Desmond C. King, AKA The Caveman, is a Futurasian human who is currently in an evolution-regressed state and is currently an obnoxious and insane Neanderthal obsessed with prehistory. He was formerly a human scientist who worked for a scientist wishing to accelerate evolution, which Desmond admired cause he has a fastionation of prehistory, and thus developed a ray designed to manipulate genetic adaptation itself with the use of chronological quantum-based energy. Desmond chosen himself as a human trial, but a horrible accident caused the ray to regress Desmond into a Neanderthal that immediately wreaked havoc upon the lab, causing only one near-death and 7 injuries. He was then set loose in Futurasia's wildlife and was quite a disturbance in many wildlife parks. Dispite his primitve state, he's pretty much on par with a Flintstones' character and an obscure Hanna-Barbara Hero "Captain Caveman", hence why his catchprhase is based on that of C.C.'s by yelling "THE, CAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAVEMAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAN"!? The poor soul has since became a targeted interest of various super villains who like the idea of this brute on their side.


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Desmond is like Captain Caveman, but is much more obnoxious and is not as hairy. He likes to make ape noises at times, does crazy things, is known to make Flintstones'-eqse rock puns, the main shorce of his annoyence factor, and hardly understands technology, only seeing it as something created by something meant to kill him. He is love with prehistory masked the otherwise tragicly broken mentality of a poor man, and thus, he has a Neanderthal-like instinct.

Before his accident, his favorite movie was Watership Down, which touched him on an emotional level since he enjoyed the book and cared for wildlife and would do anything to make their lives peaceful and better, thus fueling his career as a scientist. However, what remains of his enjoyment of that movie is that he is equally as deadly in hunting as the deaths within that movie. He has only seen glimpses of the movie 3 times when he was still in his Neanderthal state and, every time he sees it, his past care for wildlife conflicts with his Neanderthal instinct of hunting and gathering, often confusing him to the point of blind aggression.

He is capable of English, but his english is plauged by terrorable flintstones sytile rock-puns.

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