Bounty Hunter Consortium Logo

Bounty Hunter Consortium Logo

The Bounty Hunter Consortium is an Alternate UUniversal society consisting of hundreds of bounty hunters from Planet Narene. The bounty hunters are mostly neutral, and only do terrible deeds for the Villains Act in return for profits. They are issued when a particularly powerful enemy of the Villains Act is very concerning to Darkness Qui, which causes her to be more than willing to spare an extra bit of dough for the pricey Bounty Hunter Consortium. The consortium is owned by a controversial former member of the Grand Council Lik-Lick Tick Blick, and the 'best-of-the-best-of-the-best' bounty hunter is actually a lost brother of Xandy, Xrandy. They're not considered a true threat being that they ask for money when doing dirty work and are still around even after the fall of the VA. However, Lik-Lick is considerably wanted by the Grand Council because Headmaster Warson considers him a traitor and is at the point he would do almost anything to have only Lik captured and arrested, even (in theory) hiring a Villain's Act member to do so. The consortium has been around 10 years before the Villains Act even began, and every known bounty hunter in the AUU can be found in the consortium's Narene HQ, the Maroon Circuit.


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Bounty Hunters

  • Xrandy- The head bounty hunter of the Consortium. He is a Hydrocabiais from Carbungia who is the long-lost older brother of Xandy. He was banished from home for an accidental crime to the AUU Grand Council, and out of grief and depression, joined the Consortium. He became the adopted son of Lik-Lick, had his memories erased to avoid his depression from becoming a problem, and since it worked better than expected, he was made the trademark bounty hunter of the Consortium. Spaceship: Black Sun
  • Slala Bleem- A beautiful dinosaur from the Ichgee System, a part of the Animal Square Province and the reptile capital of the AUU. She was a princess who was banished by her evil uncle Zeell Bleem for trying to expose his crime of killing her father. She eventually gave up hope of trying to get payback, and joined the Consortium. She became Xrandy's girlfriend, but faces a competition between him and Viume. Spaceship: Exquisite
  • Viume Phyarse- An egotist raccoon-like fox from Zirciania who was charged of a crime caused by his egotism and greed. He ran away from the penalty by fleeing his homeworld, and joining the Consortium. He became a successful bounty hunter, gaining loads of riches, but he wanted more. He wanted the love of Slala, and the chance to be the new top bounty hunter of the Consortium instead of Xrandy, making him Xrandy's rival. Spaceship: Nemesis
  • Arnade Arbor- A wallaby-like creature from Planet Tau who was descended from a weapons designer for Globex, and was a great kickboxing champion until he was marked for death by the Villains Act. To avoid this, he joined the Consortium, where his kickboxing skills, his powerful kicks, and his weapon accuracy makes him one of the best bounty hunters. He is a close friend to Xrandy, and hates Viume for constantly bullying him. Spaceship: Solar Wind
  • Muu Bo Lonn- A semi-aquatic rat bounty hunter who left his home during his teen years after being frustrated and embarrassed by his parent's childish and over-protective coddling, and joined the Consortium, becoming an evenly-matched fighter to Xrandy. While Lik treated him like he was fragile and small, Muu still remained strong knowing that he was still one of the best since he was protected by his good friend, Xrandy. Spaceship: Javelin
  • Vash Jassater- A long-necked sea lion bounty hunter who used to have a crush on Xrandy when he entered. But circumstances lead to her accepting his relationship with Slala and she became a close friend. Vash had a prior history of bad luck and bad breaks in her life, and becoming the target of an infamous gang because the leader had a serious hard-on for Vash was the final straw. She fled off her home planet and became a bounty hunter in some attempt to somehow become a 'turn-off' for a gang leader. Spaceship: Heartbreaker
  • Xogue Trooger- A crepuscular marsupial bounty hunter from Sioephus who is an expert in hacking, stealth, and quick thinking. He had a father who sent him away for his own protaction during a VA dictator's robot obcessed rampage, and he became a bounty hunter ever since. He is most comfortable working during the night. He sleeps all day, and doesn't like to be woken up. Spaceship: Surreptitious Watcher
  • Iaroo Oia- A crocodile-like lizard who is nicknamed 'Spazzy'. He is one of the oldest bounty hunters in the Consortium, and his history is unknown even to his superiors, yet no one seems to care because he is totally immature and jokey. He may be very old, but a lifetime of physical fitness has left him unaffected by any ailments. He has had his body parts replaced many times, and had once taken a barrage of laser fire and walked away. Spaceship: Paradigm
  • Himjie Jyoorn- An owl-like bird nicknamed 'Nightwatcher'. He is a nocturnal bounty hunter who joined the Consortium after he was framed for a crime he didn't commit during his years as a famous investigative journalist for his home planet of Ocrenon. He has quiet flying and he can sneak up on anybody no matter how good they are. Spaceship: Opacity
  • Nemini Talon- An armed bird who started off as a mercenary who lost her family to an Ovengan space pirate. While she was unable to turn him in, she had the satisfaction of inspiring fear into the pirate that ruined her life by taking away both of his arms, and she did get the chance to join the Consortium for her skills. Spaceship: Helldiver
  • Gure Zuppar- A robberfly-like bug which is known for being very aggressive. What makes him a perfect bounty hunter despite his size is that his acid proboscis can shoot a fiery acid that can burn anything. His occasional target is the eye, which results in a major injury. Since he is too small, he cannot fly his own spaceship, and requires the assistance of a Hymenovespula named Talgan Zeep to fly it. Spaceship: Buzzblast
  • Syphe the Purge- A penguin-like bounty hunter from Planet Clorell. He was once a test subject for a Globex experiment that would increase senses and abilities. And while it worked, it had accidentally given Syphe the brain-power of a Tiikon, which meant that he went through the three personality functions and never slept. His strength, speed, lung capacity, stamina, and reflexes were boosted, and he ran away from home fearing that his abilities would scare his family, and became a member of the Consortium. Spaceship: Cold Fire
  • Ribe Curse- A electric snake bounty hunter from Planet Chimerum who was considered an outcast for having a dwarfism mutation and his weaker electrical capacity, calling it 'a curse'. As a result, he left his home after being bullied and became a member of the Consortium. While his size means that he can't crush his targets without his kind's normal strength, his electrical capacity can make up for it at an amount of 700 volts. Spaceship: Voltality
  • Sirah Spades- A hyena-like bounty hunter who started off as a gambling maniac that was arrested for cheating, that also got her in trouble in the hidden Mafia controllers behind the casino. She was able to escape and join the Bounty Hunter Consortium when she realized that she would earn money in a different way, and at the same time, being protected from the Mafia that was after her and be able to repay the 'debt' she owed. Spaceship: Ace of Spades
  • Jurgen McPallath- An aggressive and mean baboon-like bounty hunter which is known for having been lost from his family at a young age due to a vengeful friend of his father who threw him off a dam. He grew up in an orphanage and upon learning his past, he returned home and killed the guy responsible, who was already elderly. To avoid getting arrested for murder, he joined the Consortium and became one of the most feared bounty hunters. Spaceship: Vengeance
  • Malachite the Master- A primate bounty hunter from Planet Foiothea who served as one of it's Suppressors until he was betrayed by a rogue Suppressor and killed. His body was recovered by Lik-Lick who saw that he had potential to be a perfect bounty hunter, and resurrected him with a suit of armor that not only served as his life-support, but it also served as a physical and medical protection. He was the first cybernetic bounty-hunter in the Consortium who was capable of wielding an infinite number of weapons. Spaceship: Cyberior X
  • Saxe Paither- A feline bounty hunter from Iridia who had served it's military for 12 years as a supersoldier until he legally retired after losing his wife in a firefight so he could protect his children. When the children grew up, he was abducted by rogue space pirates and saved by the Consortium, who were hunting for a bounty on it's captain. He had since joined when Lik-Lick believed that his abilities could be useful. Spaceship: Infinity XII
  • Jabe Jade- A Serpentinoid magician bounty hunter who is named after her jade-colored eyes that can magically seduce people through eye contact. She uses these eyes as a form of hypnotism and if it doesn't work, she can still use weapons. Her brother was kidnapped by a former VA benefactor crime boss to turn into a sulfur-mine slave and has been working to find some way to punish the criminal ever since. Spaceship: Spirit of Fortune
  • Isoter the Ruffian- A marsupial behemoth who is a successful bounty hunter for his size, his skill, and his brawns. He was formerly a gladiator for not just the planet of Cruiter, but he was also forced into the VA Deadlockers on Iarranthum, but when the Villains Act was destroyed, as well as the Deadlockers, he was rescued by Xrandy and Arnade and became an excellent member ever since. Spaceship: Dreadnought VIII
  • Zarchill Deebe- A black snake bounty hunter who has been known to strike fear in the hearts of his targets. His skills in martial arts and his pain-inflicting poison makes him one of the deadliest bounty hunters in the Consortium. Even Lik fears him for this. For these things, this is diffently, not a guy you want to piss off. Spaceship: Nightkiller
  • Avatar-558- The Consortium's first robot bounty hunter. Originally being a Magma Trooper that was destroyed during a VA battle on Nimboo, Lik-Lick brought it in and upgraded it and it's weapons to become a bounty hunter. Because it is a robot, it has no need for money, and instead shares the bounty with the other bounty hunters using his calculative brain to split it. Spaceship: Beholder
  • Chantara the Calamity- An anteater-like shrew bounty hunter who has been experimented on by Globex back when they didn't have the Infernus Rule, and were considerably reckless in the past and granted psionic powers and a longer lifespan. Conveniently before Dr. Armalite Infernus became a thing, she didn't appreciate being a science fair project and revolted, resulting in the destruction of a Globex lab resulting in several injuries and deaths, and she was obscured thanks to Globex having dishonest CEOs at the time. She since became a mercenary for the following centuries, and later became a member of the Consortium by odd dumb luck of accidentally rescuing Lik from a murderous thug that was conveniently wanted dead by Chantara being hired by a client that was a vengeful victim of the thug. Spaceship: Spectator
  • Serlena Moxin- An inchworm-like weasel which is one of the youngest bounty hunters in the Consortium, being at age 16. Despite her age, she got in because of her skills in martial arts, and her ability to wield twin blasters like a master. She does get intimidated, and even reduced to tears by Lik-Lick for his aggressive behavior, and even his size. Because she is not old enough, she doesn't have a spaceship to fly, and often accompanies other bounty hunters.
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