled, Applejack's family started getting more social, Pinkie is getting more invites, Rarity is getting donations for her work, and Twilight and Starlight are getting a cult following. Though the Mane Six and Lodgers are not that concerned as it could be more beneficial than before, they bring up something they hadn't thought of before: What if the Lougers shared their own adventures in book form? Shen and Chi Fu had reveiled they were writing a novel collaboration of Chi Fu's chroniclisation of the Lougers exploits that with Merlin's magic can update on the lastest adventure that holds from the very beginning to the end of the last adventure. A magic episodic book is a perfect way to reel in more fans, make a book with a new story people can be excited for, and resolve a convinent budget issue after helping Gazelle with a VERY pricy fundraiser from Zootopia. With Starlights help, the newfound Louge Novel has been unvailed to the public. The novel becomes a hit, but aside from them being scolded for their mistakes like being too good as heroes, using magic and Gazelle to solve all their problems like a plot device, calling out many of them for bad acts like Shifu's backlash against Fidget, among other complaints, there is one slight and very concerning downside: They forgot to remove references to impourent secrets and weaknesses from the books and could run the risk of those books perhaps ending up in villain procession! So now the Lougers and the Mane 7 engage in the biggest recall quest of the too reveiling novels before undesireables can learn them. How will this ultamately end?


(This song is sung by the Lodgers, extended for them)

SONG Flawless - MLPFiM

SONG Flawless - MLPFiM

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