The Black Emperor

Clastite, the Black Emperor

Clastite, ultimately dubbed The Black Emperor, is an Equestrian Obsidian Dragon. The Obsidian Dragon Spieces were once the initional rulers of the then-recently created world of Equestria and had prevented the quick intervention of the Alicorns. But then, the people of Pana, lead by the Heaven Clan, revolted against the Obsidian Dragons, and wiped them to practical extinction, earning the Alicorn Gods respect, even with how Lord Order would came to be interested in them. Along with this, the remains of the slain Obsidian Dragons became of quick use for them. Though all Panan races mastered these newfound war spoiled gifts, the Panan Satyrs were the experts of their craft, creating the Collector crystals from magic abosrbing teeth of the Obsidian Dragons to manipulate magic, creating their trademark obsidian-colored weaponry and magic-proof metal from things like the Obsidian Dragon bones, Obsidian Orbs made from scales and beams that could petrify people, and above all else allowed their socity to become a powerful one in those days. Clastite was the last Obsidian Dragon laid as an egg during the end of the war that ended up lost in Saursia, and adopted by the sympathic Queen Quetzal. Learning of his true origins, Clastite swore to get revenge by building a new empire of slaves, both from the very Saursia people after entrapping his own adopted mother in Obsidian, and of whatever ended up in Saursia, even if they're fellow dragons. He found slavedrivers in the form of Saurusians, or subterranean Abyssinian dinosaurs, often through fear and intimidation based on what he did to the original queen to earn fear-driven loyalty, and continues to find and depower any threat to his cause, thus earning his title, the Black Emperor. On his own, the Black Emperor is concerning enough, but he bares an even darker secret that could make him potaintionally the one threat to Equestria greater then, and/or equil to, even Grogar and Mortuus.


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