Both Lougers and Heroes Act are always poundered about why Bross and Matrix (Who goes by Mardon now since he's no longer a cyborg) are still what they are and weren't that heavily effected. Kafar had an excuse that he has magic, but Bross is just a greedy asshole. Mardon never had his tragity happen to him and somehow is still evil, only for the sake of protacting his cousin from harm. Even weirder, Bross still looks as if Corruption Co. still happened, when really, it was erased to never had happened thanks to Globex being given opitions to deal with Backer without causing him to turn renigade. Xandy was quick to say that it may've been like how Jling originally avoided being banished away like the other evil Metas: Bross had a speical meddailian that protacted him from reality altering forces to make it that he exist no matter what happens. And they were right: It is actselly Bross' family heirloom, which was really a magical magilo gem called "Protecter Gem of Gsoma". Fortunately, Mardon has resently started to have noticeable second thoughts when he questions his life when he tecnecally doesn't have a reason to be evil outside of protacting his "victimised" cousin. The Heroes Act and Lougers, aided by Bross' brother, Dross Bross, plan to open Mardon's eyes to the truth. And this plan couldn't've came at a better time, cause Kafar plans to have Bross re-establish a new Corruption Co. and rejuvinate The Kafar Loyalists as the true villain team! Telthonatron, who is still a cyborg cause in the altered reality, she became this after being victimised by a bad ship accsident, is the most determin to have this chapter of her "original" life wrapped up in ribbins, and finally close off any ties to the darker original alternate universe for good, by turning Mardon against Bross and remove the protecter gem where once so, the effects of the altered reality will finally touch him, before Kafar gets the aide of reviving a blast from an altered out past.

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