The HA turns up missing and the Lodgers are sent to find them. After tracking their mission logs, their trail leads them to the Isolated Ulcram System of Uchūs, where they discover a setting similar to Galaxy Saga. After dealing with typical UIS politics, they were able to get inside the very system. They learn from the local heroes, The Unigalax Squad, that the Eirians that inhabited the system have been through two Unigalaxic Wars, and it created a conflict between three major powers: The Blactic Federation, The Reddon Republic, and The Blumentane Empire, as they were in danger when they were all attacked simultaneously by a new enemy called the Blacktronics, a quantum energy-wielding synthetic cyborg dominion shrouded in mystery. Under duress and in desperation of a greater situation when the Blacktronics get stronger under their new leader Titos as they almost ended up killing each other, the three domains have to joined forces as it's revealed that the Heroes Act is imprisoned in a pocket dimension after trying to fight off Titos and his regime. With the fruits of this alliance creating a temporary trinity, the Lodgers and Heroes Act have to help the Unigalax Squad lead them through the path to salvation, confront Titos, and restore order to the chaos gripping this system. However, things end up taking a complicated turn when after they did stop Titos, he explains a depressing truth: Titos created the Blacktronics himself because his homeworld was once desistated by the inter-feuding of the three factions, so he brought forth the Blacktronics to get peace instated, even if it's only between them and that the Blacktronics would always be the focus of conflict, as Titos warns that once the Blacktronics is gone, the three factions will end up going back to hate eachother because Titos wasn't able to make this union more periment by removing the three rulers that clearly blindly hate eachother in favor of more passive rulers that see greater potaintional in the unity beyond stopping the Blacktronics. Now with another Unigalaxic War about to be declared under three stubborn new rulers Royse, Blonco, and Trevor, all three heroes are conflicted on what to do. How will this end?

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