Muu Bo Lonn, another good friend to Xrandy, was able to admit the reason why he joined the Consortium and about his past. Feeling terrible, Xrandy decided that he patch up his life by finding his parents. He is able to do so, and while Muu was at first fearful that he would be scolded, or even embarrassed when they once again called him 'Mumu'. But his parents just didn't do that because they now accepted him for what he was and knew that he lived on for a while without ending up dead like his older brother in the Navy. Muu also finds out from them that his old love interest, Kajina, recently had a breakup with her boyfriend. Not being able to resist the temptation of stepping in, Muu disobeys Lik-Lick and goes back to his home planet to try and win Kajina's heart once again. But he finds out too late that she was in trouble. Turns out, her ex-boyfriend and one of his old school bullies, Jiuk Mol Bife, was a former Villains Act spy and is still in service to the Dark Siders. Kajina found out the truth by accident prior to their breakup and was kidnapped before she could warn Muu's parents. Now, Jiuk intends to kill Kajina in order to hide his involvement in the Dark Siders. So Muu makes it a priority to rescue her, personally so he could win her heart. Yet he doesn't realize that Xrandy and another one of his friends, Arnade, have followed him to keep him out of trouble. Once they see that the Dark Siders are involved, they call the Heroes Act and the Shell Lodge for assistance. Will they save Muu from letting his love blind him from how strong Jiuk has become?

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