The Brand New UUniverses is the pilot episode of the new SpongeBob and Friends New Chronicles series. A week after the events of The New Chronicles, the Shell Lodge Squad feels brand new again. Even though some of the heroes miss Kairi, especially Spyro, other things are happening. The Princesses of Hearts are finally home again, the Villain teams are suffering in turmoil, Mang and Tyro have their team back together as defenders of the Valley of Peace, and the UUniverses are recovering quickly. But all 3 villain teams, even though they disagree, are forced to work together to regain their edge again, all under the leadership of an unknown stranger who claims to be a Darkspawn by the name of Ding Clumb Doom, who surprisingly does a great job leading them. Ding actually manages to capture Kairi and most of the heroes of the UUniverses with the help of the villain teams. The Lodgers are amazed at how the Villains were able to do this, and they discover that they were lead by Ding. They discover from the High Council that Ding Clumb Doom was a creation of Malefor to be the Darkspawn Lord of Confusion and Mystery who must've escaped during the Great Cycle, and had unlimited power gifted to him by another Darkspawn Relic: the Doom Rubik's Cube, a Rubik's Cube with Darkspawn symbols that is linked with another Rubik's Cube that Ding hid during the Second Cartoonian War because if that Rubik's Cube's confusing puzzle could be completed, then Ding's power will be stopped, and he will be banished back into the Banished Realms once again. But wouldn't you know it, the Second Rubik's Cube is at the Darkspawn Relic Museum. They obtain it, but they have to solve the puzzle fast because Ding plans to use the souls of all his victims to not only free the Darkspawn, but make him powerful enough to claim the UUniversal Boundary Generator for Team Nefarious. Will our heroes stop him before it's too late?


Strike Force Heroes 2 music Missions 5, 9 (The Meeting)

Strike Force Heroes 2 music Missions 5, 9 (The Meeting)

Intro Theme

Intro Theme (Symphony of Specters- The Meeting (Strike Force Heroes 2))

Chapter 1: The New Chronicles

Chapter 2: The Shell Lodge Squad's Legacy

Chapter 3: The Darkspawn Lord of Confusion and Mystery

Chapter 4: Villain Invasion Spree

Chapter 5: History of Ding Clumb Doom

Chapter 6: The Puzzle of the Rubik's Cube

Chapter 7: The Final Showdown.

Chapter 8: Ding, or No Ding, evil presses on.


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