Chronicus, the Alternate UUniversal planet of fanisty, has a new-found problem. But this time, not from it's usual threats, though they are respondsable for it only for it to backfire on them. An allience of Chronicus' known villains, lead by Lord Gothaxort, have commited a reckless and foolish act that lead to their periment destruction by the hands of a forgotten VA monster..... This creature, was Extron. It killed and parasicticly sucked up all the villains in a mushy soup and gained their powers. Now, it has kidnapped all of the leading princesses of the world and plots to consume them, only after he consumes the powers of the heroes as well. The Fantasy Council is in a giant uproar against a villain none of them ever seen before, yet has the powers of their usual enemies. They ultamately contacted the Heroes Act, who brought over the Lougers, to come help them against this visually unknown threat. However, Qui warns that Extron has genetic makeup of various heroes from across the AUU, and was meant to be a trump card against the Heroes Act, but it was never released due to it's disturbing nilist behavior that the project was ordered to be sent somewhere where it'll never be found.... Unfortunately, it ended up being found by the now dead enemies of the Fanasy Council, and now Extron is on the lose. Fortunately, there is still hope. A mystic relic has the power to change the course of a being's history based on how it judged them, and where if your evil, you'll be erased from time by a paradox free spell. That means the relic can be used to make it that Extron was to be never brought forth and created by the VA. But first, they have to save the princesses while being able to dodge Extron, and luckly, Fu-Xi has a plan that not even a nasty super-mutant can't dodge. Will our heroes succeed?


DBZ - Perfect Cell Theme

DBZ - Perfect Cell Theme

Intro (DBZ- Perfect Cell Theme) Coming soon...



Music 7th Dragon III Code VFD ► Battlefield - Atlantis ║Extended║

Music 7th Dragon III Code VFD ► Battlefield - Atlantis ║Extended║

Pixollo's Battle Theme, Flashback and Present

DBZ Original Soundtrack - Cell Returns a.k.a

DBZ Original Soundtrack - Cell Returns a.k.a. Super Perfect Cell Theme (Extended!!!)

Extron's Final Theme

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