Xrandy has a new chance to finally catch the guy who tricked him long ago into hunting down someone innosent. Awhile back, he was given a job to hunt down a criminal by an anonymous benefactor, offering a reward of $400,000. But little did Xrandy know that the benefactor was a criminal who tricked Xrandy into hunting down an ally of the AUU Grand Council. And to ensure he wasn't caught, the benefactor escaped from the planet and went back on his promise of money once Xrandy killed the person. Xrandy eventually discovered that the target was an important ally once the AUU Grand Council arrived. He was sent to court and sentenced to banishment from his home planet. Xrandy had no proof that he was tricked since the benefactor was nowhere to be found, and he was forced off the planet, leaving his family to be heart-broken and his 8-year-old sister to have no memory of him. The ally was Chanciler Kilson, some of the same spieces as Warson and ordenarly a understanding and forgiving guy, in fact, he surprisingly tried to convince the Grand Council it was a huge misunderstanding and that he knew who would set up Xrandy like that, but he wasn't believed cause he was considered to be "nieved" and too forgiving for his own good. Xandy knew that her brother can't do this alone and the Heroes Act proceeded to ask Kilson who would want to kill him. Kilson explained that he is alot like Hudson Torbo, he has a evil twin brother named Sonkil, who in akin to Edison, is a spiteful and nasty evil-doer who wants to kill Kilson, just because he wants to. Now, Sonkil has managed to convince Viume Phyarse through a huge sum of money to hunt down Xrandy AND Kilson because Kilson might one day actselly be creditable and warn the Grand Council the truth, and to kill Xrandy simply to elimanate him as a threat, and then frame the idoticly overcompident Viume for attempted murder of a valued Grand Council ally and violating the rules of the Consortium and ruin Viume's life. Can the Heroes Act and the Lougers put an end to Sonkil's nonsense once and for all? But can they also be prepared that he's with Sonwar and Edison?

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