Ever since the Mane Six published their friendship lessons and lead to a crazy uproar among readers, they've started seeing more in them. Alchourse, the Lougers had to come in and make the fans pay MUCH more attention to what the Mane 6 tried to say, but otherwise, the fandom certainly gotten more humbled. There are more flirts among Fluttershy, the Rainbow Dash Club got overfilled, Applejack's family started getting more social, Pinkie is getting more invites, Rarity is getting donations for her work, and Twilight and Starlight are getting a cult following. Though the Mane Six and Lodgers are not that concerned as it could be more beneficial than before, they bring up something they hadn't thought of before: What if the Lougers shared their own adventures in book form? Shen and Chi Fu had reveiled they were writing a novel collaboration of Chi Fu's chroniclisation of the Lougers exploits that with Merlin's magic can update on the lastest adventure that holds from the very beginning to the end of the last adventure. A magic episodic book is a perfect way to reel in more fans, make a book with a new story people can be excited for, and resolve a convinent budget issue after helping Gazelle with a VERY pricy fundraiser from Zootopia. With Starlights help, the newfound Louge Novel has been unvailed to the public. The novel becomes a hit, but aside from them being scolded for their mistakes like being too good as heroes, using magic and Gazelle to solve all their problems like a plot device, calling out many of them for bad acts like Shifu's backlash against Fidget, among other complaints, there is one slight and very concerning downside: They forgot to remove references to impourent secrets and weaknesses from the books and could run the risk of those books perhaps ending up in villain procession! So now the Lougers and the Mane 7 engage in the biggest recall quest of the too reveiling novels before undesireables can learn them. How will this ultamately end?


Facing Criticism


  • Icky:... WOW! These things are selling by the truckloads!
  • Iago: YEAH! This was the best idea since underwear!
  • Icky:... Really, dude? Much of us don't even WEAR pants!
  • Iago: Nevertheless! I can say this is gonna get us so much more praise than e-
  • ???: THIS, IS, SO, UNREALISTIC!!! (The two were shocked)
  • Swan Reader: I mean, they win so easily, how the hell are we supposed to take them seriously as heroes?
  • Crane Reader: I know! They make interdimensional villains look lame and foolish? They expect me to believe that?
  • Horse Reader: These guys are not as famous as I remember them to be!
  • Cow Reader: Exactly! Now, there's no conflict, no excitement, no action, and no rhyme or reason!
  • Deer Reader: Yeah! If you ask me, they were better BEFORE Gazelle came! She's so powerful, she's a deus ex machina for ANYTHING! They just call her in, and it's like nothing ever happened!
  • Human Reader: Not to mention they abuse Saldaron's time abilities a LOT! I get that some problems are too tough for even them, but come on, there's a LOTTA better ways around this other than abusing paradoxes!
  • Finch Reader: These heroes are boring!
  • Monkey Reader: Boring's too harsh a word fellas..... I think the worse the writing is, well, it's just not consistent. Even before Gazelle and Saldaron became a thing, well, their villains are always jokes!
  • Deer Reader: "So, it's not really the Lougers faults, THEIR VILLAINS JUST SUCK!"
  • Horse Reader: "Then we need to sign a petition to the High Council to make villains better so we can get better stories!"
  • The Readers began to agree to this!
  • Icky:... (The two went outside)... Okay... Tell me I did NOT just hear that!
  • Iago:... They think... We're BORING?!?
  • Icky: Some nerve! Our life isn't BORING! Now, I could've agreed with inconsistent, but NOT, BORING?! And BETTER VILLAINS?! Hey, we still get great villains every once in a while! It's just that the producer likes to throw us a bone every once and awhile and just give us a villain we can have fun with!
  • ???: SPEAK FOR YOURSELF, BIRDBRAIN! (Other readers came in)
  • Salamander: How are we supposed to look up to you when you make everyone's lives better for the sake of some damn plotline?
  • Icky: "Oh, I'm sorry, (Brings out the poster of Darkness Qui's Last Stand) Would've you LIKED it if Dragon Realms New York was left an unfixable mess and the Amutt Family going back to being imprisoned for another thoundson years and robbed them of their potaintional for future character defelupt meant? (The complainers began to back off abit).... Would you rather (Brings out the Poster for Dr. Glowrod's Revenge) if the Xenomorth rip-offs WERE actselly as they appeared and robbed that race a chance of a better life?! (The Readers began to feel bad). Are you saying it would've been better if the The Uniter Chosen episode (Brings out that poster as well) NEVER happened, and the subsiquinted episodes that benifited from that end up going to shit?! (The readers began to feel miserable) Buddy, if it wasn't for Gazelle in Keucan Revolution, The Equilists would've won! If it wasn't for Gazelle in Safety or Freedom, Lord Corruptus could've long taken over Mieber and turn it into a total shitstain! Hell, AUU Humanity owe their Existence to Gazelle in The Nuclear Winter, because I would wager that stupid alien sabertooth freak would've been a NIGHTMARE to deal with it for us! Let alone the possability that the Extinctioners would've still been a problem! AND DO I REALLY NEED TO EXPLAIN EMPEROR LU KANG?!"
  • They and the prior readers who came up to check on them now feel awful.....
  • Frog: "Gee, we, we never saw it like that....."
  • Deer: "Guess that's what we get for being more about the entertainment value and not about the good things you did."
  • Horse: "Our bad for being selfish like that....."
  • Monkey: "...... That being said..... It still would've been nice you guys only put in the adventures that did BOTH good things AND actselly worth reading! (The other readers looked annoyed at him)....... What? I'm abit of a snarky asshole. I still agree with what we've been saying, just adding my own twist to it."
  • Icky: "Well I'm glad we established SOMETHING here, people. Now, as I said, just because our writing doesn't follow a consistent pattern, that doesn't make us "bad", "boring", nor that to the bad guys. You just have to remember that the books are action/COMEDY! That means that these things aren't exactly the hunger games, people! Everyone needs to learn to take them for what they're worth and not what they should've been!"
  • Human: "Actselly, your right. While I still think these books lean TOO much for comedy, we shouldn't forget that the main aim was to make people laugh. Heck, in the Wanted: Thorax, you guys said that making villains look like utter jokes actselly makes our socities safer!"
  • Dog: "So, yeah, keep up the good work then..... But, maybe, try to only right in the more better stories in the future. Personally, maybe that would kinda help these magicly updating books in the long run."
  • The readers walk off.
  • Icky: "..... Well, at least we got them to at least, be 90.9 percent calmed down about this."
  • Iago: "Yeah, but.... What if this is becoming our series' OWN Fame and Misfortune?!"
  • Icky: "Aw come, just because it just so happened that those guys being given the MSM pill this morning, that doesn't mean they've ALL taken it!"
  • Iago: Yeah! What, is this his way of using everyone in town as a mouthpiece so he can avoid pissing off Scroopfan by saying it direct?
  • ???: Jesus, dude, really? (More came in)...
  • Human Reader: That's another problem! The CONSTANT FOURTH-WALL BREAKING!!! It makes it hard to take the plot line seriously if they keep making it look like this is some petty disagreement between a guy who wants conflict and a guy who runs the whole damn thing!
  • Raccoon: I agree with this 'MSM' guy! Why is he given little to no chance to let his wild imagination shine? Why does he still work with a guy who doesn't care for his ideas and ruins them just because?
  • Squirrel: Hey, don't diss SF! Sure he has bad grammar and spelling, but I know when to check my privilege and respect his style!
  • Raccoon: But MSM is practically his originality agent! Why does he shut off good ideas like this?
  • Squirrel: To be fair, many of these sound like ripoff ideas, things he doesn't think through, things he thinks go better HIS way as if he believes he owns the show, and... Some of which make me feel he has fantasies that I'd rather not get into!
  • Raccoon: Bulls***! He tries to justify making villains jokes because of comedy! Comedy is no excuse to make your big bad easier to beat! It weakens the conflict! It should be balanced! You have to do something ACTUALLY clever with the comedy, not make yourself look lazy by beating a villain quickly and using background laughter to cover it up! IT MAKES NO SENSE!!!
  • Squirrel: Hey, not everything has to be serious!
  • Raccoon: And not everything has to be FUNNY!!! The world is not meant for s***s and giggles! Things don't just get solved by idiocy and deviants that hinder the villain anti-climactically! Cartoons aren't JUST meant for comedy! It's meant for OTHER things too!
  • Chipmunk: It's clear these guys clearly don't get along! Why do they still work together?
  • Icky: "...... This is gonna be a long day, isn't it?"

One long philoscofifal conversation about the complexities of MSM and Scroopfan Later.

  • Raccoon: "Wow..... I never really looked at their relationship like that."
  • Squirrel: "Yeah. I mean, I already saw there teamwork at work, but now I see more of it."
  • The convinced readers began to leave and go about their business.
  • Icky: "...... Iags, this IS becoming our own episode equilent to "Fame and Misfortune"."
  • Iago: "Told ya so. But I'll save the glouting for later! We gotta find the other Lougers!"

Dragon Temple

  • Lord Shen:... Seriously? THAT'S what they think?
  • Gazelle:... They think I'm TOO powerful?
  • Duke: They thought we were BORING?!?
  • Icky: Well, at least we helped show that we're NOT that!
  • Spyro:... It's clear we should've think this through! Now we're the subject of critics and several people who think we need 'conflict'. Those people have forgotten that those were based on events that actselly happened, and that if we didn't resolved those problems like we did, life wouldn't be so good.
  • Merlin: Unfortunately, it's true. I've been having problems of my own. Everyone keeps saying that we use magic to avoid everything by undoing whatever problem! MANY of them are filthy magic ethicists! Hogwash I say to them! I like to see them cope with basicly the same long easily preventable problems over and over again without wanting to push them aside so the more unigte problems can be known! Our enemies would've had more plans become successful if we were too busy dealing with long corrected problems like they were new challnages! These people DON'T appresiate that we are peacekeppers, NOT entertainers?!
  • Shifu: It's not just that! I've been admonished for my mindset in our adventure in Greece with Hercules, and how I treated Fidget.
  • Fidget: (Sighs) They REALLY had to bring that up?
  • Shifu: Indeed. They said that it was out-of-character for me!
  • Icky: "Tecnecally, your character is an embittered old Kung Fu Master. You were actselly perfectly IN-character. I guess they just over-sympathise with Fidget to the point that they missed that."
  • Shenzi: "Well they're still better then that Japperwocky guy's review on the Hericules Moisode. That guy, even criticised the intro and was expecting Mirage to be in it! That, was, an INTRO!"
  • Icky: "Well to be fair, it kinda played more like a typical scene until the song kicked in, I mean, I know were were taking the Russleluke approuch to intros, but, let's be clear here, the Crossover Series Intros were never very, clear....."
  • Miguel: And that's not even the worst we received from the readers of the Lodger Novels! Given that they're charmed to write stories themselves with each episode we all go through... We might have our own Scroopfans and MSMs snapping at each other. I mean, I know those two have petty disagreements for one reason or another, like MSM thinking a villain should be cool and serious business and not be ruined by some idiotic henchman, and it shouldn't be easy for us to beat a villain so easily!
  • Tuilo: "Yeesh! It's not OUR fault that those guys were really like that?!"
  • Kaa: "Well, this is basicly turning into our own verson of Fame in Misfortune indeed!"
  • Gazelle: "Well, based on what Icky said, it's obvious they reading the stories for the entertainment value and expectation of consistent writing and not look at them as events that actselly accured with us."
  • Merlin: "Then let's go forth and get the people to remember that the stories are based on real events and make them realise they were looking a gift horse in the mouth!"
  • Ignitus: "Well, I'm afraid there's, ANOTHER issue..... (Brings out a Louge Novel) These books reveil more then nessersary! All the great secrets you discovered on your adventures are in well detailed definitions! These books are at risk of being a use to villains if they were to get their hands on it!"
  • The Lougers made shocked faces and were like this!

Oh Shit! (echo) sound effect

  • Spongebob: "........ I CALL...... FOR A RE-CALL!?"


(This song is sung by the Lodgers, extended for them)


SONG Flawless - MLPFiM

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