The Churchmen were a group of devil-horned reptilian enslavers from the Ichgee System. Members are often devil-horned reptiles of each seperate reptile spieces, being united in a well intentioned desire to bring enlightening order in the Ichgee system in being against the joining of the Animal Square Provine because some of the system's worlds are getting less interested in religen. Problem is, their methods in keeping philosify strong is through hypritically and ironicly sinful methods. They ruled half of the Ichgee System for a certain period of time, being known for their cruel religious laws, and the creation of the Sin Realm, an artificial hell created by their alchemy which they use to banish those who were accused of sin, heresy, blasphemy, impiety, even for using a god's name in vain. They particularly messed with the son of Councilman Inigo, Inigo Jr, and thus it alerted the attention of the Union Against Religious Abuse, who came to stop them, yet they proved to be among their most dangerous enemies, and with their strong mercenaries, magic powers, and their bad tempers, they were a deadly challenge to them, murdering several people to get them to back down. It wasn't until they finally used their own Sin Realm against them that they were defeated, as they were not only banished to their own artificial hell, but all that they exiled there were brought back, leaving the Ichgee System to hail the Union as heroes. In gratitude, Inigo Jr joined them to keep things like this from occurring again. Although, the Churchmen's terrorable reign did set a strong enough message that the Ichgee needs to keep their sense of philosify strong, though it ends up flying into the face of the plans of an old rival of Inigo Jr, Senator Crox, who he too would be later dealt with.


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