Quidilin and Cynder are mysteriously invited to the Alternate UUniversal lava world called Zonopea, which is a world colonized by Zewinsaurs, the exact creature that 'Darkness Qui' thought she was before she reformed. They discover that Zewinsaurs, like their Dragon Realms dragon counterparts, have colonized several other worlds from their home planet of Zewishku, one of them being Zonopea. They also find that it was the home of a genetic Zewinsaur experiment which created the Zonophi, a species of heat-resistent lava-dwelling sentient serpents that share a theocratic society, worshipping a Zewinsaur-like god named 'Vulcaan' who 'molded them from magma and soil'. Sure enough, Cynder finds out that this 'god' was actually the head of this project named Vulcaan, a Red Zewinsaur who was arrested when the Zonophies invaded their Zonopean colonies. However, a renegade Zonophi named Fraghiss knows the truth that their 'completely different' god is the same as the 'intruders' who are on their planet. However, when a highly-regarded priest named Master Hot-Venom keeps the populous ignorant to the truth, Fraghiss decides that the only way to prove Hot-Venom wrong was to free Vulcaan and have him admit the truth and settle the needless feud between their species. But Hot-Venom has dishonest desires to ensure that Fraghiss is viewed as a radical and a liar, and does so by calling the Heroes Act on him and exposing his plan to free a convicted scientist. However, what he didn't know was that Quidilin and Cynder were already on his trail, and calls the Shell Lodgers before the Grand Council does. The Lodgers then go to Zonopea and attempt to help Cynder and Quidilin stop this feud by freeing Vulcaan, which was a pretty risky move that needed to be done. How will this play out?


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